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"If you'll pardon the bluntness, I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie" -PoliVamp

"爱情这写,爱南方传奇在其所有的荣耀充满循环。" -Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure, messy film. We both left the screening saying, 'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV


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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(照片)
Jia Zhang-ke(灰是最纯净的白色)

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Sep 13 2015


Hank Williams' legend came from his songwriting with dozens of hits in a short career. Ironically the star-making song was "Lovesick Blues," a tune he did not write that he promised his producer he would make his own in a crucial recording session. He assures that the audience will love it, praising its simplicity. A studio musician snidely compares it to his original compositions which reminds the star that "simple" is not a compliment to everyone. Williams deflates a little, ego punctured, until he steps up to the microphone and gets the job done as promised. There are multiple metaphors in their somewhere about the biopic genre. We shan't try to unpack them all but let's just say that they're not too flattering to the genre as a whole.

I Saw the Light由马克·亚伯拉罕一个成功的制片人导演,有一个非常传统的生物的形状,在威廉姆斯(汤姆·希德勒斯顿)的崛起和随后的个人和职业的失败由他的瘾燃料,直到他的早逝在29.时刻图表的关键时刻连配备的年/地方hepful冠军。你听说过这个故事,现在一万次 - 只有名称/日期/音乐风格的改变 - 这也许是为什么影片在媒体资源开始如此突然......

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May 03 2015

播客(Season Debut): Furious Ultron 7

The Podcast is Back!

For this season's spoiler-heavy debut episode, Nathaniel is joined by乔·里德Anne Marie Kellywho share their feels about theFurious 7和我ts home franchise from corny sentiment to Michelle Rodriguez's biceps. We also talk Joss Whedon, crowded and empty theaters, and the various intermittent joys of复仇者: Age of Ultronfrom Elizabeth Olsen's elaborate hand gestures to Mjölnir getting around.

Running Time - 42½minutes
00:01 Intro and "Previously On..."
02:00 Avengers moviegoing: geek behavior, costumes, crowds
09:00Age of Ultron
33:00Furious 7

请欣赏,并继续在评论中交谈。You can listen at the bottom of this post or从iTunes下载

愤怒的Ultron 7

May 02 2015

Age of Ultron... And Marvel's Very Long "Connected" Movie


Movies really ought to be seen (and reviewed for that matter) on their own terms. But what if their very terms are -- "it's all connected!?" I had the exhaustive if qualified pleasure this week of attending "The Ultimate Marvel Marathon," in which select theaters across the nation played back-to-back screenings of all 11 of Marvel Studio's films. Those take you fromIron Man(2008) through to the latest superheroic orgy of mayhem known as复仇者: Age of Ultron(2015年)。放映(20-30分钟的休息时间)之间是插页广告销售电视节目“SHIELD的Marvel的代理”经常提醒我们,这是“所有连接”。请问最新电影复仇者: Age of Ultronsatisfy all on its own? My early guess -- only time will tell -- is "not so much" but then, is it really intended to?


On the plus side, the marathon was a great reminder of why blockbuster culture has been stampeding all over more intimate cinematic triumphs for a long time now. [More...]

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Mar 三十 2015

White-Tailed Link

海报reviews special features on the Blu-ray forInto the Woods
/FilmBatmangetting another animated film, this time in style of the 60s TVshow
Instagram的Hugh Jackman isstillthreatening to quit Wolverine. I'll believe that when I see it. I'm not as gullible as the rest of the internet. It's the man who cried wolfverine.

VarietyYouTube gets slammed for placing age restrictions on如此一家人“高中时代的朋友康纳和裘德之间甜蜜的吻同性恋者在历史的故事情节(演员加文Macintosh和海登·拜利谁分别为16和14)
海报talks to Richard LaGravenese about Barbra Streisand'sGypsy项目和(一整套)Lady Gaga的传言
男孩文化Madonna performs "Ghosttown" her best single in ages with... Taylor Swift?
VarietyNBC will next mount奇才for a live music event. That actually might be an inspired choice. We'll see.
Coming Soon我敢发誓,这是旧闻了,但也许它只是感觉像旧新闻,因为一切都被翻拍/回收,但迪斯尼花木兰会得到一个真人重做
/Filmtalks to Elizabeth Olsen about The Scarlet Witch
沙龙fills you in on 'everything you need to know about' Trevor Noah, the young comic who is taking over每日秀when Jon Stewart leaves
AV俱乐部Jon Hamm could have starred inGone Girl? Huh.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson ISBambi......在他们的动画经典迪斯尼的真人翻拍迷恋这个当之无愧的SNL恶搞

The Rock also starred in a...uh... '把毒液了我' sketch. Haha.

Mar 05 2015


复仇者: Age of Ultron我s nearingSpider-Man 3给予了比赛打开之前的水平。其后顾之忧。为什么强买强卖与当你要打破纪录,即使你只用粪的插图标榜第三拖车 - 和I don't mean the shitty poster, but an actual turd. This hard sell combined with the bleak tone of all the trailers (where's the fun of the megahit original?) combined with Joss Whedon calling the production "a nightmare" has me suddenly worried. Because, true story: I want it to be great. Ilove(在漫画和电影的形式)的复仇者。是的,TFE抱怨的超级英雄电影的过剩,但这并不意味着他们应该已经在电影生态系统的地方。他们只是不应该主宰它是所有。他们甜点,不均衡的膳食。

So at the risk of obvious spoilers (hey Marvel provided them not us)这里有三个时刻,我们必须讨论...

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May 18 2014

哥斯拉, A God Amongst Blockbusters

This review originally appeared inNathaniel's column at Towleroad

If Hollywood's goal is to infantilize all audiences into impressionable insatiable snot-nosed consumers of movie-product (remember how easy it was for a commercial to make you all "gimme!" as a kid) they’re doing a great job this year. Though movie studios churn out plenty of all-quadrant dross every year that's aimed at pleasing children of all advanced ages and genders, it rarely goes this well. The year began in the shadow of Disney's unexpectedly unstoppableFrozen和评论界和商业摔破滚滚而来。The Lego Movie美国队长: The Winter Soldierare the two biggest hits of the year (thus far) and not undeservedly. They're like joyful corporate filmmaking - cash grabs, sure, but no robbery is involved since they give you your money’s worth. And here comes the third home run: Gareth Edwards'哥斯拉(2014).

[Insert prehistoric monstrous rawr here]

Can my review just be wild-eyed hyperactive childish pointing? "LOOK!!!" No? Fine. A few slightly more coherent thoughts featuring hot soldiers, worried women, and monster smash-upsafter the jump...

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