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"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Jun 08 2012

Twins of the Famiest Fame

we're celebrating twins daily at 2:22 pm while the stars are in Gemini

Is it rude to be so publicly excited that Elizabeth Olsen has arrived and is destined to completely surpass her older (twin) sisters?Not in fame of course,but when you consider that talent is hardly indicative of fame who cares.

This week I saw Elizabeth's onscreen debut inPeace Love and Misunderstanding(filmed beforeMartha Marcy May Marlenewhich we obsessed over plenty last year) in which she plays Jane Fonda's granddaughter.

Fonda own the movie (duh) though it should probably be noted that she has the easiest and the showiest role to play as the sexually uninhibited permissive pot-smoking hippie grandma.But just as inMMMMElisabeth is beautiful to look upon: creamy flawless skin,understated acting,and the potential for greatness flickering constantly in those enormous eyeballs.

Pssst.More on Fonda and this movie real soon.

Feb 25 2012

Spirit Award Wins,Reaction Shots,and Opening Monologue

Since the Spirit Awards fancy themselves as Off Hollywood,let's do this one a little differently.I thought we'd just share the winners a sentence from their speech and only reaction shots.Just to shake things up!We'reOffLive Blogging.Tape Delayed capsule-like.But first the delightful Anna Kendrick.

Hi,I'm Anna Kendrick and I'm proud to have appeared in the only movie this year that actually cured cancer.The other nominees are great.I'm just saying."

The idea of the Spirit Awards as the anti-Oscars,亚博主页held in a tent instead of a big auditorium,"California Casual"instead of gowns and tuxes,and held on the saturday afternoon before Oscar big Sunday night -- well,it would work a lot better if their nominee lists weren't so padded with actual Oscar nominees and films.One wishes they were just a wee bit more,well,independent.

Okay more than a wee bit.A lot bit.One does wish.

Okay,let's get to it

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Feb 23 2012


"More please!"

...That's my chief criteria for nominating actorsfor Breakthrough prizesat this site's own annual gongs,the Film Bitch Awards.(For new readers the name is a long story.We're not so bitchy about the movies unless by bitchy you mean so in love with them that we hold them to high standards).We're hoping that Pariah is only the first great performance from Adepero Oduye (pictured left).

Rather than hand Her Lady of Sudden Ubiquity (Jessica Chastain) the gold silver and bronze this year,we're giving her a special "body of work"medal.

It's not our usual practice to nominate someone whose been working as long as Olivia Colman alongside debut artists like Martha herselvesElizabeth Olsen,but Colman was completely unknown to us here in the US.

You can see the Breakthrough nominations under the Film Bitch pulldown menu up top.We've also started handing out medals in the Oscar adjacent categories.Check them out!

P.S.Here's a cute video of the remaining nominees Tom Cullen & Chris New from "Attitude"'s photoshoot if you haven't seen it.

Jan 31 2012

Vanity Fair 2012 'Thoroughly Modern Actresses'

The "Hollywood Issue"cover is here!You can't see me but I'm totally throwing confetti.It's one of the ten greatest Oscar season traditions (do I feel a list coming on?Maybe later).

Mario Testino took over photography duties for the first time.The girl's with the hardest working teams behind them (how do you think anybody lands the front cover?) are,from left to right,Rooney Mara,Mia Wasikowska,Jennifer Lawrence,and Miss Ubiquity 2011Jessica Chastain.On the inside folds we get from left to right:Elizabeth Olsen,Adepero Oduye,Shailene Woodley,Paula Patton,Felicity Jones,Lily CollinsandBrit Marling.

A zoom in for a closer look...

Lisbeth,Katniss,"Mia Vashivovkoska"(thanks Meryl),and Miss Ubiquity

RuPaul's Drag Racepremiered again last night so you'll forgive this outburst...


Not that any of these beauties look like drag queens...though Shailene Woodley wins the awards for "looking the least like herself"and Rooney Mara is still working the most easily duplicated look should you want her as your new style icon.

more zoom-ins,reader questions,and fun triviaafter the jump!

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Jan 14 2012

Red Carpet Convos: Critics Choice Easter Eggs

Awards season is truly upon us.The red carpets are unfurled and waiting for the glitterati to trample them.Tomorrow night is the Golden Globes (we'll be here live-blogging it old' style if you'd like to join us!) but for now one last look back at the Critics Choice Awards held Thursday night.For this edition of Red Carpet Convos I've invitedJoanna RobinsonfromPajibato join me.Joanna is a longtime reader of The Film Experience (she even won a contest once years ago!) and a delightful person,亚博主页too.

Nathaniel:Hey Joanna.Welcome.Let's start with the pastel field and uh...HAPPY EASTER!?!

Olsen,Pyle,Woodley,Miller,and Kruger
Joanna:‪As faberge as Elizabeth Olsen looks,I think she looks better than her "fashion plate"sisters have looked in years‬.
Nathaniel:‪Give her time.If the Olsens practice hand-me-down fashions she's in trouble.‬
Joanna:‪I see burlap sacks in your future,girl!‬ Also,whoever designed Diane Kruger's dress hates both women and their anatomy.

This is Joanna!Go read her stuff.Nathaniel:‪Speaking of women and their anatomy.We've gone so "exotic"for this red carpet convo.I'm speaking to a biological woman.‬
Joanna:‪I have anatomy!‬
Nathaniel:What IS going on with that dress though.It's like her breasts are being caged in.
Joanna:‪And around her,um,lady garden?Are those horns?I am baffled.‬
Nathaniel:‪I was thinking it was a rare moment of restraint.The designer wanted to ‬‪trap her vagina in as tight as her breasts but decided to go "subtle"‬

Joanna:‪Speaking of subtlety,I actually think Missi Pyle looks lovely.Really sweet.‬
Nathaniel:Agreed.Though sweet,lovely,and subtle aren't the adjectives I normally think of with Missi for which I entirely blame her for being so convincing and hilarious as a crude perpetually drunk and horny partier in Spring Breakdown.Tell me you've seen it!
Joanna:‪I haven't!But her larger than life performances in Dodgeballand Big Fishare enough to make me a Pyle fan.And her Lina Lamont impression in The Artistwas perfection.‬

Nathaniel:Yes.I almost wanted there to be sound just so she could say "I CAINNNNNNtSTANNIT."‬

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Dec 20 2011

Interview: Sean Durkin on "Martha Marcy May Marlene"

Oscar ballots hit the post office one week from today but movies often live well beyond the confines of awards season if they're any good.

One film that I suspect will be vying for the great honor of Best Future Shelf Life,with or without Oscar nominations,is Sean Durkin's cult dramaMartha Marcy May Marlene.Durkin was recently named one of Forbes "30 Under 30"and a week ago the prestigiousLos Angeles Film Critics Associationnamed the creative team the recipients of this year's "New Generations"award.It's one of the best critical calls this season;who wouldn't be eager to see what this team comes up with next?

I spoke to Durkin recently about his debut feature which hits BluRay and DVD on February 21st,2012.That happens to be one week before the Oscars but let's not get hung up on dates since Martha herself never knows what time it is.亚博主页

There are no clocks or calendars in those places.People totally lose track of time..."

The FYC Original Screenplay shipped to votersSo Durkin tells me while discussing his research for the film and interviews he'd had with former cult members like the fictional Martha."They don't remember anything about the first couple of weeks.But they get flashes and then they remember lying to everyone about where they've been.They're always paranoid."Piecing together the past when your identity has been systemically reprogrammed is difficult work. The decision to crosscut between the past and present,Martha never quite able to keep them separate,seemed like the only way to go."It just made sense to me"

The challenging movie favors ambiguity in its storytelling.The writer/director laughs when asked which question he most hates getting during the ambiguous-averse tradition of Q&As.(He's been promoting the movie for nearly a year now,starting at Sundance,and I figure he's heard some doozies.)

That's an original question!Whatever people feel when they're watching it or if they walk out,it's all fine."

[Ambiguity,That Title and What's Next?after the jump]

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