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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Jan 05 2019

Kevin Hart and a Crisis of Oscar's Own Making

by Nathaniel R

If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything?No,no,but we must.The Film Experience has been uncharacteristically mum about the will they or won't they,亚博主页would he and does he still,why'd she say that,and who next D-R-A-M-A  surrounding the 'Kevin Hart no not Kevin Hart but maybe NO not Kevin Hart again' Hosting duties of the 91st Academy Awards.

A quick heavily editorialized summary and some Oscar hand-wringing.

Chapter 1.December 4th.Kevin Hart hired to host.

Chapter 2.December 5th.LGBTQ people and their allies complained about his extremely obvious homophobia as evident in unfunny jokes about gay people or gayness including a threat of physical violence if he caught his son playing with dolls...

Homophobia and misogyny are bosom buddies,you know.

Chapter 3.December 6th.Kevin Hart is asked to apologize and refuses to...

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Feb 01 2017

Link Link Land

The Daily BeastMichael Musto talks to an anonymous Oscar voter about who they're voting for.They're very unhappy with Meryl Streep's 20th andLa La Land's 14
/FilmBarry Jenkins chooses movies from the Criterion Collection -wonderful.(And people forget how obsessed people were withLa Hainewhen it came out)
VarietyABC picked up a pilot starring Toni Collette.Please let it be good.Miss her so much.Totally the best actress that directors aren't using which I will NEVER understand
Cinematic CornerSati falls forThe Handmaiden

Film School RejectsonStranger ThingsSAG acceptance speech and season two
MNPPJason letsMutiny on the Bounty(1935) take him on a train of thought and it is a joy as is that movie or at least Gable and Franchot Tone in it
Village VoiceBilge Ebiri's 10 favorites from Sundance includeWhere is Kyra?andMudbound
World of ReelBen Affleck will no longer be directingThe Batmanmovie
Pajibahas news of an incredibly problematic sounding new Mel Gibson movie about police brutality.
Four Two Ninegood piece on LGBT characters still being stuck in the "best friend"/ "helper"mode despite many more gay characters in film and television
Tracking BoardHBO developing a movie about the behind-the-scenes on The Godfather (1972).I mean who gets to play Marlon Brando and Diane Keaton.Those seem like tall orders (lots of people can do a decent Al Pacino)

Off Cinema
PlaybillHamiltonis doubling the amount of seats in its lottery starting...yesterday.Good luck!
Village Voicefascinating piece on the billionaire subgenre within romance novels
Los Angeles Timeson how the travel ban is worrying Hollywood the business aspects of Hollywood and the talent pool
The GuardianJohnny Depp is suing and being countersued...and he's spending money as wildly and foolishly as Nicolas Cage once did (if you're wondering why they both make so many bad movies)

As was previously rumored but is now true,Denis Villeneuve has signed on to directDune.He mentioned this as a possibilityin our interview recentlyand sounded very excited about it,having been a fan of the novel his whole life.But still,TWO reboots of two beloved sci-fi properties back-to-back withBlade Runner 2049up next?And right after your Oscar nomination after such deserved momentum from doing your own thing (Enemy-Prisoners-Sicario-Arrival)?!I guess this is cashing in while also fulfilling a dream but it worries this fan of Villeneuve doing his own thing.

Though the David Lynch film from 1984 had its issues it also had some deeply memorable imagery so at the very least it will be interesting to see how his version measures up.

Jun 19 2016

Review: Finding Dory

This review was originally published in Nathaniel's column atTowleroad

One of the best things about breakout supporting characters is that the fandom surrounding them comes honestly.Scene-stealers aren't handed their movies,but earn them.So it went with Dory,Ellen DeGeneres's forgetful blue tang who swam circles around every other character inFinding Nemo(2003),figuratively speaking,though she did sometimes swim in actual circles since she couldn't remember where she was going.

Thirteen years later,thoughFinding Dorytakes place just afterFinding Nemoends,we're swimming in circles again with Dory,via a suspiciously similar movie.Let us count the ways...

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Jul 08 2015

HBO's LGBT History: If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000)

Manuelis working his way through all the LGBT-themed HBO productions...

Last week we looked at a number of HBO TV episodes from 1998(wasn't '98 the gayest?) that gave us a broader cross-section of gay men on screen than the AIDSvictim/activist/mournertrifecta we had so grown used to in the HBO films of the early 1990s.Today,we turn our attention to HBO's first openly didactic piece of LGBT filmmaking with an anthology film helmed by a group of female writers and directors that aimed to trace a (narrow) history of the (white) lesbian experience in the twentieth century.

If These Walls Could Talk 2,much like the anthology film that gives it its name (they're not really sequels per se,the first dealing with unwanted pregnancies),is comprised of three stories set in the same house and dealing with the same issue: namely,lesbianism.Taken together,the three short films that make up the piece (set in 1961,1972 and 2000) track a by now familiar narrative of lesbian representation.The melodrama of the early 1960s,steeped in silence and euphemisms,gives way to a romance set against the backdrop of the vexed relationship between lesbians and feminism in the 70s,ending in a "new normal"vision of lesbian parenthood.Schematically we move from a couple to a community and then to a family.A fascinating progression but one which seems much too facile,especially when the first entry is by far its most rewarding.[More...]

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Feb 23 2015

Lady Gaga Isn't the Only One Who Loves "The Sound of Music"

Be here a week from tomorrow for the season premiere ofHit Me With Your Best Shotwhen we look at the classic Julie Andrews...or,rather,the classic Julie Andrews in between her other classics.the one where she spins on a mountain top (though hopefully not everyone picks that opening scene)

If you've never played before it's easy.You 1) post your favorite shot from the movie somewhere.2) Say why you chose it.3) We link up.Here's the March schedule for the series every Tuesday night!

And dont forget to"like"TFE on facebookand sign up forour weekly newsletterwhich will start next week.Don't vanish post-Oscar because we do this all year round: lovin on the actresses,investigating the directors,and having fun with cinephilia.

After the jumpexcerpts from Lady Gaga's performance and fun tweets about it.

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Sep 11 2014

Team Top Ten: All Time Greatest Voice Performances

Amirhere,with this month's edition ofteam top ten.As the art of acting and our interpretation of it evolve,definitions of what we consider a good performance change.It's become an annual tradition to discuss whether a motion capture performance or some "alternative"form of acting deserves to be in the awards race.Last year's topic of conversation was Scarlatt Johansson's voice work inHerand that's the topic we've turned our attention to.(Thanks toMichael Cusumanofor his suggestion!)

Voice acting has existed since cinema found sound and it has contributed to the medium in more memorable ways than a list of ten entries can represent.We were not limited in our option to animated films or any genre.So long as the voice performance was not accompanied by visual aids from the same performer (e.g.Andy Serkis's work in LOTR was not eligible),it was fair game.Naturally,our list is animation-heavy,but there were others firmly in the race likeAlec Baldwin's exquisite narration ofThe Royal Tenenbaumsor especialy Marni Nixon –of whom The Film Experience is a big fan亚博主页– who received several votes butjustnot enough.

Without further ado,here the collective top ten created from the rankings of each contributor's individual ballot

Top Ten Voice Performances of All Time

10.Peter O'Toole (Ratatouille)
Peter O'Toole's Anton Ego doesn't have much screen time inRatatouillebut his contribution to Pixar's best film outside of theToy Storytrilogy is immeasurable.The final monologue by Ego – what an apt name for the food critic,or any critic,really – has become a reference point for film writers.The text is definitive,reminding us that "in the grand scheme of things,the average piece of junk is more meaningful than our criticism designating it so."Yet,the bitter truth in the text wouldn't strike the right chords had it not been for O'Toole's sombre,elegiac tone.Remarkably balancing his authority with a palpable sense of resignation,O'Toole's final words elevate the scene beyond criticism.
-Amir Soltani

9.Eleanor Audley (Sleeping Beauty)
Angelina Jo-who?While the voluptuous star brought sexiness and unnecessary warmth to the part of Maleficent in this summer's blockbuster adaptation,she still doesn't hold a candle to the incomparable work of Eleanor Audley in the 1959 animated version.The actress bookended the 1950s for Disney through two of their most iconic creations,having also voiced Cinderella's stepmother in the 1950 version.ForBeautyhowever,she was firing on all Machiavellian cylinders as she brought a sense of immeasurable dread to what was considered to be a children's film.Her Maleficent is barely in the film,but she makes every line count.We don't need to hear her entire (or any) backstory to know that she was truly evil in ways we could only begin to imagine.In a time before villains were cool,she's the most interesting character and when she says "listen well,all of you",you couldn't pay us to ignore her command.
- Jose Solis
(more on this performance)

8 more great vocal performancesafter the jump...

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