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Mar 02 2019

Streaming Roulette,Early March 2019

by Nathaniel R

As is our practice we've selected a couple handful of titles and frozen the films at utterly random moments without cheating (whatever comes up comes up) for this quick preview.  Do any of these screencaps make you wanna watch the movie?At the bottom of the page,check out full listings for Netflix,Hulu,Prime,and HBO for the first half of March.Okay,let's go...

Ohmygosh,he is dreaaammmmy.

The Notebook(2004) on Netflix
Wait James Marsden is the other man in this movie?(You may recall I told you I hadn't seen it when Kim was writing upits famous kisslast month.Somehow I didn't know that Rachel McAdams had to choose between Marsden and Gosling?Tough life,that girl leads.) Oh and did you hear that weird storyabout how Netflix changed the ending to The Notebook in the UK?I wouldn't have known the difference but bizarre.How is that even legal?

[eery music]

What Lies Beneath(2000) on Hulu
You guys...never look at a pristine empty bathtub while holding a ouija board...

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Mar 04 2017

New to Prime: Dressmaker,What We Do in the Shadows, Etcetera

March isn't a big month for either Netflix (previously discussed) or Amazon Prime.But there are still new titles to view if streaming if your main movie outlet.Here's what's new for late February and early March on Prime.We've freeze framed titles at totally random places and sharing whatever came up.

I hit the main artery so it's a real mess in there.On the upside I think she had a really good time.

What We Do in the Shadows
Bless Taika Waititi.This movie is so funny.And I saw it on a plane and still laughed so that's quite a recommendation because who can enjoy a movie fully on a plane?The Thor movies are definitely the superhero franchise I'm least interested in but with him behindThor: RagnarokI'm curious.

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Jul 22 2015

1995: The Year Jane Austen Came to the Movies

Our look back at 1995 continues with Lynn Lee on an unexpected breakout...

Cluelessturned 20 this week,but as the Internet has constantly reminded us,it hasn't aged a day.  At once timeless ("a classic,"as Cher would say) and delightfully dated,it's a modern riff on a period piece – Jane Austen'sEmma– that's become something of a period piece itself. The latter aspect tends to draw attention away from the former,but I happened to see the movie again at a recent party and was reminded not just how perfectly it captures the '90s,but also (1) how brilliantly it adaptsEmma,and (2) how 1995 really was the breakout year for Jane Austen in film.

Keep in mind that prior to 1995,the only film version of a Jane Austen novel was the 1940 B&W "Pride & Prejudice"starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier.1995 changed all that...

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May 07 2013

Remember When...

...Gwyneth PaltrowandToni Collettewere the hot new actresses Hollywood had to cast in everything?