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Jun 24 2019

Emmy FYC: Suranne Jones in "Gentleman Jack"

Team Experience has been sharing our FYCs for the Emmys.With voting ending today here's our last plea from Deborah Lipp...

Suranne Jones,you have stolen my heart.To be fair,it's Anne Lister who has stolen my heart,but Jones breathes such extraordinary life into the character,that I cannot separate them.Yes,I love the historical figure of Anne Lister,whoever she might have been in real life,but I lovethisAnne Lister,and that is all due to Suranne Jones.

Anyone familiar with my writing knows I do not attempt to remove my personal slant from my reviews.I don't believe in it,to be honest.We all bring ourselves to the viewing experience,and we color what we see with what we bring to seeing.I write this rave review as myself,a queer woman married to the fantastically butch Professor Spouse...

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Jun 22 2019

Emmy voting is in progress.Confessions from a sitcom agnostic.

by Nathaniel R

Aidy Bryant in "Shrill"

Voting is winding down for the year's Emmy nominations,which is why we've beensharing FYCs.If past years are any indication the nominee list will look nearly identical to last year's with the exception of shows/performances that are no longer eligible.Their slots will be filled by the new hits (it seems likely,for example,thatPoseandRussian Dolland a couple of other freshmen series that got people talking for months on end,will receive attention).Butlooking over the ballotsfor performers,it becomes suddenly clear that NO ONE can watch this much television...

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Jun 21 2019

Emmy FYC: Eliza Scanlen in "Sharp Objects"

Team Experience is sharing Emmy FYCs as the television Academy finishes their voting in the next few days.Here's Ginny O'Keefe


"Don't tell Mama."Three words that left me gasping and slack-jawed all through the credits of the final episode of the hauntingly beautiful and addictive HBO miniseries "Sharp Objects".Now I,along with everyone else who watched this Jean-Marc Vallée gem,ranted and raved about Amy Adam's broken and scarred performance as Camille Preaker (I think its her best performance to date).And of course,shook my head in incredulity and awe at Patricia Clarkson's callous and melodramatic Adora Crellin.But one performer who perfectly balanced being the star of the show and not drawing too much attention to herself was the crafty newbie Eliza Scanlen.Her performance as the psycho-in-plain-sight,Amma Crellin,was one of the breakouts of 2018,and just like the show it cutdeep.Unlike Emmy sure things Adams and Clarkson,she lacks star power to stir talk of a nomination,but it's an honor she needs and deserves.It all comes down to her twisted performance,which doesn't lack for power.

Every time Scanlen came on screen I would get severe anxiety (I hadn't read the book that the show is based on)...

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Jun 20 2019

Emmy FYC: Hong Chau in "Forever"

By Spencer Coile

Despite its impressive cast (Maya Rudolph,Fred Armisen,Catherine Keener) and creative team,the premiere of Amazon Prime'sForeverwas oddly muted.Yet for anyone who watched the eight episode first season,this shouldn't be a complete surprise - the premise is almost too clever and takes a solid three episodes before you actually know what is happening.Still,with its pedigree,it's strange that not even Maya Rudolph's strong leading role garnered any Emmy buzz,nor did it receive any Globe or Critics Choice love.

Still at least one performance absolutely deserves the Emmy voters attention: FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Hong Chau for Comedy Guest Performance in episode 6 "Andre and Sarah."Months after the series premiere (I first watched it back in September),I haven't been able to shake Chau's performance as Sarah…

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Jun 19 2019

Emmy FYC: Best Actress in a Drama Series

Team Experience is sharing FYCs as the Television Academy votes on Emmy nominations (voting closes on June 24th).Here's J.B...

Last year's winner Claire Foy can't repeat (as Emmy likes to do) because she didn't have a TV show this year.I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Emmy category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.As someone who worships at the altar of dramatic actresses,it's my favorite category,and therefore necessarily the one that causes me the greatest anguish.Sometimes,this category shocks and delights (as it did in 2014,when Lizzy Caplan was nominated for her wonderful work onMasters of Sex,or 2016,when Tatianna Maslany took home the trophy for her dynamic performance inOrphan Black).But more often,as of late,anyway,I've been left wounded by egregious snubs and unwelcome surprises on nomination morning and Emmy night.

For example,I like Claire Danes,but did she really need a SECOND Emmy for her performance onHomeland,at the expense of Elisabeth Moss,who somehow never won for her iconic role onMad Men?If Moss had won for Mad Men perhaps voters could have skipped her in turn for Claire Foy inThe Crown,thus clearing the way for Keri Russell in 2018,whose turn as Elizabeth Jennings in The Americans is maybe the greatest dramatic performance of the decade.Keri's loss,in particular,I still haven't fully recovered from.

So,to any Emmy voters out there who have realized the error of their ways and are looking to make amend: You CAN'T!You've made bad choices,the consequences of which we all will have to live with!Know that.BUT,if you are looking to get on the right side of history this year,start by considering the following four names on your ballot for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series...

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Jun 18 2019

FYC: Underrated Players on Emmy-Noticed Series

Team Experience is sharing FYCs as the Television Academy votes on Emmy nominations (voting closes on June 24th).Here's Abe Fried-Tanzer

There are so many deserving series and performers that never stand a chance at the Emmys simply because voters don't seem to notice their existence.The best recent example of an extremely talented cast almost entirely missing the Emmy radar isParenthood,which squeaked out one lone acting bid – for guest actor Jason Ritter – over the course of its six seasons.While it hasn't received that level of acclaim,Billionsis another instance of a show with tremendous awards potential that hasn't picked up any to date.But then there are shows that do manage to earn accolades,yet the enthusiasm doesn't extend to all players.John Krasinski never got nominated forThe Officedespite three costars being nominated,and he's not the only one to be ignored even though Emmy voters were clearly watching his show.

Here are five underrated players from shows Emmy votersdowatch that deserve to break through this year...

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