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May 21 2020

Emmy Watch: Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series

byAbe Fried-Tanzer

Tim Blake Nelson is surely a shoo-in for Watchmen

This category is arguably the weakest of the acting races in the limited series or TV movie fields this Emmy season, but that’s only because this TV season was filled with so many fantastic female characters. That’s a reason to celebrate, surely, but it does means that this particular category is wide open. Still, it's a good bet, in the absence of a strong field of performances, that multiple nominees will come from the most widely watched or admired shows. You'd have to go back to 2012 to find a lineup that didn’t feature at least one series or TV movie with multiple nominees in this particular category....

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May 19 2020

Emmy Watch: Lead Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries

byAbe Fried-Tanzer

Will "Unbelievable" score big with nominations... or will its early release in the eligibility period be a problem?

This year’s Best Actress lineup for limited series and TV movies is populated with a LOT of deserving contenders. This category is no stranger to double nominees from the same project, with four instances occurring in just the past four years. In 2017, there were two sets of nominated actresses from the same shows, and it’s pretty likely that’s going to happen again this time…

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May 18 2020

Costume sketches for film characters

Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi is guest-blogging all day!

byDaniel Orlandi

I thought I'd share a few random sketches from past movies and TV specials.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Busty Rusty inFlawless
Director Joel Schumacher was a former costume designer. So he was great to work with. He gave me a lot of confidence as a designer. Robert DeNiro recommended me for the job...

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May 16 2020

Emmy Watch: Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series/Movie

byAbe Fried-Tanzer

Let's move on to the acting races for limited series and TV movies.Last year, this category didn’t have a single nominee from a TV movie. The two leading contenders in this race are sure to reverse that trend – Hugh Jackman (Bad Education), a past Emmy winner for hosting the Tony Awards, and Aaron Paul (El Camino), who took home three Emmys for playing the same part onBreaking Bad.After that, it’s back to the limited series to find most of the other probable nominees…

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May 15 2020

Emmy Watch: "Made-for-Television Movie"

byAbe Fried-Tanzer

El Camino

The Emmy race for made-for-television movie hasn’t exactly been the most interesting category in recent years.This category was merged with Best Miniseries in 2011 for three years, during which only six of the nominees were TV movies, and then it was unmerged. Actors in made-for-TV movies still compete with actors in mini-series though in shared categories. Last year marked the first time that not a single acting nominee came from a TV movie. That will definitely not happen this year given the quality of the contenders...

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May 11 2020

Review: Dead to Me (Season 2)

By Spencer Coile

We’re living in a strange time right now. Yet if these past few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that it’s a good time to acknowledge feelings - anxiety, anger, disillusionment - and find ways to channel them into healthier outlets. Personally, I’ve been using this time to catch up on TV I’ve been missing out on.And what I’ve found is that, in their own strange way, these shows have helped me tap into my own complicated emotions - something that may not have happened without the circumstances surrounding it.

Dead to Me,returning for its second season on Netflix, is exactly the type of show I needed during this time...

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