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Apr 28 2014

Tribeca: Bits and Pieces

Glennwrapping up his Tribeca film coverage with five films including Elisabeth Moss,Roman Polanski,Emory Cohen,Melonie Diaz,and the memory of a fashion icon.

The One I Love

Catching up with this high-concept romance after having missed it at Sundance was a good idea.Taking aTwilight Zone-ish twist to the relationship dramedy we see so often at festivals and on the indie scene,Charlie McDowell's feature debut is a visually playful metaphysical look at marriage and the memory of love that is ultimately rewarding and inventive.Elisabeth Moss continues to be on top form followingMad Men,Top of the Lake,andListen Up Philipwith her role here,while Mumblecore graduate Mark Duplass gives fine if less attention-grabbing work as her somewhat dull husband.

The story is too complex to get into here (and yet easy to follow so don't worry about this just being a winsomeUpstream Color),and it's probably best audiences go in as blind as possible to the twists that it takes with the story of a crumbling marriage and the retreat they take to the country where,apparently,everybody comes back refreshed and more in love than ever.Filmed in warm,picturesque yellow tones and with refined,yet deliberately essential production design,The One I Loveis a winner that will likely be wonderful to revisit.B+

Venus in Fur,Under the Harvest Sky,Dior and IandX/Yafter the jump.

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Apr 21 2013

Smash: Opening Night

Glennhere,one of the few remaingSmashites who will be with this dear show until the bitter end.I'm not going to mince words here: "Opening Night"was the best episode of the season so far.This is for a multitude of reasons that we'll get in to briefly,but mostly it's because "Hit List"barely factored.And when it did it was in the shadow of "Bombshell",the musical gets hailed the hit of the season.Too bad they didn't get that "love letter fromThe Times"thatLiza so beautifully sang abouta couple of weeks back.

2.12 "Opening Night"

This week is "Bombshell"heavy as opening night occurs and all the anticipation and exhiliration and drama and disappointment that comes with it.This is a good thing,folks,and "Hit List"thankfully takes a sidestep (although the show's writers can't help but force it uponSmasheven when there are far more important things to be worrying about).

Ivy is naturally worried about the reviews...[more]

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Mar 31 2013

Review: "The Place Beyond the Pines"

This review was originally published in my weekly column at Towleroad

Handsome Luke at the Fairgrounds

The opening shot fromTHE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES,is a stunner.And not only because it starts with a view of a well-muscled and inked masculine torso.The camera follows the man (we don't see his face) as he paces back and forth,plays with a knife and then walks through a fairground where he turns heads and prompts amateur snapshots.Finally the camera catches his face.It's "Handsome Luke"(Ryan Gosling),a daredevil motorcylist about to defy death and gravity in a round metal cage.As soon as we've seen 'Handsome Gosling,' though,Luke throws a motorcyle helmet on depriving us of his Movie Star mug and enters the cage to perform miraculous stunts.As I recall there aren't any edits in this shot and I have no idea how it was filmed unless Ryan Gosling moonlights as a stuntman in addition to his many many other talents (likenaming his body parts,and inspiringhilarious fandomandpopular internet memes).

This lengthy continuous shot with its 'now you see him,now you don't' movie-star tease is a pretty apt description of the movie to come which is something of a bait-and-switch with a prominent throughline.[more]

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