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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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May 15 2016


Just for Sunday fun,Tweets that amused this week.Plus beautiful actresses (duh).But if you'll excuse me let's start with this weirdly flattering twosome.

Haha.The Golden Statue > The Scarlet Letter.


Huzzah Jamie!This long time TFE fan is now on the writing staff of Empire.We live for corny awards show jokes about category fraud so I hope at least one survived (I am a few episodes behind on Empire but will catch up this week).

More after the jump including Goldie Hawn,Blake Lively,The Lobster,and X-Men Acopalypse advertisements.

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Mar 31 2016

RPDR S8: Roller Boogie & The New Wave

Though we had planned to cover each episode of the constantly movie/pop culture referencingRuPaul's Drag Raceit wasn't meant to be.We discussedepisodes oneandtwoof the eighth season and since we'llhave tocover next week's Snatch Game challenge (mandatory) given both its celebrity impersonations AND the breaking news that it'll have a Madonna inspired runway (I died),let's catch up in brief...

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Feb 06 2016

Michael B Jordan is the Big Winner at the Image Awards

Michael B Jordan was top dog at the Annual NAACP Image Awards taking both Outstanding Actor and Entertainer of the Year prizes for his work inCreed,which obviously should have netted him an Oscar nominations (we honored him here).Creedwas a big player,too,taking Writing and Directing and Supporting Actress (Phylicia Rashad) prizes only to lose the Outstanding Motion Picture prize toStraight Outta Compton.

In other curious developments Idris Elba,fresh off a SAG win,lost the Supporting Actor prize to O'Shea Jackson Jr forCompton.As a reminder of the strange nominee list,of the central trio inComptononly Jason Mitchell (who played Easy E) was snubbed,despite being the actor who received the strongest reviews within the film.

The image awards,now in their 47th year,are kind of an all purpose awards show for black artists so they also honor literature,music,and the big television winners and Anthony Anderson hosted the awards show.

After the cuteness of Gabrielle Union & Keegan-Michael Key,the full list of winners.

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Oct 06 2015

Nicole & Lee,Reunite for Interview Magazine

You've heard the news by now that Nicole Kidman will make an appearance on TV's mega-smash"Empire"at some point to be determined.Apparently her guest gig was meant to have happened alreadybut her London run in Photograph 51prevented it (hmmm.which role was it originally we wonder - have you been watching Season 2?)

Interview magazine,smart devils that they are,hooked her back up with Lee Daniels for their latest issue (with photos by Fabien Baron) and it's clear that the two were tight as bandits on the set ofThe Paperboy(2012) and feel each other as kindred spirits.

LEE DANIELS: Nic!Hi,honey.I just spoke to Chris yesterday.He told me that you were having the time of your life in London.

NICOLE KIDMAN: I am.I'm having a really good time here.

DANIELS: I was disappointed to hear that because,of course,I want you on my set.[both laugh]

The interview is full of "naughty"memories like why Nicole was dancing in the rain with Zac Efron in his undies in that infamous film,and her fearless dive-in commitment and 'use everything' approach to acting.

DANIELS: Does your personal life ever bleed into the work?In other words,if something is fucked up in your personal life—family,husband,kids,parents,friends,what you're going through—does any of that ever bleed into your work?

KIDMAN: Yeah,but we're taught to bring everything—the state of being,the environment—and use it.If it's raining,or the other actor doesn't know his lines,everything has to be used.So your own emotional state comes into play,and I certainly remember that happening a lot on,say,The Hours,when I was going through an enormous amount of turmoil.And even though it was appropriate at times for the character [Virginia Woolf],at other times it wasn't.But I would just bleed it in;it would manifest in different ways.For me,the idea of having a plan,that you've got to hit this particular place,shuts down other possibilities.And that's probably why I work well with you because you're also like that.You see something,you jump on it.Jane Campion is the same.You are very similar in the sense that everything is so detailed,and everything you see,or sense intuitively,you focus on and pull out.

There's also asides to talking theater with The Lovely Laura Linney (!),and how her voracious reading habits as a child (Tolstoy at 12,hee) led her to acting.

It's a must readso go there...

Sep 20 2015

Emmy Watch: Actress in a Drama Series

Andrew herewith a final Emmy tribute before the Emmy Awards are announced tonight.

When we tallied ourlists of favourite nomineesit was Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series which was the most mentioned category and since all Film Experience writers and readers love actresses we devoted a special post to the category.In a few hours the category will see a new winner that will be historic in some way - a win to put Claire Danes among the most feted in this category?A rare win for a sci-fi show?A win for the first Black actress in this category?The first acting win forMad Menor the first win in a non-guest category for a Netflix show?Although popular vote will eventual coalesce among a single performer,each of these women in their submission reveals something special in their performances worth remembering.And,so,as a tribute to this talented sextet,our writers take a look at each of the nominees.

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Aug 10 2015

TCA Awards and "The Fosters"

Here's a little 'In Your Face,Emmys!' news.The Television Critics Association has handed out its awards and all three of its big winners (Empire,The Americans,andInside Amy Schumer) are NOT actually nominated for the Emmy top categories of Best Drama and Best Comedy.(To be fair,Inside Amy Schumeris not eligible for the Comedy category at the Emmys because it competes in variety series.But still...)

  • Program of the Year:Empire(Fox)
  • Drama:The Americans(FX)
  • Comedy:Inside Amy Schumer(Comedy Central)
  • New Program:Better Call Saul(AMC)
  • Individual Achievement in Drama: Jon Hamm,Mad Men(AMC)
  • Individual Achievement in Comedy: Amy Schumer,Inside Amy Schumer(Comedy Central)
  • News and Information:Last Week Tonight With John Oliver(HBO)
  • Reality Programming:The Chair(Starz)
  • Youth Programming:The Fosters(ABC Family)
  • Movies,Miniseries and Specials:The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst(HBO)
  • Career Achievement Award: James L.Brooks
  • Heritage Award:Late Show/Late Night With David Letterman(CBS)
  • It's also worth noting that only one of its winners also won the same category last year (The Fosters for "Youth Programming").Let that be another reminder that Emmy needs a quality control Executive Committee type panel since their top categories are usually unmoveable from year to year as if nothing ever changes on TV when we all know it is quite an evolving artform.

    This news provides the perfect opportunity to talk aboutThe Fosters.Do any of you watch it?It's my guilty pleasure.I say "guilty"because even though I admire much of it,enough of it embarrasses me to feel guilt.At heart it's a weirdly overemphatic treacly progressive lesbian utopia series painted with way too broad strokes but it's also damn addictive and a super warm family drama with moments of incredible charm,organic humor,and even insight.It works.

    Everyone says this is the golden age of television but I personally think the opinion is overstated.Certainly it's the golden age of premiere channel television but one genre of TV that I think is still leagues behind 1990s television is the regular people/family drama genre.Certainly none of them approach the amazing quality of 1990s shows likeMy So Called LifeorOnce & Again.And that's largely because today's family dramas are really obsessed with DRAMA in all caps -- is it the desperation from knowing their are 500+ more channels you could flip to?--  and feel the need to have every character have some major life crises or decision in each 45 minute episode.I call this The Brothers & Sisters Efect.That show became more and more unwatchable each season despite so many winning elements.It wasn't content to dramatize the fascinating details of basic human interaction and family role dynamics.Instead,it always had to be Life or Death in each episode.The Fosters has the same exact problem.You'll be really into some simple conflict that is beautifully truthful and then they'll gild the lily by constantly returning to deeply aggravating storylines (the less said about the incest storyline the better but the writer's room relies on it so much over two seasons now that you'd thinkthey thinkit's the best thing they've ever come up with when it's actuallythe worst) or throwing up some ridiculous gotcha!"danger"like shootings or car accidents.