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"You're right,it is hard to look beyondEasy Riderin most assessments of his career,so it's great to hear more about these other films..."-Edward

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Jul 17 2018

Showbiz History: Hard-Living Women and "Mr Holmes"

We need escapism now more than ever so on thisJuly 17thlet's looks back into Showbiz History for easier things to think about then the here and now.

ten random things that happenedon this day in showbiz history...

1899Oscar winning James Cagney (Yankee Doodle Dandy) born in New York City

1935Two famous actors share this birthday: Donald Sutherland born in Canada and Diahann Carroll born in the Bronx.Happy 83rd to both of them!

1942Lana Turner marries restaurateur and ladies man Stephen Crane (he dated several famous actresses,married two of them).Get this: between July 1942 and August 1944 they married,got an anullment,got remarried,had a baby (Lana's only child,Cheryl),and then got divorced!Lana lived a tumultuous life...

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Feb 18 2015

Black History Month: Endless Love (1981)

I know what you're thinking.You're working out some variation of "how perverse to feature a lily white teenage romance for a Black History Month feature!"...and I get it.But let's travel back to 1981 together anyway and I'll explain.

The Italian auteur Franco Zeffirelli had found great success in America directingRomeo and Juliet(1968) which became both a populist hit and an Oscar magnet finishing in the year's top five at the box office and in the Best Picture shortlist.A dozen or so years later Zeffirelli took another stab (pun intended) at the zeitgeist with a similar if much cruder tale of an ill advised tempestuous and horny teenage affair.Endless Lovewas critically panned (multiple Razzie nominations) though it managed to be a hit if not quite a blockbuster.Its eponymous Best Original Song nominee"Endless Love"by Lionel Richie on the other hand was a monster...

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Feb 17 2014

Box Office: Everything Is (Still) Awesome!

Amirhere,with the long weekend's box office report.It was Valentine's so romantic flicks opened,one of which didn't do too well financially.But enough aboutRoboCop!How about thatAbout Last Night?It's been a few weeks since the last time we were collectively surprised that a "black"film did well at the box office,so let's go at it again: can you believe that a film with a non-white cast can sell tickets too?Unbelievable,no?It turns out Hollywood doesn't need to cast white people in every role,not even in all romantic comedies.(Perhaps not coincidentally,the last rom-com to do this well,Think Like a Man,starred three of the actors in this quartet: Kevin Hart,Regina Hall and Michael Ealy.)

oh,wait.that's not right somehow

$63.5m (cum.$143.8m)
$25.6m (cum.$30.3m)new
$18m (cum.$46.1m)
$10m (cum.$117.4m)
$8m (cum.$378.2m)
$4.7m (cum.$119m)
$3.8 (cum.$21.9m)

The other new release targeted to the lovey-dovey crowd wasEndless Love– three 80s remakes in one weekend is a new low for the creatively constipated Hollywood – and according toBox Office Mojo,it nearly broke a record for the absurd title of "the most front-loaded release of all time";56% of the film's gross was pocketed on Friday.The LEGO Movieheld on to the throne,though,and after two weeks,is already a major contender for 2014's year-end top ten.I re-watched it and it was even funnier and smarter than I'd remembered --  we already have our first solid contender in the best animated film race.I also watchedBlue Jasminea second time and this one also improved significantly upon a revisit.Later tonight,I'll be off to see Palestine's Oscar nominee,Omar.(You can always follow everything I see hereon this page.)

What did you watch this weekend?

Nov 27 2013

Yes,No,Maybe So...(a mystery movie)

Dancin' Danhere,ready to play our favorite trailer game with a bit of a twist.Those of you who sawCatching Firethis past weekend were treated to what is surely one of the weirdest and worst trailers in recent memory...although you might not have realized the full extent of its awfulness until the very end,when the title flashes across the screen.

Let's break it down...chronologicallythis time.


Things start off well enough...a pretty poor boy (Alex Pettyfer) and a pretty rich girl (Gabriella Wilde) meet-cute/creepy as pretty music plays...

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