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Jun 11 2018

Showbiz History: John Wayne's Oscar,Altman's Nashville,JLaw's Record

by Nathaniel R

John Wayne in "The Big Trail (1930)"and in "True Grit (1969)"

This day in history is a big one of Hollywood's most popular stars,John Wayne.His career began,as most did in the early days of Hollywood,with uncredited parts in silent films but he became a leading man once the talkies hit.Perhaps he needed that distinctive slow-crawl dirt road voice to stand out?He had his first leading role at just 23 years of age withThe Big Trail.True stardom didn't hit,though,untilStage Coach(1939) after which,he was top-billed for the remainder of his career.On this very day in 1969True Gritpremiered in Los Angeles.The role of Rooster Cogburn would net him his third Oscar nomination and prove to be something of a career capper when he took home the Best Actor Oscar.(Jeff Bridges would later be Oscar-nominated for the same role in the 2010 Coen brothers remake).Not one to rest -- Wayne holds the record of most leading roles for an American movie star with*gasp*142 of them -- the western icon kept right on working throughThe Shootistin 1976.On this same day in history in 1979,ten years after people first met Rooster Cogburn,Wayne died of stomach cancer.He remains one of the most iconic stars in Hollywood history.

What else was happening on this day in showbiz history?Find out after the jump...

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Oct 25 2017

This Is Halloween

BySalim Garami

What's Good?We're less than a week away from the spookiest time of the year so let's talk about what the holiday means in the cinematic sense.These are personal impressions and I hope you'll share your own as well.

We start with the actual season in itself: the autumn colors are there in a very muted way that signify the beginning of the end of the year in all its resigned reds and oranges.The palette chases away the greens and blues that took over the summer,although one could certainly see faint glimmers of those colors to remind us of the months past.Such as in Spielberg'sE.T.the Extra-Terrestrialand its Halloween scene,glowing with yellowish twilight and orange rays in the sun that reflect on the suburban homes and streets Elliot and his friends walk...

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Oct 11 2016

Curio: Crocheted Movie Costumes

Curio: Celebrating the arts,crafts,quirks,and cosplay of fandom...

When I was a child my mom made all my costumes for Halloween and I have resisted store bought ever since,sometimes at great cost and stress to my Halloween-loving self.So what a creative mom this little tyke has.Stephanie Pokorno of Ohiocrocheted this ET costume for her son freehandedand tried it on him as she went making the whole thing in a single weekend.More details here.Incredible.

This crochet queen also shareda How to for making a Harley Quinn wig(though I shudder to think how many Harley Quinn's we'll see this October - we're betting it'll be the most ubiquitous costume of 2016) and dressed her other son ina crocheted poncho modelled after Clint EastwoodfromThe Good the Bad and the Ugly.

You can follow Stephanie's creationson Instagramor ather site Crochetverse.Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween yet?

Nov 05 2015

RIP: Melissa Mathison (1950 - 2015)

Melissa Mathison,Oscar-nominated screenwriter ofE.T.,has passed away at 65.

She gave us the film's iconic "E.T.phone home,"but what connects each viewing is her rich understanding of the hearts and minds of children.She got to the part deep within all of us that was afraid of growing up and change,of trying to hold tightly to what would only be taken away from us.Adding this insight with natural and efficient dialogue,she turned uncomplex phrases like "Be good"and "I'll be right here"into primal moments loaded with childhood longing.

A mother of two herself,her grasp of the young mindset was also at play in her adaptations ofThe Black StallionandThe Indian in the Cupboard,and provided unique insight into the Dalai Lama forKundun.

A natural fit to the fascinations of Spielberg,her gifts will be greatly missed.Coming in the year ahead,we will luckily have one last collaboration from the pair: the Roald Dahl motion-capture adaptation ofThe BFG.Material perfectly suited to her skills,it's a chance to celebrate her again.

RIP Melissa Mathison

May 14 2015

E.T.'s Wish Fulfillment Fantasy

National Bike to Work Week.Here's Lynn.

It's fun to zip around on a bike,but who among us hasn't dreamed of having a bike that can literally fly?  IfThe Wizard of Ozengraved the image of a flying bicyclist into our brains as the ultimate nightmare (that moment when the mean neighbor turns into the Wicked Witch of the West still sends chills down the spine),then E.T. replaced it with the ultimate wish-fulfillment fantasy for legions of '80s kids everywhere.

In a movie filled with memorable images,this one (which Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment would later adopt as its logo) remains the most iconic.  Separated from the film,there's something haunting,even melancholy,about the sight of that tiny silhouette suspended against the giant,low-lying full moon – a hint,maybe,that E.T.must wane before he waxes again.  Yet the memory it evokes is Elliot's incredulous joy as E.T.lifts his bike into the night,accompanied by John Williams' soaring strings.  No matter how many times you've seen it,it still feels like the first time.  Never mind that the scene was shot against a blue screen,with cranes,and the footage of the forest and moon added in post-production.  It's still magic.

The second liftoff comes at a much tenser moment,following an emotionally draining sequence in which E.T.dies and is brought back to life,and a white-knuckle bike chase – a standout scene in itself – in which E.T.and the boys are almost cornered several times by the authorities.  The suspense is surprisingly drawn out,as the viewer knows by now that E.T.has the power of flight at his fingertips and can't help wondering, What's he waiting for,why doesn't he do it?

The moment he finally does,taking the boys with him,brings as much relief as exhilaration.  It also marks a brief return to the joy and wonder of the first half of the film before the imminent four-hankie farewell.  Once again,we have the image,now expanded,of a whole row of bikes against a large bright orb.  This time it's the sun—a setting sun.  E.T.'s time on earth is drawing to an end.  But we'll always remember when he made our bikes fly.

May 03 2015

RPDR: Season 8 Audition