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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jul 08 2019

Showbiz History: Battleship Potemkin,Fantastic Four,and Kevin's Bacon

Ten random things that happened on this day (July 8th) in film history for your edification or amusement

1905 The mutinous soldiers of the Russian battleship Potemkin surrender to Romanian authorities.The event later becomes the subject of one of the most influential films ever made,Sergei Eisentein'sBattleship Potemkin(1925).

1907 Zeigfeld stages the very first "Ziegfeld Follies"on a New York theater roof.The elaborate theatrical revue becomes a showbiz institution and the subject or setting of major movies,most famously the Best Picture winnerThe Great Ziegfeld(1936) and the Best Actress winningFunny Girl(1968)

After the jump Cary Grant,Kevin Bacon,Fantastic Fourand more...

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Jan 13 2016

The Razzies Are Here (Though You Wish They Weren't)

Kieran,here.The Razzie Awards,"honoring"the worst cinematic offerings of the year have announced their nominees and it's pretty much as expected—knee-jerk,steeped in misogyny and patriarchal nonsense (more on this later) and generally indicative that they don't care about quality filmmaking any more than the offenders they're highlighting.A little background on who votes on the Razzies—voting is actually open to the public.People who want to vote pay an annual fee or you can pay a whopping $500 for lifetime membership.Why would anyone ever pay to be part of this unseemly orgasm of fruitless schadenfreude,you ask?To quote Sarah Paulson'sAbby inCarol,"I can't help you with that".

Anyway,here are the nominees...

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Dec 22 2015

Cinematic Lumps of Coal: 15 Worst of '15

They've been naughty.So we shan't be nice.Rather than choosing the 15 worst movies (we skip a lot of stuff that looks atrocious),here are 15 matters of annoyance within the movies of 2015,whether the movies were decent or terrible.Vague/light spoilers ahead.

15 Lumps of Coal From '15
Links go to past articles about the film or reviews if they exist

15Grab Bag of Undelights
Afew I couldn't fit in below: Chris Hemsworth's wandering accent inIn The Heart of The Seaoften within the same scene.Is this First Mate Australian,British,or from the Bronx?;The way Mother Malkin's (Julianne Moore) red hair stays that way when she shifts into dragon form inThe Seventh Son.That was cute with Madame Mim inThe Sword in the Stonebut in "realistic"cgi not so much;and,the perpetual agony oftrailersthat take you from the beginning to the end of a movie (RoomandThe Revenantare the latest victims) spoiling every story beat.

In nearly great movies (Clouds of Sils Maria124 min),good movies (Saint Laurent150 min.),divisive movies (I'm still making up my mind aboutThe Revenantokay?156 min),and arthouse curiousities (Arabian Nights,Vol II 131 min.,Love135 min.) alike the tendency in contemporary cinema is to let the camera linger here and there and everywhere and also to include entire sections that add nothing particularly new to the plot or our understanding of character or theme if narrative isn't the movie's main thrust.Don't misunderstand: a good lingering camera can be among the greatest of things but if you're running over 90 minutes please justify it with new information.Shave 10 minutes (or a lot more in some cases) off any of these movies and they're instantly improved.

13 more after the jump...

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Dec 15 2015

Mission: Impossible - trying to catch up with all the new movies

We've opted to do the home viewing news bi-weekly so as not to clog the feed up with lists of product.Some weeks are awfully spare.But here's what's new or newish on DVD/BluRay and streaming if your TV is big.

New DVD or BluRay
Ant-Man-In which Paul Rudd steals a magic suit and Becomes a Better Man.(Tim's review)
Downhill Racer-The 1969 Robert Redford / Gene Hackman skiing drama gets the Criterion treatement
Fantastic Four-If only it were streaming because everyone deserves the opportunity to see how terrible this is ...without paying for it.My only "F"of the year and that isnota cute play on the title.(Tim's slightly more generous review)
He Named Me Malala-Currently seeking a Best Documentary Oscar nomination.
Maze Runner The Scorch Trials-Please don't tell me that there are a ton of books and they're going to split the last one into two movies
Minions-Despicable Mesure created a monster.Well,millions of tiny yellow pop culture devouring monsters.(Tim on the phenomenon)
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation-one of the year's most enjoyable surprises.Although we shouldn't have been surprised sinceGhost Protocolwas also topnotch.(Tim's Review)
Speedy- Harold Lloyd's last silent comedy gets the Criterion treatment
Ted 2-Mark Wahlberg makes a sequel to his magic teddy bear blockbuster and curiously,despite slobbering all over the first one,no one cared

TV Seasons
Hannibal(S3 Final) in which Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen draw bloody hearts around each other's names in their notebooks
Extant(S2 Final) Can someone please stop the casting of Halle Berry in genre fare.Genre acting is not remotely within her acting skill set.Ladies and gentlemen,I present as evidence:X-Menfranchise,Catwoman,and S1 ofExtant.I rest my case.
Transparent(S2 on Amazon Prime Streaming) In which we return to the emotional chaos of the Pfefferman children and their trans father Maura (birth name Mort) played by Emmy-winning Jeffrey Tambor.Have you watched S2 yet?I'm trying to slowly savor it after loving every second of Season 1.

The endearing emotionally slippery family of Transparent

New Streaming on Netflix
Phoenix- One of the biggest German hits in recent years.Weird that they didn't submit it for Oscars last year instead of亚博主页Beloved Sisters.Read Jose's Nina Hoss interview
The Ridiculous Six-- the first film in Netflix's mega multi-picture deal with Adam Sandler
Tangerine- the best comedy of 2015,regardless of what the Globes or Critics Choice claim.Watch it with friends and donuts over Christmas.You'll be so on trend.(Nathaniel's Review)
Xenia- Greece's LGBT Oscar submission about two brothers searching for their birth father

Aug 10 2015

Review: Fantastic [sic] Four

Tim here.The best and maybe the only compliment I can pay to the newFantastic Four,the third unsuccessful attempt at bringing the oldest of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's creations at Marvel Comics to the big screen,is that it's notobviouslythe worst one yet.Its insipidities,and it isveryinsipid,aren't inherently worse than those of the ghastly 2005 big-budget version.That film heralded the end of the "brightly colored larks that are wholly insubstantial but also not much fun"era of comic book movies;time alone will tell if its 2015 sibling will similarly ring down the curtains on the "ludicrously dark and serious-minded exercises in bitterness and misery"era,though I think we should be hopeful.

How much of the film's misery and internal confusion is due to the awkwardly visible fencing match between director Josh Trank and the executives at 20th Century Fox is beyond our ability to say for certain.It does feel like a movie that wants to be anything other than what it is.There were rumors that Trank was hoping to make PG-13,summer-friendly body horror,and there are vestigial traces of that conception;it would have been better for the film to have gone all the way,for at least then the bleakness of tone would have felt like it had some actual purpose.[More...]

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Aug 10 2015


BuzzFeedNetflix not legally responsible for your 'viewing history' - it's so funny that people thought they were
The HairpinMission: Impossibly Silly "I Still Don't Understand How Tall Everyone Is"
InterviewDirector Marielle Heller talks about the ratings and sexuality of her daring debutThe Diary of a Teenage Girl

TowleroadGeorge Takei once asked Gene Roddenberry about including gay characters onStar Trek.Interesting historical response but what's their excuse now since that franchise is still alive?
IndieWireHow to apply for a Women of Color directors and screenwriters 10 day retreat
This is Not PornCute.Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg take a break duringIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Tim is the Best
Antagony & EcstasyrevisitsDog Day Afternoon...(great films often generate great writing about film)
Antagony & Ecstasyalso revisits the very first unreleasedFantastic Four(1994) and claims its still the best adaptation of Marvel's first family (bad films often generate great writing about film)
....moral of combining them: Timothy Brayton often generates great writing about film.

Off Cinema
Laughing Squida feline feeding machine to let your cat be more self-actualized indoors
Gothamistsad news: Annie Lennox's daughter's boyfriend has gone missing after a tandem kayak accident

"Clobberin' Time"
There's a lot of handwringing going round about what exactly happenedbetween Josh Trank and the studio and the source material to makeFantastic Four so bad.Film School Rejects even felt it neededa six-year timeline.But there's also post-mortems about the opening weekend which are lower than usual for superheroes.Varietyargues that audiences are getting wise to money grabs (with tanking reboots likeFFand diminished returns forSpider-Man) and studios need to think harder about repackaging known brands.But I personally don't know if that's the case -- I mean audiences are still putting up with needlessly padded "part 1 and part 2"finales whicheveryoneknows are not artistically motivated decisions aimed at providing them with the best possible movie.So until audiences start bailing on those,I'm not eager to give them too much credit for protecting their wallets against Hollywood's 'screw-quality / make another billion quick' tactics.

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