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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Feb 25 2013

Why Does Anyone Want the Job of Hosting The Oscars?亚博主页

All That (85th Oscars) Jazz亚博主页
The Big Night:Fun Arrivals,Winner's List,Jennifer Lawrence in the Press Room
The Look Back:Funniest Tweets,&Season Finale Podcast
The Fashions:Fifteen Men,The Ten Nominated Ladies,Goodbye Glamour

The Opening Monologue
As today's reviews will surely attest,Seth MacFarlane bombed badly last night in the unenviable host position.Why anyone would want the job is beyond me.Occasionally someone will get 'good job' reviews (Hugh Jackman,Billy Crystal,etcetera) but those positive reviews almost never come directly after the show but later in context once they're sized up in memory against newer worse hosting gigs.Nearly everyone gets mixed to negative reviews in the moment.Fact: people love to hatewatch the Oscars.亚博主页To his credit (eep),MacFarlane understood this and even attempted to get out in front of the criticism by mocking it.In his interminable opening monologue (18 minutes!) he was visited from the future by Captain Kirk (William Shatner) - a joke more suited to the Emmys which he'd be a better host of given that he's a television personality -- who showed him the headlines from the next morning.

It was funny because it was true.But the gag continued.As the monologue progressed his reviews improved until he got somewhere around "mediocre".It wasn't funny because it wasn't true.[Editor's Note: The "worst"part isn't true.That title will obviously and forever belong to James Franco who couldn't be bothered to show (in spirit) though he undoubtedly cashed the check.]

See,Captain Kirk was right.His jokes were "inappropriate and offensive"and we all DID wish it were Tina & Amy hosting instead (a weird shoutout to the Golden Globes,which werewithout questionthe highlight of this awards season as televised events go though Oscar Night usually plays "no comment"on that precursor).Worse than MacFarlane's fratboy jokes though was that the humor seemed entirely centered around HIM,as if we were watching The Oscars to send 3½ hours with MacFarlane and亚博主页notwith the biggest movie stars in the world.Oops.Somehow doesn't know why people tune in to the Oscars.亚博主页

Each year the media and the producers and even the general public play a little complicit game of "OOOH,____ IS HOSTING AND NOW WE'RE EXCITED".But it's never the hosts.It's the movies and the movie stars!Mostly the hosts do best when they show up for brief intervals and make a funny but stay out of the way so we can gawk at stars and remember the year's most celebrated pictures and,for the less devoted,make a mental grocery list of movies we want to see now.

Perhaps Captain James T Kirk can tell us if any future Oscar Producers and Hosts figure that out.

The three most terrible moments:

  1. That joke about Quvenzhané and Clooney.I've since blocked it out but I have a vague memory of being offended.
  2. Flightreenacted with sock puppets.(Somehow there was a lot of laughter in the Dolby.Pleasetell me that was a laugh track and not actual enjoyment)
  3. That weird flying nun / seducing Sally Field skit.

So as not to be a total downer --  I enjoy the Oscars even when they're lame!亚博主页--  here were a few things I think worked about Seth's performance.

  1. He sings well.His love of musicals was obvious and gave us fun expected moments like Charlize Theron (originally a dancer) and Channing Tatum dancing together and even a kickline with Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Daniel Radcliffe who both have a song & dance man inside of them.
  2. As stupid as that "we saw your boobs"number was -- it would have been much funnier if it were shorter -- the actresses who filmed reaction shots were good sports with solid comic timing and the Kate Winslet punchline was great.(Oh shut up,I bet she laughed from home).In an evening full of dumb jokes,inevitably some of them will land.
  3. Later in the show when he wasn't taking up so much space he was better.His introductions were sometimes amusing (loved the Channing Tatum / Jennifer Aniston intro) and I especially enjoyed the "needs no introduction"introduction for you know who,didn't you?I mean,she doesn't!

Do you have against-the-grain kind words for Seth MacFarlane or are you already making a mental list of 500 celebrities who would have done a better job last night?(If so care to share a few of them?)

And why does anyone want the job of hosting -- beyond the cash -- given that it's rather like having a worldwide target on your tuxedo'ed back?

P.S.Don't forget tolike The Film Experience on Facebook亚博主页.Please and thx

Nov 26 2012

For Your Consideration: The William Hurt Honor


Dear Nathaniel,

In lieu of gifts this holiday season,I wanted to campaign for the inclusion of a new category in theFilm Bitch Awardscalled:

The William Hurt Honor.

For those scene-stealers whose roles are too large to be cameos,and who really have no purpose in their respective films other than to just show up and have a fuck ton of fun.


And this year, You can honor the man who made us laugh immorally in a morality play.

The man whose strut puts drag queens to shame.

The man cool enough to have the Stones introduce him everywhere he goes.

He might show up to the party,but don't worry:

He's on the list,baby girl.

With love,


Nov 13 2012

Lincoln,Sky Fall,Oscar Rumble...♫

...we will stand tall...and face it all together ♩

Let Oscar season begin.In the latest tightest hottest edition of the podcast,Nick (Nick's Flick Picks),Joe (Low Resolution) and Katey (Cinema Blend) join me,Nathaniel,to talk four new movies: Steven Spielberg's Oscar buzzingLincoln,box office devouringSkyfall,utterly bafflingHoly Motorsand the wildly unevenFlight.

We also take a moment to pay homage to Jodie Foster and each of our favorite performances by her on the week of her 50th birthday and before the Golden Globes shower her with praise via the Cecil B DeMille award.

You candownload the podcast on iTunesor listen right here at the bottom of the post.But,as always,the podcast isn't complete without your voice.Talk back to us in the comments!


Nov 08 2012

Dr. Link

Columbia Journalism Reviewlooks back at a watershed moment in celebrity profiles: Truman Capote meets Marlon Brando
The Film DoctorthinksWreck-It Ralphis more corporate brainwashing for profit
MovielineBrad Pitt turns furniture designer.Unfortunately you can't see the show which is in New York next week if you're not in the design industry -- I looked it up after treading this;private appointments only
Awards DailySoundworks profilesFlight.How many Oscar noms will that film win?
Studio BriefingDaniel Craig's "get me outta this"feelings for Bond since day one -- I'm amused by how seriously people are taking these comments.Please,it's not like he's going to quit just yet.

My New Plaid Pantsa double o version of Do Dump or Marry shook and stirred me.So hard to answer!
Coming SoonIt seems like Channing Tatum has as many movies coming out next year as he did this year!New pics from White House Down
Cinema Blendthe last star-laden version ofLes Misérables,which was stupidlynotthe musical at the time,comes to DVD in time for Christmas.Remember that one?Uma Thurman is Fantine and Liam Neeson is Jean Valjean
Family RoomGary Ross not at all sad that he walked away fromThe Hunger Games
/Filmthe beloved (but sometimes reviled) indie comic hitElfquestfrom the 70s and 80s is still trying to become a movie.Fans who made a short film type trailer are hoping to be the ones to accomplish it.I'm a bit confused by their short though since it only features the female elves.It has to be a measure of Elfquest's impact that I recognized every single character...and not like distant memories either.

Today's Watch...
Well,if you have a couple of hours to spare that is...

Good concept though.They've linked up the Bond films chronologically,and then used roughly five minutes of film from each in sequential order to create a FrankenBond movie.

Nov 07 2012

Tarzan,Lord of the Links

TMZCarrie Fisher 'damn right she wants to be inStar Wars Episode VII'
Pajiba'11 Heir Apparent Brit Actors to Hugh Grant's Hair.' Hee
Vanity Fairphotographs Olivia Munn!(Q: Wasn't she superb inMagic Mike?A: Yes)
i09Jeff Bridges was always going to playThe Giver.He finally has a director.Maybe.
Awards Circuitlikes Lionsgate's chances in two of the lead acting categories

The EnvelopeSkyfallwould like a Best Picture nomination,please
All ThingsTwitter killed the fail whale on election night
TowleroadBarack Obama's election night tweet becomes the most popular tweet of all time
Joe Pittis sharing concept art fromWreck-It Ralph.You can see the evolution of the new hit character
Hollywood.comcelebrates Movember with dos and don't of the moustache via celebrity photos.The only time I've ever done a 'stache was for a Halloween costume and my god it was a terrible look for me!Never again.
BuzzFeedpays tribute to the fallen onWalking Dead(spoilers).I stopped watching the show halfway through Season 2 (exactly like Season 1 only slower!) but people seem to like Season 3
HitFixthinks thatFlightis now a legit Oscar contender.It's not just for Best Actor anymore...
The Broadway Bloglooks at the reviews forThe Heiresson Broadway starring Jessica Chastain

Finally,Warner Bros still wants to reboot the once very lucrativeTarzanfranchise...and David Yates (who directed the last half of the Harry Potter franchise) is their man for the job.I'd caution them that maybe today's moviegoers don't care about Tarzan.I know personally that everytimeItry to generate interest in Tarzan (I have a soft spot for those movies) comments seem to vanish.The last time anybody got seriously excited about Tarzan,in my recollection,wasGreystoke: The Legend of Tarzan Lord of the Apes-- the only "prestige"Tarzan to date -- and that was nearly 30 years ago.Sure the Disney version in 1999 was a hit but it also was the fumes at the tail end of Disney's second Golden Age and Disney animated features have never been quite the same afterwards.They're already talking about name actors but if you ask me they'd be crazy not to go with an unknown.Tarzan the character is,by nature,a discovery.

Nov 05 2012

Review: "Flight"

This review was originally published inmy column at Towleroad

Captain Whip

No one can fly a plane like Captain Whip (Denzel Washington).Unfortunately no one can drink like him either.Within the first fifteen or so minutes ofFlight,the new drama from Robert Zemeckis,Whip has already downed multiple vodkas,beers,and at least one line of coke.He's high before lift-off;this bender is all on the morning he's piloting 104 souls on a commercial aircraft to Atlanta.

Whip gives drunk driving a whole new vertical meaning.

Captain Whip's flight is,unfortunately,doomed.The unusual crash is very well shot and edited -- a real armrest grabber and apparently it is possible to fly a plane inverted!In the aftermath Whip,his co-workers,multiple lawyers and moneyed executives are engaged in the very tense and very high-stakes legal battle as to the why the plane went down.

"Why?"is an open ended questionso let's ask a more specific one...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app