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"I watchedWhere'd Ya Go Bernadette,it was entertaining enough but what did it all add up to in the end,not sure.I also watchedAngel Has Fallen,which was silly,made no sense in parts but who cares,it was a fun movie."-Rami

"Finally went to seeOnce upon a Time...in Hollywoodand boy did I find it pompous and underwhelming!"-FrenchToast

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Jun 12 2018

List-Mania: Glenda Jackson & Lots of Triple-Crown Acting Trivia

This is a update/reworking of two previous posts about Triple Crowns!

Glenda Jackson is the oldest performer (82) to complete the Triple Crown

Since I'm on record as being annoyed that all anyone cares about is the EGOT it's time to celebrate our preferred obsession: The Triple Crown of Acting.That's when a performer manages the Emmy,Oscar,and Tony.To date only 24 actors* have accomplished this,with Glenda Jackson being the most recent recipient as of this past Sunday night at the Tony Awards.Triple Crowns have become much more commonplace in the 21st century since actors move much more fluidly through the three mediums than they did in before the turn of the century.TV has totally lost its stigma for movie stars and Broadway is more welcome to very short runs freeing major stars up to continue with their movie and TV careers without as much scheduling trauma.  A TRUCKLOAD OF TRIVIA AFTER THE JUMP...

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May 16 2016

Stage Door: The Father

Frank Langella is an imposing figure.Standing 6'4"tall,with a countenance absolutely befitting a man who has played both Dracula and Richard Nixon,the man simply looks like a force to be reckoned with.His sense of gravitas demands attention and respect.All of which makes what he does in Manhattan Theater Club's Tony-nominated production of Florian Zeller's playThe Fathereven more impressive.

Langella plays André,an elderly man living in Paris with his daughter,Anne (Kathryn Erbe).At the start of the play,Anne is explaining why she has to get him a new helper: The last one apparently quit after André called her "a little bitch"and threatened her with a curtain rod.For his part,André at first denies the incident,then laughs it off,saying that he is perfectly competent to care for himself.

And here is where talking about the play gets difficult...

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May 03 2016

Tony Nominations: Hamilton,The Color Purple, Etcetera

In what we're choosing to interpret as a "changing of the guard"moment,twoBook of Mormonstars (Andrew Rannells and Nikki M.James) announced theHamiltonAwards this morning.Or,rather,the Tony Award Nominations though the bulk of them went to the hot show of the now,Hamilton.In fact it busted the previous record of most nominations which was 15 (held jointly byThe ProducersandBilly Elliott) by 1 nomination.Shouldn't Rory O'Malley have been present,too,in this announcement since he's the only Tony-nominatedBook of Mormonalum inHamilton(having just replaced Jonathan Groff)?

The Tony Awards will be held on June 12th and broadcast on CBS at 8 pm EST.

Most Nominations Musicals:
Hamilton - 16
Shuffle Along - 10
She Loves Me - 8

Can Jessica Lange add a Tony to her trophy shelf for "Long Day's Journey Into Night"?She already has 1 SAG,2 Oscars,亚博主页3 Emmys,and 5 Golden Globes

Most Nominations Plays:
Long Day's Journey Into Night - 7
The Humans - 6

All the nominees (including several Oscar players) and some errant thoughts come after the jump...

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Apr 20 2015

A.I."Robot & Frank"

We're going Sci-Fi (in part) and Artificial Intelligence especially in these last days of April.Here'sSebastian...

Here's a film featuring artificial intelligence very much unlike those in theaters right now: Jake Schreier'sRobot & Frank(2012) starring Frank Langella as an aging man reluctantly learning to accept a robot,voiced by Peter Sarsgaard,taking care of him when he begins to show signs of dementia.Robot & Frankgarnered some critical acclaim but didn't make much noise at the box office.It's a quiet film,a deliberate one,set in "the near future"with a sentient,talking robot as a title character.It might be labelled as science-fiction but it isn't actually all that interested in playing to that genre's tropes and familiar storytelling devices.

The exact yearRobot & Frankis set in is never explicitly stated,but it can't be too far off into our future from what we see on screen.In fact the technological advances shown in the film aren't so muchfutureas they areextremely current present.The phones,screens,cars,and appliances inRobot & Frankare of our time,they're just notcommonin our time.Some of those choices are made out of necessity by the film-makers – it's cheaper to have characters drive the very latest car models than make up and build new ones – but it also serves to give the world of the film a rich,lived-in feel that wouldn't be achieved if every single thing in it was new and shiny and ultimately strange to us.[More...]

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Apr 24 2014

Tribeca: "5 to 7,"Or Why Frustrated Writers Should Back Away From Final Draft

Tribeca coverage continues withDianaon 5 to 7 with Anton Yelchin & Glenn Close

Based on the imaginings of an out-of-touch,middle-aged writer-director,5 to 7is about a 24 year-old "writer"(Anton Yelchin) who becomes involved with the 33 year-old wife of a French diplomat (Berenice Marlohe).Brian lives in Manhattan,presumedly on his parents' dime (Glenn Close and Frank Langella,both painfully misused),and attempts to write,his creative juices facilitated by posting a multitude of rejection letters on his wall and playing lonely man wiffleball in his apartment.Arielle also lives in Manhattan  and is oh so very "French"-- husband,two kids,posh neighborhood,and ability to balance high heels with a well-fitting dress.

Spotting Arielle in front of the St.Regis,Brian pursues her through quips that sound more like early drafts of "wit"rather than the finished product (think Woody Allen without the neurotic charm).She tosses words back at him that are meant to signify mutual attraction.When they do end up in a hotel room together (after she hands him the key),there is zip chemistry between the pair,cringingly highlighted all-the-more when Arielle tells Brian that he is a natural lover and asks whether his other lovers had told him that.That's the crux of the problem with this film - we are told things consistently through voiceover and character iteration (Brian loves Arielle,Arielle loves Brian,Brian's mother can see that they love each other),but we're rarelyshownanything substantial enough to back up these assertions.[More...]

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Mar 07 2014

Yes,No,Maybe So: "Grace of Monaco"

Approaching trailers for movies you're going to see no matter what (i.e.anything with your favorite actor in it) makes the Yes,No Maybe So™ question a strangely hypothetical one.Such is the case withGrace of Monacowhich is currently scheduled to open on____.No, we don't know the date yet but people will be talking about it in May after its Cannes premiere.Let's hope those of us who can't afford $1000 a night for a trip to France in the summer don't have to wait seven months* to form our own opinions;a bit of glam adult counterprogramming in the summer (look at the scenery!) would be a kind thing to do!

But where were we?

Oh yes,Princess Grace.At the beginning of the trailer we learn that she'd like to return to Hollywood -- Hitchcock wanted her forMarnie(1962) but...conflict!Her formerly charming prince won't allow for it;this is not a Disney musical and there will be no Happily Ever After...

the Yes No Maybe So breakdown is after the jump.Non-Spoiler Alert: I'm a "Yes"

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