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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Dec 02 2018

FYC Young Performer Award 2018

by Nathaniel R

Evan Rosado was just one of a handful of truly incredible child performances this year in "We the Animals"

Each year one of our award traditions here at The Film Experience is to help fellow BFCA members choose more wisely when it comes to the "Young Performer"亚博主页category at the Critics Choice Movie Awards.We do this with a not-so-simple eligibility list.You see,our ballots don't come with lists of eligible choices so it's up to each member to think up a list and since the category gets no media coverage it's hard to think up choices on the spot so sometimes the nominations are quite lazy (You had a high profile child or teen role in a big studio film?You're nominated!).For instance this year,voters would be practically insane to skip Zain Al Rafee inCapernaum(only one of the best child performancesever) but given that that's within a foreign film hopeful that has yet to open in theaters (December 14th),voters ARE likely to be insane and skip him.

It takes a bit of research for the teen/young adult performances to see who is actually eligible.Given that we're apt to miss a couple of names,so do let us know if you don't see your favorite.The BFCA voting is about to begin so here are those cheat sheets to help them vote along with some trivia notes...

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Mar 22 2013

Two TV Takes: "Southland"& "Bates Motel"

As I wait anxiously for the next great TV series to arrive -- where are you?-- I thought we should talk a little about two very different shows and the axis of Concept and Execution.Mad Mengets "A"s in both but most TV shows have to struggle through by leaning on one or the other.Having a good and/or original concept can win you a lot of leeway if your execution is problematic (see:Smash) but what of the inverse?Enter...Southlandnow in its 4th season.On the surface and at its coreSouthlandis just another police procedural.You've seen it before and youwillsee it again.

So why the hell isSouthlandso damn good?

"How to Be Awesome"
The answer is all in the Execution.more...

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Nov 23 2012

Are You Excited For "Bates Motel"or "Hannibal"?

Alfred Hitchcock is getting as much attention this year as 007,what withVertigotopping the Sight & Sound poll and the newHitchcockbiopic that references Hitchcockian mythology from 1958 through 1962 but focuses mostly onPsycho(1960).All that plus a new TV show that will look at the life of Young Norman (Freddie Highmore) and the infamous Mrs.Bates (Vera Farmiga) long before she was a dead woman rotting away in the fruit cellar.

The first official image released inspires hope.It didn't go for something obviously CREEPY.Instead,counterintuitively,it's calm and painterly ...very Wyeth...and if you knew nothing ofPsychoyou might not even think of blood...blood...oh god mother the blood!

As a general rule I hate Hollywood's fascination with prequels,an obvious example of their creative bankruptcy but also,more dangerously,a key contributor to the dearth of imagination in audiences.It trains people to be passive viewers as if it's anathema to participate in what you're watching and create your own narratives to align with particularly gripping stories you're told.This is a strange dichotomous development considering that the easy access to art and technology these days seems to have actually why do people still want inspiration-killing backstories...the worst examples ever being the Star Wars prequels which just robbed the originals of their mythological potency.THIS IS WHAT CAUSED THAT.THIS BECAME THAT.REMEMBER THAT BIT?IT'S BECAUSE OF THIS.LET ME HOLD YOUR HAND AND OVER EXPLAIN EVERYTHING.

So I'm confused that I'm so excited for this.It must be the resilience ofPsycho.It's already withstood several sequels,countless ripoffs and parodies and one recreation,and the kind of marrow deep cultural impact that you'd think would make it feel redundant to watch.Nope.It still terrifies and intrigues.The casting of the prequel series is also compelling.Freddie seems ideal,right?And Farmiga is one of the big screen's most compelling actresses,even if Hollywood isn't really helping her deliver on her potential -- even after herDeparted / Up in the Airhit Oscar films breakthrough.What gives?

Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) enjoys his meal.Not vegeratian.

Still,withDexterlong overstaying his welcome on Showtime (this season started strong but quickly devolved and last season was just bad bad television...and there's still one more to go!) andHannibal(yes,The Silence of the Lambs' Hannibal) about to get his own prequel series,doesn't TV already have enough 'life inside the head of a serial killer' drama?Serial killers are to television now what they were to the movies in the mid to late 90s.

Have you had enough or do you still enjoy the genre?

Sep 17 2012

Links: Emmys,Normans,Books, Critics

Flavorwirehas 20 film books for film lovers to own.Christmas list ideas?
SlantKurt interviews the great Alison Janney who has a 'special knack for spurring films to life'
Arts BeatAdele records song for the new James Bond filmSkyfall.Can't wait to hear it
Slateanother perceptive review ofBachelorette
DeadlineAdorable little Freddie Highmore (Finding Neverland) is no longer adorable.He's grown up to become a young Norman Bates in thatPsychoprequel TV series "Bates Motel".

HitFixinterviews Chris Evans about his Captain America break,puking gym sessions,and the indie flickIcemanwhich just played at TIFF
IndieWirepolled critics about the best films and performances at TIFF --The Masternearly tops every poll its eligible for but fails to win "Most Disappointing"(edged out byTo the Wonder)
The Advocatea new celebrity photographry book compiling Jack Robinson's 70s portraits.Clint Eastwood somehow looks like Hugh Jackman and Warren Beatty is all in leather
Playbillcongrats to Leslye Headland again.Her playAssistance(about showbiz assistants) will be developed for a television series
Broadway BlogCheyenne Jackson (yay!) to star in a new Broadway romantic comedy about adult film performers.Alicia Silverstone and Ari Graynor co-star!
MNPPattends a star-packed Q&A for10 Years
TowleroadMy latest column finds me blathering on about a handful of future Oscar players

Congratulations to Joshua Bergasse for his Best Choreography Win for "SMASH".It's the first time a TV series has claimed the prize in 17 years

Emmy Time - yes,I'll live blog on Sunday
PlaybillSmash wins Joshua Bergasse an Emmy for Best Choreography for "Wolf""National Pasttime"and The Film Experience's all-time favorite亚博主页Smashnumber "Let's Be Bad".
LA Times&DeadlineHBO leads the Emmys so far with 17 wins including several forGame of Thrones.And,yes,Mad Menlost costume design AGAIN.It will go down as one of the great awards injustices that that series never wins costume design.Just shameful!Guest Acting Emmys: Kathy Bates (Two and Half Men),Martha Plimpton (The Good Wife),Jeremy Davies (Justified),and Jimmy Fallon (SNL)