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04 2013


Stranger Than Mostencourages you to see these 20 underseen masterpieces. Lot of great films mentioned though I shall limit my "seconded!" shouting toSummer Hours, Three Womenand[safe]today
监护人Joss Whedon "I kept telling my mom that reading comic books would pay off"
Gawker网站volcanic imagery aside,After Earthisnotscientology propaganda, just a crap movie
Hollywood & SwineAfter Earth's rough opening weekend, Sony cancels "take your kid to work day" LOL
该Atlanticwhen did men -- other than George Clooney of course -- lose their charm?
Cinema Blendpages from Heath Ledger's Joker diary. CB claims this is from a German tv series but the narration is in French so I'm not sure what's going on

WSJ Speakeasy有趣的…伍迪·艾伦是蓝色的茉莉花e is a riff on the Bernie Madoff scandal and Speakeasy claims that Alec Baldwin's performance will be talked about. (Perhaps I should change that男配角图?)
Salon该internet is losing its collective mind over Game of Thrones. As I said on twitter, I am more and more convinced that fans are victims and George R R Martin and the HBO series are their abusive lover. FWIW I quit reading the books after the Red Wedding. It's just not for me. Don't need the gore and the abuse!
Playbillsings the praises of Broadway breakthrough Annaleigh Ashford fromKinky Boots。Is she the next Goldie Hawn?
Cinema Blend该Wizard of Oz(1939年)被转换为3D和IMAX下周成立75周年。
/电影ruh roh. The screenwriter ofGreen Lanternis signing on to theBlade Runnersequel. It was already a bad enough idea, lightning rarely striking twice.

Watch & Listens
YouTubePatrick Stewart speaks out on domestic violence and mental health awareness - lovely
KCRW - The Businessinterviews (literally) naked Mitchell Hurwitz on the challenges of continuing the Bluth story for a 4th season of发展受阻

And did you see this fun video tribute above to Cyndi Lauper whose showKinky Boots刚刚讨论)有一吨托尼提名?各种早间节目和电流百老汇蒙上了她的经典单曲“女孩只是想玩得开心” 30周年贡献

Jan 16 2013


的Solaris(2002)请记住,幸福的时候一年前,当我们认为我们将不得不阿方索·卡隆的Gravityin theaters for 2012. It was not to be but the film finally has a release date in October 4th, 2013. There are still no official photos of this movie so enjoy this still of George Clooney in Steven Soderbergh's remake of的Solaris(2002年),他唯一一次科幻郊游。...除非你想算Return of the Killer Tomatoes(1988).

该release date is already crowded with the Vince Vaughn sperm donor comedy该Delivery Man(another sperm donor comedy... I thought we were done with those!), the 3D conversion ofRevenge of the Sith,and the corporate thrillerParanoiawhich pairs young Liam Hensworth with Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford.


2013is a big comeback year for Bullock after her, uh, big comeback year of 2009 for which she won the Oscar with the mega-hit攻其不备。She's only made one movie in the interim (心灵钥匙) and she wasn't its selling point. Now she has two potential blockbusters looming. The other is the comedy该Heat(79 days away) from the director of伴娘which pairs her as an FBI agent with cop Melissa McCarthy for an action comedy about two women after a drug lord. Last time Bullock led a female FBI comedy,Miss Congeniality,it was so popular a sequel followed.



九月 03 2012

该Seven Link Itch

洛杉矶时报Michael Clarke Duncan (Oscar nominated for绿色英里) dies at 54.
Badass Digest德文图表MPAA系统,并提供演进了一个想法为改造
Gawker网站Russell Crowe in a spot of trouble kayaking is rescued by the Coast Guard. I feel like we need aNoah开玩笑在这里,但我不认为一个人的。
First Showingplot details (read at your own risk) for the new Spike Jonze filmHer。It stars Joaquin Phoenix as a man who falls in love with a computer voice.

Saloninterviews the hilarious Retta on herParks & Recreationscene stealing "Treat Yo Self" and her popular TV crazy twitter feed
Movie|LineinterviewsFor a Good Time, Call...导演杰米·特拉维斯。如果我知道这是杰米·特拉维斯我的woulda第一次在网上看到这部电影!爱爱爱他的短片。(您可能还记得我不好意思自己在纳什维尔电影节geeking了他。) Did any of you see that comedy this weekend? Next Friday is quite the girlie risque weekend with this film expanding andBacheloretteandHello, I Must Be Goingall opening.I officially declare September 7th "Girls Gone Wild" day.

。。。however should we celebrate?

Finally...with Telluride wrapping up and Venice and Toronto hitting the ground, reactions are flying fast and furious when it comes to fall Oscar hopefuls. More on that once I've collected my thoughts and recorded tonight's podcast (you heard me)...

08 2012


Letters of Note"I feel every cut" an intimate glimpse back at Terry Gilliam's巴西madness
Self Styled Sirena happy ending for For the Love of Film Blogathon III. The money raised towards film preservation (a digitial copy of a super early piece of the Hitchcock puzzle) will result in free streaming of the surviving reels this November. Well done, all!
24Frames百老汇明星凯利·奥哈拉将出演不是一个而是两个新fillm剧音乐舞台剧改编:Far From Heaven(前面讨论过),并...廊桥遗梦
每日笔记本1948 was a good year for mermaids: Glynis Johns & Ann Blyth

Rope of Silicon新角色的照片Anna Karenina连凯拉·奈特利,蒙蔽
Antagony & Ecstacy"in space no one can hear you yawn"... onAlien Ressurection。或者是Alien: Ressurection
Slate"Woman: The Other Alien inAlien" Tom Shone investigates Academia and the Alien franchise... with a Ripley focus of course
超文化“修复”的预告片海报罗伯特·泽米吉斯飞行starring Denzel Washington

Broadway Blog我的朋友汤姆使他的教育托尼预测的猜测。你在看星期天晚上?
该New Yorker's this new true story article "The Yankee Comandante" about an American helping Cuban rebels overthrow their president in 1959 is already on its way to being a movie. George Clooney will direct.
秃鹰the scariest thing ever seen on television viaTwin Peaks。I wholeheartedly agree. I remember actually attempting to move backwards. (Maybe I also whimpered / screamed. Shut up. You had to be there in 1991)

I giggled this morning when readingStranger Than Most's "Jenna tells it like it is" a reminder of one of30 Rock's most hilarious scenes. I'm linking because tonight I'll be at Town Hall enjoying Jane Krakowski in concert, a birthday gift from my besties. Yay. I loved Jane truly madly and deeply even before30 Rockfinally convinced everyone else that she was a comedy genius. Every drink I consume tonight will be (re)named in her honor: Jenna'sSide, The Krakowski, 'That'sADealBreakerLadies', Sexual Walkabout, CallFromTheVatican, and MuffinTop. Erm... not that I'm going to drink six drinks. NoLost Weekends for me!

Tell me how much you love Jane Krakowski and how much she deserves the Emmy for this season of30 Rock后the jump. Don't be anything less than effusive, bitches.

Mar 18 2012


Stale Popcornawww. our friend Glenn举行TitanicOscar.
监护人fun old interview with Helena Bonham Carter from her first film简夫人(1986)
该Mary SuenewDr. HorribleSing-Along电影今年夏天?也许。
汤姆·肖恩is not looking forward to普罗米修斯and here's why.

ioncinemaLaurence Anywaystrailer (in French) and posters. I love Xavier Dolan so I'm excited for this on principle if not quite in actuality.
Movie|Linetakes a different approach with the 9 most handsomely stoic photos of Clooney from the Sudan event.
In Contention克里斯托弗·普卢默在Barrymore。。。his stage triumph is going big screen this fall.
Antagony & Ecstacy
is doing a 1930s week with fine pieces on Leo McCarey (Make Way For Tomorrow) and early horror (Island of Lost Souls)有更多的惊喜。
Deadline斯科塞斯和迪卡普里奥致力于使该Wolf of Wall Street
Immersed in Movieshas a strange bit about Krypton mythology in the upcoming Superman movieMan of Steel。。。but since it's about costume design we're intrigued.

My New Plaid Pants(NSFW)一直有一吨的乐趣包装高达2011电影院the Golden Trouser awardsincluding "ten great gratuities of 2011 cinema" ... Michael Fassbender keeps popping up and also wins Best Actor.
Hollywood Prospectus调查在名人八卦的一周。最小评论指向可笑。
百老汇博客interviews ubiquitous out actor Denis O'Hare of stage, film and television and grills him cheekily at the end about all the hot men he works with. Who is crush worthy?

Crush-worthy….hmmmmm. I’d have to go with Jamie Bell. Mysterious."

Good choice, O'Hare.

Check out this白雪公主和Hunstmenfeaturette on Costume Design. We're campaigning for 2012 Oscars so soon?

请问女王服装的单独胜利科伦·阿特伍德她的第10提名 - 甚至在那些双军队?

All in all she's quite the haute couture sort of queen but with an aged rotting edge to her."


Feb 06 2012




This one goes out to @AwesomeRob ---What do you think Meryl and Rooney were saying too each other?Or maybe they weren't saying anything. Guess away in the comments.

乔治·克鲁尼与让·杜雅尔丹相处的名言后the jump

Click to read more ...

Jan 30 2012

Say What Shai'?

Last night when The SAG Award for Ensemble cast was announced ("And the actor goes to...帮助") Shailene Woodley turned to a shrugging George Clooney and held up two fingers.


Amuse us by transcribing it in the comments.

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