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Jan 23 2012

Extremely Link

Weinstein Coa live chat today with艺术家team (4:30 PM EST)
Gold Derby"Oscar nominations we're rooting for"
Deadlineexciting sounding project alert. Gyllehaal mama Naomi Foner, who wrote the brilliant运行在空(1988)是使她的导演处女作Very Good Girls。Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning to star as best friends just out of high school eager to lose their virginity.
Nicks Flick Picks'最佳女主角Birthday Parties are getting more and more festive. Idiedat one particular one-liner in the Piper LaurieTimreview and now I simply must see the movie.

削减电影请记住,传记片大眼睛about artist-marrieds Margaret and Walter Keane which was supposed to star Kate Hudson years and years ago? No? Well, it's back in development only this time with Reese Witherspoon. I don't know how you make a movie called大眼睛and cast anyone but Our Miss Hathaway though.
AD JamesonHow many movies can you see? An obsessive discussion about what's feasible or worthwhile.
By Ken Levine“人都不会愿意到f ***她的”上追求在电视飞行员的作用。一个可怕的阅读对于演员!

Fun videos with Charlize, Fassy & Viola after the jump...


Jan 16 2012

Blue Moments With Jodie & Fassy

Was it just me or was last night's Golden Globe ceremony less gold than blue? (It was even unfortunately brown what with all the references to Bridesmaids poop jokes). "Blush" was both a red carpet trend and something that stars were having to do.

The evening literally began with a beaver joke and ended with a dick gag. Both Jodie Foster and Michael Fassbender were good sports about the below-the-belt ribbing but what the hell did they spike the drinks with last night?

Ricky Gervais set the bawdy tone kicking off with a joke that seemed to be about Mel Gibson (he wasn't allowed to talk about him) but morphed into a much better one about Jodie Foster. He can't mention Mel Gibson...

特别是朱迪·福斯特海狸。我还没有看到it myself.

I've spoken to a lot of guys here. They haven't seen it either.

。。。But that doesn't mean it's not any good!

One of the talking dumbheads at E! after party actually thought that was a joke about Jodie still being hot after birthing two children. Oh no, honey, no. That's not what the joke was about.

Elton John did not think this joke was funny in a subsequent cutaway -- though he knew what the joke was about -- but he had a permascowl on his face throughout the evening, only smiling when Morgan Freeman interrupted his own speech to say "Hi Elton"

When Clooney won Best Actor, He gave a beautiful shout out to his friend and former co-star Brad Pitt before going straight for the Fassbender dick jokes, even pantomiming a golf swing without a golf club.

你也得满足很多其他精彩的年轻演员。我遇到了 - 我要感谢迈克尔·法斯宾德采取的正面全裸的责任,我有。

Really Michael? Honestly, can you play golf with your hands behind your back?

Go for it man, do it.

George, George, George...


Jan 12 2012

"Critics Choice" Winners From Viola to The Artist

Kirsten Dunst presented Best Supporting Actress to Octavia SpencerWe trieda live blog experiment which was very chaotic though conversational如果您想通过我们的共鸣重温它,如果你不在这里。但除此之外,让我们回顾一下大演讲和获奖者的名单。

Do you think all five of the major acting wins will translate to Globe and SAG hoopla... and then on to Oscar? It's been a surprising season to date so will it suddenly become a normal season where the same films and performances win each time?

女配角-Octavia斯宾塞的The Help

好吧嗯。嗯,我没有准备。我不是一个女童子军。我想这里的关键词是最佳配角becasue我是真正的最惊人的演员和工作人员的支持。噢,我的上帝,这是真的有种疯狂。好的。呃。我想感谢大家在梦工厂 - 斯泰西斯奈德谢谢你们给我这个机会。霍莉巴里奥。芯片沙利文。 Everyone at Disney. Rich[series of names that all blurred together for us]。。。and then of course my two champions Tate Taylor and Brunson Green who have always believed in me. And thank God you believed in me enough to give me a job that actually paid this time!

But thank you so much to the BFCA. I am truly truly humbled by this. Thank you.

SUPPORTING ACTOR - Christopher Plummer for初学者

克里斯托弗·普卢默,又年轻Winners and a Tearful Viola after the jump...


Jan 08 2012


Twenty five years ago one of the world's few bonafide movie starsand one of this year's Best Actor frontrunnersmade his silver screen debut. Internet sources disagree on the exact date -- probably due to the film being a no-budget indie with an erratic release schedule -- but the earliest is January 9th. The point is this: We've now reached a quarter century of Clooney on the big screen!

If you investigate a trail of blood in a horror movie, you deserve to die.

Like many stars before and after him, George Clooney's first movie role was in a cheapo horror flick. His was namedReturn to Horror High(1987). Though Clooney is dispatched in the first fifteen minutes (first victim is an honor in horror casts, yes?) he was a big enough "name" in a field of (mostly) nobodies to get second billing.

他已经有两个短暂的系列常规gigs on television, most famously a recurring role onThe Facts of Life。In 1984 he starred in a sitcom calledE / R这是在事后(演出未显示),因为它是关于在芝加哥急诊医生热闹。十年后与ER, a very different show about the exact same thing, he'd become a major star. It'd be nice to state something triumphant like 'Return to Horror High是第一次也是最后一次,他会永远要接受秒计费!但它不会是真实的。在这两者之间有许多挥舞着周围......在角色和屏幕大小的。

A prophetic moment after the jump


Jan 07 2012

Oscar Excitement Rises With Magazines / Trailers

A lot of folks are dissing this trailer spoof whatsit heralding the oncoming Oscar but I think that's just a sympton of "you can't please大家任何人”在互联网上/当谈到奥斯卡奖。我很抱歉,但我♥他们打开公文包和金色光芒出现的时刻。那闪亮的裸金的男人带给我的快乐每该死的一年。这是真的!即使我恨他我爱他。

Sure the ad is meaningless / not hilarious but it's kind of fun in a stupid ha-HA way. You were expecting cutting edge comedy with Billy Crystal?

That said I will readily admit that it is a bit odd to have former co-stars of变形金刚为您的关键角色。针对Josh和梅根,但没有一个一线明星没有什么是可利用的?(记住,当罗宾·威廉姆斯是一个列表?那是因为尘土飞扬的一个概念作为比利·克里斯特尔托管该Os ---呵,没关系。)

In much more euphoric Oscar news...我打算嫁给娱乐周刊的新的奥斯卡盖。那是一见钟情。这是因为,哦,曾经我最喜爱的奥斯卡盖。其实,我认为购买它,写它像一个活博客杂志阅读,但我不能在我家附近的任何地方找到它。据说它击中报摊昨天。


She’s amazed at how the最佳女主角race今年正在形成。“你可以用你的头脑周围有人扔你与梅丽尔·斯特里普的戒指吗?”她惊叹。“我只是不明白的竞赛事。你怎么能比较两个演员的表演?你怎么说一个比其他更好吗?”

“I know how you do it,” Clooney says to Davis. “have to play Margaret Thatcher andshe要发挥女佣。”

And yet... In regards to领跑者的最佳男演员。这可以更好地使这个封面的唯一的事情是,如果它是布拉德·皮特在晚礼服。

While I love Clooney as a celebrity as much as anyone does, he already has an Oscar and I think if we're in the mood for one of those Movie Star Appreciation Nights come late February, we've got a more deserving idol right next door in Brad Pitt! He gave not one but two career best performances this year! And though that blurb might not mean much coming from many loudmouth journos, it means a lot coming fromsince Brad Pitt is one of my all time favorite actors. Thus I am able to say "career best" without any of the not so subtle "I was never impressed before" connotations that "career best" citations arrive with. I think he's been sorely undervalued (as an actor) his entire career.

十二月 15 2011


这是最后的三个巨头前体被提名人宣布今天上午。热议的高跟鞋BFCAand theSAG announcementwe have the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, more commonly known as the Golden Globes. Film and television stars Gerard Butler, Woody Harrelson, Rashida Jones and Sofia Vergara announced the nominees at 8:30 AM EST which went like so...



  • The Descendants
  • The Help
  • Hugo
  • The Ides of March
  • Moneyball
  • War Horse

For a split second when we reached five nominees I thought War Horse would be shut out and for once the Globes wouldn't stump for one of the big movies that was about to open, but nope.The Ides of Marchis the iffiest film here for an Oscar transfer given lukewarm reception but it's still possible. Especially since it's right in their wheelhouse.

瑞恩·高斯林喝克鲁尼Koolaid在“三月Ides的”。因此,没有谁给了克鲁尼3项提名和戈斯林2 HFPA


  • 50/50
  • 艺术家
  • Bridesmaids
  • Midnight in Paris
  • My Week With Marilyn

People are wondering how Marilyn is a comedy. But, you know, Kenneth Branagh is very funny in it.


Plus it's got musical numbers so I think it qualifies for their split.艺术家可能有这个收入囊中,但在金球奖愿意惊喜(即远远超过其他群体)


  • 伍迪·艾伦,午夜巴黎
  • George Clooney, The Ides of March
  • Michel Hazanavicus, The Artist
  • Alexander Payne, The Descendants
  • 马丁·斯科塞斯,雨果

Sofia Vergara garbled cutely as she does. "Marine Scorsez" is quite the auteur! Expected list here but for Clooney who was an already a guaranteed show at the ceremony due to the Best Actor nom. The HFPA gets a lot of flack for star-fucking but some of their decisions can't really be explained that way. The star doesn't get to show up twice if you nominated them thusly, and you've cut off the opportunity for another star to show.


  • Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs
  • 维奥拉·戴维斯,Help(帮助)
  • Rooney Mara, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  • 梅丽尔·斯特里普,铁娘子
  • Tilda Swinton, We Need To Talk About Kevin

    People are going to love Mara as "Lisbeth Salander" in that movie so this isn't太大的惊喜。另外有空间与威廉姆斯标题,以喜剧/音乐剧。这种疏忽伤害克尔斯滕·邓斯特的竞选。她的牵引似乎开始和戛纳奖结束忧郁症。Also shut out was Elizabeth Olsen forMartha Marcy May Marlene


    • 朱迪·福斯特,大屠杀
    • Charlize Theron, Young Adult
    • 克里斯汀威格,伴娘
    • 米歇尔·威廉姆斯,我的周与玛丽莲
    • Kate Winslet, Carnage

      在也许早晨的最大的惊喜,Carnagesnagged 40% of the Female Comedy honors though the film didn't garner a comedy film nod and having Foster and Winslet (who was already coming for Mildred Pierce) knocked out their opportunity to invite Cameron Diaz or somesuch. See what I mean about cock-blocking their own star-fucking?

      I think they can mail this one to Michelle Williams.

      more after the jump


      十二月 13 2011

      Interview: Judy Greer on "The Descendants" & "Archer"

      It can't be just that we're both from Michigan. Perhaps it's her voice on the other end of the line, which sounds too much like an old high school friend's? There's something aboutJudy Greerthat seemsfamiliar。No, no, I just see a lot of movies is all. It's merely the cumulative effect of her filmography, I tell myself, which often presents her to us as relatable sideshow: friend, sister, neighbor, co-worker,everywoman。也许她的罢工铸造董事这样了。我无法想象我独自在这种感觉,尽管我们共同的娱乐,这个邻家女孩盛传她散发出的结果是令人惊讶的文字。当我们开始谈论闲聊延伸彻头彻尾的启示来的。我们住3英里为彼此的孩子!我们去了同样的舞蹈俱乐部作为青少年!在驾驶时,我们都被吓相同的高速公路!

      "Anyway, hiiiiiiiiiii"she says laughing, as we reboot out conversation. We'd better get to talking about the movies!

      After years and years in showbiz how does this sense of familiarity sit with her, strangers feeling like they know her. How uncomfortable must this 'Where do I know you from again?' sensation be?

      "It happens to me all the time but I don't consider it a problem," she says, instantly getting the question. There was a time, she offers, that people would always actually think they knew her. At some point in changed. Now they know she's an actress but they can't quite place from where.

      Mr & Mrs Speer (Judy Greer and Matthew Lillard) in "The Descendants"Eventually that signature role will hit and there'll be no mistaking the "who?" and the "were from?"The Descendantsis definitely a forward step in that direction. Though it's another brief supporting role, her Mrs. Speer is a lynchpin character in an acclaimed Oscar buzzing film at that. She can already taste the difference and is "flattered" to be included in all the promotion for the movie for such a small role. The cast has already been nominated for Best Ensemble at theBFCA Critics Choice AwardsJudy herself will announce the SAG nominees on Wednesdaywhere The Descendants is also expected to score.


      一旦我们到了电影,The Descendantswas the only place to start.



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