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MINDHUNTER (s2 episodes 1-2)

"I am also a big fan of this show,because of Fincher and the detective work,even if the show skirts very close sometimes to murderer fetish..."-Jono

"I love this show.I binged 7 of the 9 episodes and could have finished but I wanted to savor it a little longer.It's such an engrossing show and beautifully filmed"-Raul

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Sep 09 2018

TIFF Review: "Widows"

byChris Feil

If you thought that Steve McQueen'sWidowswould be less of a body blow as his other films simply because the genius director is dipping into the mainstream,guess again.A quaint notion that is thankfully not the case - McQueen hasn't softened a bit,and thank goodness.

Watching the film is like laying on a bed of nails,danger at every turn as you dodge its narrative and formative land mines.McQueen's previous films such as12 Years a SlaveandShamedepicted viscerally physical experiences,making for intense films that can be felt as deeply in the body as well as the soul.ThoughWidowsis less concerned on physical tolls taken on its characters than those efforts,that doesn't mean you don't still feelWidowsdown to your bones.

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Aug 06 2018

Sharp Objects: Episode 5 "Closer"

Previously:Episode 4 "Ripe"

byChris Feil

This week'sSharp Objectsinstallment opened with its morphing opening credits turned into an ominous cooing,as if from the lullaby of a captor.And this week was similarly barbarous with its flailing comforts."Closer",its chapter title promises,describing both our discovery of the mystery and the shows encroaching brutal intimacy.This is the most contained episode yet,taking place over the course of a single day and mostly set on Eudora estate with all of the players brought together.It's been a show built on a backbone of knowing glances,and "Closer"stacks several atop one another at once.Everyone has eyes on them,and no one feels fewer than Amy Adams' Camille...

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Jul 30 2018

Sharp Objects: Episode 4 "Ripe"


I was excited for this episode ofSharp Objectsas it was billed as "Camille and Richard finally go on a date."They sort of did,in theSharp Objectsway by visiting Wind Gap murder scenes.But the episode also gave us a glimpse into Adora and Alan's marriage and a memory involving Alan and Camille.I don't think we've ever seen the latter two characters have any meaningful interactions before last night.

At the end of last week's episode we saw Camille fleeing Wind Gap after her confrontation with Amma.However this time we start with her changing her mind and coming back.Images of dead girls fill the screen,we get it Jean Marc Vallèe,that's why she's coming back.The constant cutting between now and the Camille's memories feels played out to me despite the story's dependence on memory.It was fresh and exciting when we first saw it 4 years ago inWild(2014).Get some new tools,Vallèe!!

I've decided to let go of trying to look for clues to the mystery of the killer and just enjoy the performances and the eerie atmosphere that the series built.

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Apr 23 2018

"Sharp Objects" Teases

by Nathaniel R

Mmmmmhow we love a good teaser.One that tells you almost nothing about the movie or tv series other than an overal mood so as to preserve / prolong the pre-release excitement.Here comes the eight hour miniseriesSharp Objectsstarring Amy Adams and Patty Clarkson,two of the best actresses in the business,the latter of whom hasn't had a high profile great part in way too long...

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Apr 04 2016

Adams Heads to TV With 'Sharp Objects'

Manuelhere with some actressexual news to get your week started.Jean-Marc Vallée,who's been busy lately helping Reese Witherspoon nab her second Oscar nomination,filming the HBO TFE dream-cast miniseriesBig Little Lieswith hisWildstar,Nicole Kidman,and Laura Dern,and letting loose with Jake Gyllenhaal (in the soon to be seenDemolition) is teaming up with Amy Adams for another HBO show: the adaptation to Gillian Flynn'sSharp Objects.The project,which has been in talks for a while,finally landed at the cable network after a heated bidding war (wealmostgot a chance to binge it with Netflix narrowly missing this acquisition!)

Per Deadline's description:

Sharp Objectscenters on reporter Camille Preaker (Adams) who,fresh from a brief stay at a psychiatric hospital,must return to her tiny hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls.Trying to put together a psychological puzzle from her past,Camille finds herself identifying with the young victims a bit too closely.

Amy,with a sharp object

I'm most intrigued because it sounds like a welcome departure for Adams.Not only does it mark her return to television (let us not forget she was Jim's girlfriend onThe Office),but she hasn't really yet played within the psychological thriller genre.I have an inkling it might give us a chance to see the actress anew,a nice welcome change from her recent work.Also,we know Vallée is great with actors so I'm curious to see what he brings out in Adams.

The project,ordered to straight-to-series (we're getting 8 episodes),will be executive produced and co-written by Flynn and Marti Noxon,who's been on a roll lately what withUnRealandGirlfriend's Guide to Divorce.Speaking of Noxon,she's readying her directorial debut,To The Bone,a film based on her own experiences with anorexia.Lily Collins has signed on to play the leading role of Ellen,while Keanu Reeves will be playing Dr.William Beckham who's intent on getting the young woman to get better.As someone who's loved Noxon's work for close to two decades—this is the woman,after all,who gave usBuffy's "The Wish"andMad Men's "The Gypsy and the Hobo"—I'm excited to see what she does with this very personal story.

Mar 27 2015

The Story of My Link

Regan Writeshas a great recap ofRuPaul's Drag Race's upsetting episode this week (Trixie Mattel - Nooooooooo) and since I haven't been covering it,read this instead
The Vagendaon why we need to stop asking celebrities "are you a feminist?"
DissolveEXCITING news.Gillian Flynn,who did such an Oscar nomination worthy job of screenwriting her own novel (stupid Academy!) will be co-writing Steve McQueen's next movie.That's a team with potential.
Pajibaawesome Gillian Anderson is on the market,ready for "the one"(gender irrelevant)

I turned down one of the big young adult franchises.I know the guy who took the part is buying his Hollywood mansion in the hills now,that he has secure work for three years.But you have to work yourself into a place where you're respected
-Douglas Booth

The Guardianhas a good interview with the full lipped,exquisitely jawed Douglas Booth (who doesn't like that people talking about his looks so much...awww,be grateful for them,man.It's how you get/got in the door) who says he's choosing his films based almost solely on who is in the director's chair.
CHUDthe creative team behind50 Shades of Greyare dropping like flies for the sequels.And the stars want raises and the producers aren't budging.What the hell is going on?Just pay them.They helped make it a hit.Greed sure can ruin a good thing.Or in this casea dumb thing.
Coming SoonJulia Louis-Dreyfus is considering the American remake ofForce Majeure.She'd be great but why is no one consideringnotremaking it?
Lainey GossipI don't normally share (or even pay much attention to) gossip stuff but apparently Jeremy Renner is getting divorced and it's already quite messy
Yahoo!Moviesan oral history ofDesperately Seeking Susan(1985),now thirty years old (gulp). Great quotes
TowleroadTom Ford is looking at Amy Adams,George Clooney,and Jake Gyllenhaal for his new film Nocturnal Animals.Way to be original with your casting he said facetiously

Franchise Madness.The End is Nigh
i09Transformersis aiming to become a "connected universe"a la Marvel movies.The end is truly nigh.If all movies want to be is ongoing big budget television series,what's the point of having them?Just watch more tv.
AV Clublooks at the latest tv spot forTerminator Genisys.Yes,I know this one's got both old and young Ahnuld but without James Cameron & Linda Hamilton who cares?Time to move on.
/Filmapparently they're also starting over withThe Smurfsfor 2017.

Almodóvar with his new star Emma Suarez,in preproduction of "Silencio"

Spanish Wonders
El Paistalks about the new Pedro Almodóvar movie (calledSilencio)
El Paisalso profiles the two actresses who star Emma Suárez & Adrian Ugarte neither of whom have worked with Pedro before.I know he said none of his normal women work work for this one (and he has quite a large repertory company now essentially) so I thought we'd be seeing totally different looks or body types but no.So now I'm curious as to why he didn't stick with his regulars.I suppose we shall see.
El Confidencialfirst images from Penélope Cruz's new filmma ma(about a teacher diagnosed with breast cancer).I miss her so much!She vanished once she had that baby

Today's Long Read
"How One Direction Helped Me Find My Girls"- this article on buzzfeed is about refusing to feel guilty for the things you love.While I've personally never understood boy band obsessions Igetobsessive fandom because I relate...only with actresses and film directors.While I can't say I agree with every word therein -- I don't think all fandom is good for people (sometimes it's just about conformity and not seeking you own aesthetic interests) and I was quite disturbed by one drawing that says "Remember nobody's feelings are more important than your own"because that is a straight up terrible thing to teach people (other people's feelings are very much important and we need to respect them and be generous and kind to each other) but the central premise that boy band obsessions are deemed silly because they are also considered feminine is spot on truth.The writer wisely condemns the double standard: adult men are encouraged to go bonkers over everything to do with whatever sports teams they follow as well as superhero movies but women are deemed silly if they partake in more "girlish"fandoms like boy bands or YA novels.