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Horror Actressing:Judy Garland inThe Wizard of Oz

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Apr 01 2013

Box Office "Rock"ed.How Was Your Easter Weekend?

Easter is quite a benevolent holiday what with the fluffy bunnies,pastel eggs and resurrection from the dead sans zombie feelings.But the world wanted big explosive violence and big muscled men at the movies.Does anyone remember on Monday how troubledGI Joe: Retaliationonce was,what with the very expensive "oops,we're not going to release it after all!"that it went through last year.

The Rock was top of the box office.

1,000 + Screens
02THE CROODS$26.5(cum.$88.6)
04OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN$14(cum $54.7)
05OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL$11.69(cum.$198.2)Review
07THE CALL$4.8(cum.$39.4)comment discussion
08ADMISSION$3.2(cum $11.7)on Tina Fey/on Paul Rudd
09SPRING BREAKERS$2.7(cum $10.1)False Advertising?

So the gamble to waste all that prep P&A last year and pull the movie last minute in 2012 for a safer spot pre-summer movie season in 2013 paid off.In very limited release I don't think you can say that wasting your early press and publicity efforts paid off at all.

Less Than 100 Screens
03GINGER & ROSA$.1(cum.$.3)
04FROM UP ON POPPY HILL$.1(cum $.2)
05ON THE ROAD$.1(cum $.4)

Ginger & RosaandOn The Roadare two more pictures to add to the endless pile of "one week qualifiers"that have worked hard to win attention at festivals and on the Oscar circuit in one year only to not let anyone spend money on them until well into the following year when people have moved on and are confused when the movie is brought up again as a "new"film.It's a strange strategy thatalmostnever pays off and yet distributors keep trying it!Eternal optimism.

For what it's worth both pictures have plenty to recommend them even if they aren't home runs:Ginger & Rosais a completely rare beast - a thoughtful intelligent picture about teenage girls flinging themselves into politics and hormonal indulgences with a terrific emotionally expressive performance by Elle Fanning;On the Roadis beautifully shot but more hit and miss with performances but man does Garrett Hedlund ever hit it as the object of everyone's erotic and creative attention.

Mar 15 2013

Linky Brown

Vulture"How to Hug a Puppy"by Tom Hardy
Cinema Blendone man Disney Princess meets real world musical...after the ever after part
Pajibabest performances from SXSW films

CHUDVeronica Marsand the invention of "pay to pay for play"
i09producers "notes"onBlade Runner...which they hated
NPRon real lifeGinger & Rosas in the 60s
Empireon the latest big project director shuffle - Ang Lee considering a Spielberg drop and Tom Hooper looking at the Sacha Baron Cohen Freddie Mercury biopic
Coming Soonstar portraits from the final day ofThe Wolverineproduction.Hugh Jackman and the ladies
Guardianthe writer of the fake Haneke twitter account on Michael Haneke

Finally,if you're in Gotham,you should know thatPAM GRIER,Jackie Brown and Foxy Brown herself,is getting the weekend festival treatment at the Walter Reade right now.She'll be appearing tonight for an interview before the screening ofJackie Brown(coming up on "Hit Me") and also making a midnight appearance atScream Blacula,Scream.On Sunday she gets a full hour interview with film clips.Tickets are still available for some of the shows.And if you haven't seen any of her 70s blacksploitation movies,you owe it to yourself to see at least one.

Nov 05 2012

BIFA Gives an Early Boost to "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"

The British Independent Film Awards are what I like to think of,rightly or wrongly,as the UK version of the Gotham Awards...or maybe the Spirit Awards.British readers can correct that assumption in the comments if it's totally untenable.They've announced their nominations and on the heels of the EFA announcement this is more minor good news forAmourbut I'm already off track.That's barely a blip story here since the awards focus (almost) exclusively on British Indies.Let's talk headline.

In terms of Oscar the biggest boost (i.e.more laurels for the FYC ads to tout) goes to the sleeper hitThe Best Exotic Marigold Hotelwhich we should've figured would come back to life at year's end given how well liked slash comfy it is.It even doubles up on the Dames for maximum BAFTA/AMPAS pleasure.

Berberian Sound Studio
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
The Imposter

Broken,a film about a young girl who witnesses a violent attack,leads the BIFA nods with 9 nominations including 4 for acting.Marigold Hotelwon 3 acting nominations.Complete list of nominations with commentaryafter the jump...

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Oct 09 2012

NYFF: Lincoln's Unfinished Noisy Debut

Is DDL marching toward a third Oscar?I wasn't able to attend last night's "secret"-- we're stretching the definition--Lincolndebut at the NYFF due to prior commitments but as I lined up for Sally Potter'sGinger and Rosapremiere at 9 it was clear that we would not be filing in anytime soon.Lincolnwas running well over.It had supposedly begun at 6:15 and we were informed we wouldn't see our movie until 10:00 pm.For a few biophobic moments I wondered if Lincoln could really be 3 ½ hours long;muchmuchlonger than the Gettysburg address!I can't confirm a running time but I imagine the stars bowing and blurbing "I loved working with ____"sucked up some of the 3 hours and 45 minutes thatLincolnfilled the cavernous Alice Tully Hall.

As theLincolncrowd exited,one woman who joined theGinger & Rosaline was asked how it was....After a long pause she unenthusiastically announced that the acting was great.And then...

It was obviously written by a playwright.ALOTof words."

Damn you,Tony Kushner.Hee!

The playwright behindAngels in America: A Gay Fantasia On National Themes,Only Those Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy,andThe Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptureshas probably heard this particular complaint before but I imagine he feels a bit likeAmadeusdid when he heard "too many notes."(Remember that?)


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Aug 09 2012

TIFF Lineup: Female Directors & Prestige Adaptations

Paolohere.We should probably give in and see what this year'sToronto International Film Festivalhas to offer!Toronto marks the unofficial start of awards season,inflating or deflating much hyped movies and performances.Speaking of which,the locals can experience the star power of actual would be contenders.Within the space of ten days,TIFF gives its paying audience access to a year's worth of art house cinema - these movies will be trickling out in limited release for at least a year to come.

Fine reasons to be excited but I have more personal reasons,too.

Reason no.1They're bringing back some classics.
They're under theCinemathequeprogramme,spotlightling restorations likeDial M for Murderin 3D,Loin du Vietnam- a collaborative anti-war project involving a handful on 1960's auteurs like Godard,Agnes Varda,William Klein Alain Resnais and (RIP) Chris Marker.There's also Roberto Rosselini'sStromboliand Roman Polanski'sTess,the latter being an adapation of a Thomas Hardy novel that I've been reading the past month or so.Which brings me to reasons two,three and four...after the jump.

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