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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jul 24 2018

50 Kristins for Kristin's 50th

byJorge Molina

Today,Tony,Emmy and Grammy-winner (that's right,she only needs an Oscar to EGOT;get on it,Hollywood) and human ray of sunshine Kristin Chenoweth turns 50 years old.To honor her career,her legacy,and that impossibly high pitch matched only by her charisma,let's take a look at 50 roles and appearances that she has gifted the world in almost three decades of work,in no particular order:

1) Her Broadway debut in an adaptation of Moliére'sScapinas Hyacinth in 1996.

2 & 3) Her two most iconic Broadway roles: A featured Tony-winning turn as Sally inYou're a Good Man,Charlie Brownin 1999,and the Best Actress Tony-nominated performance as Glinda,the Good Witch in the world phenomenon that wasWickedin 2003.

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

May 06 2014

In Blog No One Can Hear You Link

MNPP"Do Dump or Marry"with the cast ofNeighbors
Shadowplay"everything that's wrong with Stanley Kramer..."(Judgment at Nuremberg)
Cooperwishes a happy birthday to silent god Rudolph Valentino with beauteous gifs
Pajibaa righteous rebuttal to Shailene Woodley's ignorant anti-feminist comments
In ContentionI should have linked this onmyStar Warsday postbut Kris did a history of Oscar and George Lucas' galaxy far far away

HuffPoEmma Stone and Gabourey Sidibe on their own body image and ignoring the haters ("too skinny"/ "too fat")
Kenneth in the (212)lovesDesperately Seeking Susan(as do I).You can visit the locations as they exist now in NYC

small screen
Varietythe rumors were true.Lisa Kudrow's brilliant biting showbiz satireThe Comebackis returning to television.Albeit for a tiny six-episode run
Kevin P.O'Keefeterrific retrospective on the brilliant pilot episode ofGleeall those long long years ago...

On a whim,I rewatched the pilot episode ofGlee– first aired five years ago this month – just to see if it was as good as I remembered it.If anything,it's better.In fact, it's great.Yet watching Lea Michele,Cory Monteith and co.fresh-faced,unaffected by the ills that would befall them and the show over the next five years,is strangely heartbreaking.It's a bit like watching a horror film backward.

I am so confident that show would have a gorgeous place in history if they had only wrapped it up with Season 2.
AV ClubAncient Egypt is hot right now in Hollywood what with Ridley Scott's Exodus in production and new series from HBO and Fox going there,too.Spike TV joins the parade with a new seriesTut.
Comics Alliancehow did I never hear that cheesyElectro Woman and Dyna Girlfrom Saturday Mornings in the 70s got its own unaired TV pilot in the Aughts?

Today's Must Read
The Daily Beastlooks back atBattlestar Galacticaand charts what ineffable fanservice quality it had at the time that helped reshape pop culture.Really good piece which touches on a lot of genre films and tv that pop culture currently or still worships.

must see
I somehow missed this recent BuzzFeed gallery onmovie posters improved with animation.Some are annoying with all the choppy looping reset feel that comes with most gifs.I like the subtler ones like the tense Sigweavie breathing ofAlienor the elegant ripplingAtonementbut my favorite is probably this one forFight Club.Pointedly cinematic...literally.

Moving posters for motion pictures are the future.Learn to love them.

Mar 18 2014

Linkomaniac Pt. 1

The Daily Beasttalks to Uma Thurman about Lars von Trier and gender politics
Five Thirty Eightparses Shakespeare and finds thatRomeo & Juliethave a relationship that's not totally based on getting to know one another.Duh!
The WirereviewsDoll & Em,a new miniseries starring Emily Mortimer

PlaybillKatharine McPhee has landed a series lead gig in a CBS show calledScorpion.(I guess they never sawSmash?)
Salonon the eve of the release ofDivergent,a reminder that not every YA best-seller aiming forHunger Gamesphenom status succeeds:Beautiful Creatures,City of Ember,The Hostand more...
The GuardianBrittany Murphy's final film,Something Wicked,is completed four years after her death
Vulture294 "issues"Glee has addressed in its first 99 episodes
Varietythey went really young casting Peter Pan for that self proclaimed "international"and "diverse"Panfilm which keeps casting white people in all the roles (so I guess what they mean by diverse is international and all ages).The boy's name isLevi Miller

Today's Long Read
The complete short story"The Birds"which inspired Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 classic and will inspire the remake (argh) which might star Naomi Watts and be directed by Diederik Van Rooijen-- which I keep hoping will be cancelled -- is available online if you've never read it.It's from Daphne du Maurier who Hitchcock obviously liked as she also wroteRebecca.(Thanks to Sashafor pointing it out.)

Oct 07 2013

Gravitational Link

The Hollywood ReporterWoody Allen pullsBlue Jasminefrom its India release due to anti-smoking laws.Don't tell Woody how his films have to be shown.He gets riled up.See also:Manhattan's (lack of) history on television.
Vultureone of our all time favorite DPs Emmanuel Lubezki looks at scenes from 5 of his beauties:The Tree of Life,Y Tu Mama Tambien,Children of MenandGravity
Cinema BlendKatey onSNL's50 Shades of Greyaudition skit
San Francisco Chroniclehow to spot a future classic?interesting article.
The Wrapon the huge amount of documentaries that Oscar voters will have to mull over
VulturePatton Oswalt reveals his crushes from the Whedonverse.This is so cute
PlaybillNYC and Brooklyn residents take note: sing-along screening ofLittle Shop of Horrorscoming up with Rick Moranis

PajibaYouMUSTsee this accidental crass move from Disney viaOnce Upon a Time's spinoff ( bad show spawns another that will sure attempt to out-uglyEyesore in Wonderland)
E!Onlinecongratulations to Dot-Marie Jones (Glee) who got engaged to her girlfriend over the weekend.At Disneyland.[Inappropriate Side-Note Given The Happy Times Congratulation: Dot-Marie Jones,like Joan Cusack on Shameless,has competed for "Guest Actress"at the Emmys in three consecutive years.These are series regular roles.Emmy's "Guest"category has,like Oscar's "Supporting"category,gone from being a great idea to a "what is this for?"prize due to the constant fraudulent nominations.Stop the madness!]

I love this photo from behind the scenes of Gravity

Gravitational Pull
The Dissolvea spoiler-laden discussion between two critics on the movie of the moment
Slate"Gravityis going to be a camp classic"- this post is so prophetic!
Vulturefact-checkingGravitywith an astronaut.What if you vomit in your spacesuit?
Deadlineon the film's very impressive record-breaking box office

Jul 14 2013

Cory Monteith (RIP)

Cory Monteith's twitter profile photoWe've lost another Young Hollywood star too soon,apparently to personal demons though the cause of death is "not immediately apparent"according to news reports.Cory Monteith,aka "Finn"fromGlee,died last night in a hotel room in Canada.Our hearts go out to Lea Michele and his family and friends.

He played the befuddled singing jock well,with a sweetness of spirit and refreshing modesty.And you know how The Film Experience treasures singing actors.亚博主页

I had long since stopped watchingGleewhich proved to be one of the smartest television decisions I ever made.When I started to hate the show during Season 3 I abruptly quit and now the only memories I really have of it are good ones.So this morning I'm replaying one of my favorite TV experiences ever,theGleepilot.Like the rest of the world when Rachel & Finn spun around each other as "Don't Stop Believin'"kept building my heart soared and I couldn't wait to fall in love with them and the series,too.Gleewas one of the great debuts of television history,full of energy,heart and promise.And that's a feeling to hold on to.

RIP Cory.

Jan 28 2013


USA Todayno,Jennifer Lawrence did not have a wardrobe malfunction despite all visual evidence to the contrary.That's just the dress!
Filmdrunkuncovers the MTV promo that got JLaw her SAG card - she mentioned it in her speech last night.
In Contentionwonders where Ang Lee is in all the who will win Pic/Dir confusion
do you want a documentary about the ill-fated Tim Burton / Nicolas Cage Superman movie?I sure do!Schadenfreude for days on end!
Pop Elegantariumawwww a new Film Experience baby.Congratulations to mom Alexa (who writes theCurio columnright here)
EWHunter Foster onBunheadswith real life sister Sutton Foster.Gah.I ♥ them both
MNPPsuperheroes working it
PajibaCelebrity friendships you probably didn't know about.I knew a few but some really goodies unearthed here.Some of thesearereally surprising (Kyle Chandler & Lorenzo Lamas) others shouldn't be surprising but somehow I didn't know (Matt Bomer & Lee Pace are best friends?) and others are just delightful as in 'they stayed close after filming!' (Christian Bale & Winona Ryder?) but anyway,read it.Fun finds.
WiredIsGleestealing arrangements from indie musicians?My god I'm so glad I gave up on that show when I did and have never been attempted to return.This story is so sleazy awful.

And I'll leave you with an old video of Emma Stone shaking it shaking it shaking it.

This makes me want to watchEasy AandCrazy Stupid Loveon loop right now.

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