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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
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Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jul 24 2018

We Got the Link

8 quick stories for you this morning

TowleroadYes,it's trueGolden Girlsaction figures are coming!
The GuardianJaneane Garofalo and Ethan Hawke share memories ofReality Bites(1994)
The BragI like this piece onBPM,Queer as Folkand politics on dance floors
Playbillafter four seasons Sutton Fosterfinallysings onYounger.On tonight's episode she's doingThe Sound of Music's "Lonely Goatherd"
The WrapFrances Conroy and Robert DeNiro are joining Joaquin Phoenix in that ill-advised Joker origin story movie
Filmmaker Magazinetalks to Steven Soderbergh about his amazing debutsex lies and videotape(1989)
Awards Dailya tribute to Donald Sutherland,one of the greatest actors of Hollywood

Exit Video
The Go-Gos appeared on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss their career for the launch of the Broadway musical "Head Over Heels".♥️ this band so much.

Sep 12 2017

Vintage '85: Madonna,Stallone,Marty McFly,Golden Girls...

by Nathaniel R

click on the image to embiggen

1985 is our "Year of the Month",as wework towards the Supporting Actress Smackdown(Sunday October 1st!).We'll be periodically peppering the blog with takes on showbiz from that year.But first a "TOTALLY 80s"overview of the year that was in movies,music,theater,and tv after the jump...

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May 09 2017

Today's 4: The Golden Girls,Vertigo, etc...

Our new tradition.We select four or five showbiz anniversaries and give you homework to go with them.It's our way too elaborate affirmation exercize because who doesn't need to keep their spirits up these days!?

Today's Four Anniversaries (May 9th) as Mood Boosters

2005/1987The Zeéeee marries Kenny Chesney.Just four months later she seeks an anullment for "fraud"but then asks people not to theorize about what "fraud"means.Understandably no one obeys her and rumors explode.On this same day 18 years earlier,another much-gossiped about marriage that ends in weird bitchy rumors: Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers!

In honor of these odd affairs: have a self-deprecating laugh at a big relationship failure rather than being sad about it.We all stumble in love!

1992Happy 25th anniversary to the finale ofThe Golden Girlsafter a super successful 7 year / 11 Emmys-winning run (one of the rare shows that managed to give one Emmy to each principle,like the entire industry pow-wowed as to who to vote for each time) These girls...Angels,all of them!

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Jul 25 2016

Marni Nixon (1930-2016)

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that Marni Nixon,beloved voice of Hollywood's supersized musicals of the 50s and 60shas died of breast cancer at 86.It was a long and good and musical life,if never celebrated enough by the culture she gave so much to.It had been our long held dream to see her given an Honorary Oscarwhich must now be a dream unfulfilled.Because I don't have the words today,I thought I'd share a piece I wrote ten years ago on how special Marni Nixon was to me,a baby cinephile growing up with musicals as my favorite form of cinematic bliss.

Marni Nixon is my Kathy Selden
by Nathaniel R

Toward the end ofSingin' in the Rain(1952),which chronicles Hollywood's seismic shift from silent films to sound production,a hilariously dim and screechy movie star Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) gets her comeuppance.She has cruelly locked the sweet voiced Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) into a contract to provide her a suitable movie voice.Lamont is after self-preservation: she can't make sound movies with her own unappealing voice,but she also cruelly takes pleasure in preventing Kathy from pursuing stardom.At a live performance Kathy stands behind a curtain,her dreams in tatters,as she sings for Lina.But Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) pulls the curtain on the act in progress,rescuing his new girl from obscurity and dooming his former co-star to a fast fade.

Singin' in the Rainis many things: a true musical masterpiece,a stellar romantic comedy,and the best movie Hollywood ever made about Hollywood (give or takeSunset Blvd).It's a completely absorbing viewing experience but for this: Every time I see it my mind drifts away toMarni Nixonduring this particular scene.Kathy's story isn't exactly Marni's.Marni wasn't forced into submission as the silents were dying.But she was the songbird woman behind the curtain for beloved movie musicals and she was born in 1930 as the silents were emitting their death rattle (Hollywood studios had halted silent film production by 1929.Only a few emerged in movie houses of 30s).Marni Nixon was to be a famous voice but not a famous face ...just like the almost-fate of the fictional Kathy Selden.

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Mar 07 2016

Bewitched,Bothered,and Be Link-ed

ThrillistBest Movies of 2016.haha.I don't know exactly how this column is going to work but I'm curious to find out
THRan interview with producer Irwin Winkler on Martin Scorsese'sSilenceand theCreedsequel
Frontieran oral history of "The Golden Girls"
TwitterWhy Leo waited until just now to win an Oscar

Nick Flicks Picksare you following his supporting actress project?The gold numbers reflect full performance reviews
GuardianFans keep trying to restoreStar Wars(1977) because George Lucas doesn't want
Film Mix Tapepraises Michelle Visage asRuPaul's Drag Racereturns (TONITE.WHEEEE)
Comics Allianceif you want to have yet another superhero's cameo inBatman v Supermanspoiled for you,here is the info
DeadlineHow Mark Rylance won the Oscar without any campaigning
AV ClubDisney's next animated feature will be an adaptation ofThe Nutcracker
i09a fan film about Darth Maul,the only good thing to emerge from that second Star Wars trilogy
Varietyan interview with Julian Fellowes on the series finale ofDownton Abbey.Good stuff.Between the exits ofMad Menand nowDownton,I have so few shows that feel like they're a part of my life (from staying power) left.

Read Only if You've SeenThe Witch
If you've already seenThe WitchI'd recommend reading these two takes on its most riveting scenes and primarily its divisive ending and the subversive extent of the femininism within the film.Salon's look at Thomasinas a "Final Girl laced into a puritan bodice"is great anda piece at Vague Visagestakes a more mixed tack.Angelica Jade Bastién grapples with what she feels is unearned about the film's jawdropping finale:

I love the film,but how feminist canThe Witchbe if Thomasin remains primarily a cipher?

Nov 24 2015

Jason Gives Thanks

Howdy folks it'sJasonhere - with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"we gave some thanks for two classic Christina Ricci performances (have you voted yet?) but it's a rich world with lots of good to great stuff in it so here are a few more things that have brought a big dumb smile to my big dumb face this year.

- ForGetting Onand the spectacular showcase it's given three crazy talented actresses (not to mention all the smaller roles they fill in with even more under-used gems),letting each of them be both hysterically funny and heartbreaking within the matter of milliseconds (and for introducing the phrase "anal horn"into my vocabulary - that one's a keeper!)

- For the venom that dripped off of Rose Byrne's every ace line reading inSpy(this scenein particular)

- For whoever is tailoringChad Radwell's khakisonScream Queensso they're more obscene than if Glen Powell was wearing nothing at all (don't get me wrong,he looks goodthat way too)

- For the way that Donald Sutherland says the word "PLUCKED"at Julianne Moore inMockingjay Part 2,which will become my ringtone the minute the clip is available

- For the way that the camera made sweet love toevery golden angle of Matthias SchoenaertsinFar From the Madding Crowd(runner-up: Alexander Skarsgard inDiary of a Teenage Girl)

- For theFilm Society of Lincoln Centerhere in NYC,which has spent the last several months spinning from the New York Film Festival (CarolandThe Lobsterholla) to their annually wonderful "Scary Movies"program to the currently running Todd Haynes retrospective to the upcoming David Lynch & Douglas Sirk series that will swallow whole my holidays -- it's like they're programming one of my favorite screens in the city (at Walter Reade)just for me and me alone,and I like that

- Related to the previous,I am beyond thankful for having gotten to see Bernard Rose's 1988 gemPaperhouseon a big screen,something I've been waiting to do for 25 years

- For Greta Gerwig inMistress America,who gave yet another stellar comic performance that we'll be grooving on decades from now,long after whatever wins the Best Actress trophy is remembered as much more than a statistic #justiceforcomicbrilliance

- For Catherine Keener's wig onShow Me a Hero

- ForGolden Girlsrepeats (a perennial blessing but Keener's wig made me think of it)

- For Guillermo Del Toro's infatuation with oozing wounds and puffy sleeves and incest,maybe not in that specific order

- For Furiosa!

- For Nathaniel who generously opened up the doors to The Film Experience and let this lunatic in.亚博主页And of course for all you wonderful people out there in the dark,indulging my whims week after week and offering up some of the funniest randomest and smartest retorts on the web - as a wise old woman in little girl ringlets once said you are all the wind beneath my wings.Fly away,you let me fly so high,oh you,you,you.

WhileJason Adamswishes his parents had named him after the killer in theFridaythe 13thmovies,he takes comfort in the fact that on their first date they went to seeThe Exorcist.He writes lots of daily nonsense atMy New Plaid Pants,mostly about movies and dudes in movies,not necessarily in that order.  [Follow Jason on Twitter].All of Jason postings here.

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