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Aug 04 2017

I'll link to that

YouTubefanmade teaser trailer forVenomwith Tom Hardy.Love the use of the Cure lyrics
My New Plaid Pantsa special edition of 'do dump or marry' with Hitchcock classicRear Windowon its 63rd birthday
Gothamistexciting news for library card holders in LA and NYC -- your public library card actually grants you access to TONS of Criterion Collection streaming titles.Here's how to access them
Oh My Disneysome of the Disney Princess movies are coming back to movie theaters in September and October.YASQUEEN...I mean,YASPRINCESSES.I'm most excited to seeMulanonscreen again because I barely remember it.Seems way too early to reviveMoanathough.
EWcelebrates the return ofWill & Gracewith a photoshoot

Observations on Film Artwonderful piece onDunkirk's emotional core (or whether it has one),color palette,and more
Remezclais the new Chilean filmHazlo como hombre(opening Sept 1st) homophobic or just making fun of homophobia?
New YorkerRichard Brody is watching 80s action movies he's never seen before!Ha.Somehow the classicDie Hard(1988) had eluded him until now
Self Styled Siren's bad movie double feature:The Legend of Lylah Clarewith Kim Novak andWhere Love Has Gonewith Susan Hayward
Coming Soonnew clip fromMarvel's Inhumansfeatures Medusa's prehensile hair.Ugh,I want this to be good but it does not look good
THRHFPA,the Golden Globe peeps,just gave away nearly $3 million in scholarships and grants to entertainment non-profits.Well done
Varietyinteresting report on a working class actor running for the SAF-AFTRA presidency
i0912 things to love aboutThe Lost Boys(1987) that have nothing to do with vampires
Coming Soonseveral characters from AHS: Cult revealed
NYTon the casting of indian actors for Taylor Sheridan'sWind River
MNPPHugh Jackman and trainer-in-speedo spend soooo much time at the beach.But the photos are inspiring

Dress The Partif you have lots of extra cash,here are suggestions for how to 'shop the look' of  Atomic Blonde
Business Insiderfascinating study about decision-making and how who you spend time with affects your brainwaves
Mike's Movie ProjectorImelda Staunton never stops.Now she's rehearsingFollies

Nov 30 2016

Why Amy Adams May Have to Sit This Oscar Year Out...

The news ofAmy Adams winning the NBRdelighted many and also stirred up the usual "The Film Experience hates her!"亚博主页complaints in the commentary.We do not.Being frustrated by an actor's ubiquity and dullnessatoneparticular annual eventis not the same as hating them or their work.Amy Adams is a very fine actress.She has given many delightful performances,two of which would have even made non-controversial Oscar wins had she managed to actually nab the statue (JunebugorThe Fighter).

Amy Adams (5),Albert Finney (5),and Glenn Close (6) are the living actors with the most Oscar nominations who have never won.

And it's true that she's quite amazing inArrival,serving as the audience vessel to in two simultaneous and important ways that the movie couldn't succeed without: she's awestruck by what she's watching (she's our eyes and surely our facial expressions in the dark);apart from that awe she's emotionally and intellectually engaged with the events in order to grapple with them and suss out meaning which is what the audience is always doing when they're watching grand films that demands that they pay attention with both their heart and their mind.

But for all of that I don't think she's making the Oscar lineup and here's why...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Oct 03 2016

Still Blissing Out Over "La La Land"

Over the weekend I wrote upan Oscar preview for Towleroad- which you can consider a companion to our currentBest Picture Chartandupdated Oscar predictions.Here's what I wrote aboutLa La Land,which I realize I didn't capsule review for you at TIFF:

This musical from the young writer/director Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) won the coveted "Audience Award"at Toronto.That prize nearly always aligns with a Best Picture nomination in January.But the nomination will be the least of it - it has "winner"written all over it.La La Landis a total bliss-out,a colorful two hour romance with song and dance numbers about an aspiring actress and her jazz musician boyfriend.This is the third movie to co-star Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and their onscreen chemistry is even better this go around and it was tremendous to begin with inCrazy Stupid Lovefive years back.

Here's a shocking statistic for trivia buffs: IfLa La Landis nominated for Best Picture it will be the first original live-action musical to do so sinceAll That Jazz(1979).The musical nominees inbetween them were either animated  (Beauty & The Beast),adaptations of pre-existing shows (Chicago) or used pre-existing music for their songs (Moulin Rouge!).IfLa La Landwins it will be the first original movie musical to win the Oscar sinceGigi(1958).

In addition to these general notes here are a few slighter more specific ones...

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Sep 22 2016

Best Actress - Who will dance with Oscar?

While Best Actress remains the most impressively competitive category,the buzz has been so deafening on Natalie Portman and Emma Stone's work inJackieandLa La Landrespectively,that we have our first acting nomination "locks"of the year.Yes,I hate to use the word so early -- i generally prefer not to use it until after a film has opened -- but in this case it applies.

Short of either of these well loved actresses murdering someone casually or becoming a spokesperson for Trump on his campaign trail their traction for Best Actress is a done deal.Having now seen both pictures it's tough to imagine either of them missing;their movies are probable Best Picture Contenders which hang on their every flickering bit of feeling.And they've both got multiple "clips"galore for award show reels,clips that will look like "of course she won the Oscar!"in retrospect should either of them manage the win.

So spots three through five is where the true competition is.Most people feel that Ruth Negga is a given forLoving-- though how a movie fares in release is often a factor and it's not out yet.One worrying factor is that she's significantly less famous than most of her competition.Everyone is banking on Viola Davis being spectacular inFencesbut we must remind everyone (and also ourselves despite our raggedy "Team Viola"t-shirts!) that nobody has seen the picture;history hasmanyexamples of stage-to-screen transfers that underwhelmed.Beyond those two we have Oscar regulars like Meryl Streep (always a threat even if she doesn't campaign),Amy Adams (always a threatandalways campaigns hard),and Annette Bening (unless the movie is waiting too long to make its move).And then there's "critical darling"possiblities like Isabelle Huppert.I've been harping on this for some time,I know,but I remain convinced that she could happen as a nominee.Natalie & Emma being so far out front actually makes passion votes more important because with both of them sucking up so many votes,other women will need to stick out in the hearts of voters to fight their way in.

It's also fair to wonder what Globe Comedy/Musical nominations could do to boost profiles of particular actresses.Hmmmm...

the possibilities

Stone -La La Land
Streep -Florence Foster Jenkins
It's easy to imagine them as nominees...
Field -Hello My Name is Doris
Beckinsale -Love & Friendship
Winslet -the Dressmaker
But the Globes can surprise.What about...
Huppert -Elle
Sarandon -The Meddler
Zellweger -Bridget Jones's Baby
anyone else?

New Best Actress Oscar Prediction Chart.What'cha think?