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Nov 17 2018

Golden Horse Winners (including "Shadow") and Fashions!

by Nathaniel R

Ang Lee and Andy Lau cheering on the winners

The Golden Horse Awards had a truly spread the wealth kind of year with no film dominating - all five of the Best Film nominees won multiple times.Though it didn't win the most statues,the four hour dramaElephant Sitting Stilltook Best Picture.Zhang Yimou took Best Director forShadow(reviewed)and the film won three other technical prizes,leading the win tally.It probably helped that Yimou had his long time former muse,the goddess Gong Li,presiding over the jury but you can excuse those Huppert judging Haneke at Cannes style situations when it comes to the greatest director/muse pairings and Gong Li and Zhang Yimou are certainly on the all-time list.If you're unfamiliar with their work together watch any of their eight collaborations -- I'm most partial toJu DouorRaise the Red Lanternpersonally -- and be floored.

Best Actress Gowns!

The winners,a few gifs,and red carpet fashions are after the jump...

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Nov 14 2018

Beauty Break: Golden Horse Nominees

The Golden Horse Awards are happening this Saturday in Taiwan and they've done official photoshoots with the nominees.If you missed the nominations we listed themhere.We have to share a handful of the photos which are by someone named CK for the Taipei Golden Horse Festival because they're gorgeous.

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Oct 01 2018

"Shadow"leads the Golden Horse nominations

Good news for fans of Zhang Yimou.His latest filmShadow,which we quite liked at TIFF,leads the 55th annual Golden Horse nominations which focus on Chinese language cinema.The higherShadow's profile gets the more eyeballs it will theoretically find onceWell Go,releases it in US theaters.It'sdefinitelyworth seeing in a movie theater since it's a visual spectacle.China still hasn't named their Oscar submission so we hope it's going to beShadowwhich was released at home yesterday,the last day of eligibility for Oscar's Foreign Language Film submission requirements.

Interestingly enough,Hong Kong's Oscar submissionOperation Red Seareceived NO nominations whatsoever.

A full list of Golden Horse nominations is after the jump with links to reviews for the few films we've seen...

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Nov 25 2017

Golden Horse Winners 2017

by Nathaniel R

The 54th Annual Golden Horse Awards were held today in Taipei.That's the Taiwanese Oscars if you will.亚博主页Though a female-led comedy calledThe Bold,the Corrupt,and the Beautifultook the top prizes,the film with the most wins wasThe Great Buddha+which took home five.A romantic comedy calledSee You Tomorrow(the all-star cast includes TFE favorites Tony Leung Chiu Wai,Takeshi Kaneshiro,and Angelababy) took home most of the 'eye candy' prizes.The family tragedyOld Beast,about a father in court and at war with his kids,also did well.

Curiously Taiwan's Oscar submissionSmall Talkwas eligible last year at this ceremony but wasn't a major player.You can seethe whole 2017 ceremony online herebut it's not subtitled so good luck!Toward the end of the ceremony Jessica Chastain even shows up to help Ang Lee present Best Actress (which went to Kara Wai) so we've included gifs of that and the list of winners after the jump...

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Oct 01 2015

Oscar Contender "The Assassin"Leads the Golden Horse Nominations

Nominations for the 52nd annualGolden Horse Awardshave been announced withTaiwan's Oscar submissionThe Assassinleading the pack as well as netting arthouse favorite Hou Hsiao-Hsien a non-competitive statue for "Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker"to go along with his Best Director prize from Cannes earlier this year.The Assassinopens in limited US theatrical release on October 16th via Well Go entertainment.China's Oscar submissionWolf Totem,which is actually from animal-movie loving French director Jean-Jacques Annaud (!),only received 1 nomination for visual effects.The latter film is about a student living with Mongolian herders who adopts a wolf cub.

ThoughThe Assassinis likely to sweep the Golden Horses outside of acting (where only the ridiculously beautiful Shu Qi,Hou's regular muse,is nominated.No Chen Chang?Grrrr.) it's not the only big deal in Chinese languages cinema this year.Taiwan'sThanatos,Drunk,Hong Kong's popular crime thrillerPort of Call,and China's acclaimed festival favoriteMountains May Departalso reaped several nominations.The event will be held on November 21st in Taipei.


A complete list of nominationsafter the jump...

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Feb 18 2015

Best Live Action Short: Sally Hawkins Takes the Lead

Glennhere again,and as if yesterday's look at theBest Documentary Shortcategory didn't prove it,there really aren't any hard and fast rules when predicting the short categories.In live action short especially they go with serious issues,except when they don't.They frequently go foreign,except when they don't.They're not overly thrilled with big stars or Hollywood directors,except when they are.It's all a bit of a gamble,really.This year's contenders,however,seem a little easier to decipher in terms of what has the potential to win and what hasn't a hope in hell.Sorry,Butter Lamp,but I think that means you.You will always be my winner.

APP亚博娱乐 :

Aya,dir.Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis (40mins)
Boogaloo and Graham,dir.Michael Lennox and Ronan Blaney (14mins)
Butter Lamp (La Lampe au Beurre de Yak),dir.Hu Wei and Julien Féret (16mins)
Parvaneh,dir.Talkhon Hamzavi and Stefan Eichenberger (24mins)
The Phone Call,dir.Mat Kirkby and James Lucas (21mins)

Right now it seems pretty hard to look pastThe Phone Callgiven it stars an Oscar nominee (Sally Hawkins) and an Oscar winner (Jim Broadbent) and is emotional in ways that many will find belies its 20-minute runtime.Despite the curio factor of both doc and live action short Oscars potentially both going to films about suicide prevention hotline operators,亚博主页I still feel rather confident over that prediction.It's certainly feels like a more complete film than,say,Boogaloo and Graham,which has wisps of nostalgia floating through its brief runtime and its cute children with pet chickens,but feels relatively light-weight compared to the rest (it gets to The Troubles right in its final shot,which seems like a more logical place to begin,but maybe that's just me).

I was a fan ofParvanehabout an Afghani girl in Switzerland and her friendship with a partying street kid,which feels like the most likely usurper to the throne given the Academy has shown an affinity towards films that bridge between the races.Maybe my hatred of the Israeli nomineeAyais clouding my judgement on that one,but what I do know for certain is that the best of an okay bunch is the sublimeButter Lamp,set in Tibet and focusing on a nomadic photographer who arrives in a village and who,in vignette form,has to deal with locals for whom photography isn't that common.It's wonderfully observed and it's an amazing example of how a film can thrill with restraint.I audibly gasped in the final shot despite it being so very simple.If it pulls a highly unlikely win out of the hat then I will scream with joy,but I thinkit's impressive festival haul(plus win at the Golden Horse Awards) will have to suffice.

Will Win:The Phone Call
Could Win:Parvaneh
Should Win:Butter Lamp