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"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Dec 15 2014

Beauty vs Beast: Miss Scarlett Decides

Fiddle-dee-dee y'all it's Jason fromMNPPhere with today's sweeping Southern epic edition of "Beauty vs Beast."Yes indeedy today is the 75th anniversary of the biggest movie that ever was and probably ever will be - David O.Selznick'sGone With the Wind(if any movie's ownership belongs to its producer,it's this one) premiered in Atlanta on this day in 1939.Three hundred thousand people lined the streets surrounding the Loews Grand Theater,the cap of three days worth of festivities which brought over a million people to the city.Most of the stars attended,save Leslie Howard who'd returned to England because of WWII,as well as Hattie McDaniel and the other black actors in the film who would've been segegrated from the rest of the cast thanks to Jim Crow.(A situation echoed several months later when McDaniel had to make her way from the back of the room to accept her Oscar.)

The film immediately smashed every record in sight - it sold just about half as many tickets as there were people in the United States,and adjusted for inflation its box office in today's dollars sits at something like three and a half billion dollars.It was a hit!

There were several character iterations I could've gone with for today's competition,but it seemed to me to face Viven Leigh's towering performance as Scarlett O'Hara off against anybody (Melanie,imagine!) would've flounced and trounced any ol' nobody in her way,so instead let's make like we're Scarlett herself and stricken with a crisis of suitors!A beau-tastrophe!Whomever shall we choose?

You've got seven days to vote,which should just give you about enough time to re-watch the first half of the movie up to the Intermission,so get to it.

PREVIOUSLYWe took on 2014's blood-soaked war of the sexeswith David Fincher'sGone Girllast week,pitting Ben Affleck's full-frontal assault as Nick in one corner opposite Rosamund Pike's icy cool girl Amazing Amy in the other - sure enough Amy kept her nickname tight in her calclating grasp,making off with over 70% of the vote.SaidMareko:

"Cool Girl is fun.Cool Girl is game.Cool Girl is hot.Cool Girl never gets angry at her man."

Dec 15 2014

"Critics Choice"Flies With Keaton,Checks Into the Grand Budapest & Stands with Jolie, Unbroken

(We interruptyour Missi experiencethis morning to bring you more awards news.Missi returns this afternoon for two final posts.)

If you missed my predictions and would like to mock them,they were here.The Critics Choice which will be broadcast live on A&E this year from the Iconic Hollywood Palladium (a new home and venue) onJanuary 15th at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST.I shall try and attend again.If I can get a better table.What?Travel expenses must be justified!

Birdman- leading with 13 nominations
Boyhood- 8 nominations
Gone Girl- 6 nominations
Grand Budapest Hotel- second place with 11
The Imitation Game- 6 nominations
Nightcrawler- 3 nominations
Selma- 5 nominations
Theory of Everything- 5 nominations
Unbroken- 4 nominations
Whiplash- 4 nominations

I suspected (aka predicted) that we'd seeUnbrokenandGone Girlresurface in the conversation here.In fact the only prediction I got wrong was I didn't foreseeNightcrawlerhappening,fearing that the AFI love forAmerican Sniperwas significant.I thinkBoyhoodwill probably win in the end (especially given the weird halfhearted "comedy"section of the awards pulling votes away fromBirdman) but good onBirdmanfor that astounding level of support.

I was really hoping for one non-Oscary thing though.I thoughtUnder the Skinmight have an outside chance for a shocker (and yes I voted for it).

JAKE GETS THE JOB and moreafter the jump...

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Dec 14 2014

Awards Roundup & Predictions: A Circus That Never Shuts Down!

I swear to you that I've been working my ass off of late but somehow TFE has fallen further and further behind.Let's blame the traffic nightmares in NYC of late (I normally subway it but with that fractured toe there were many cabs),that long Thanksgiving weekend,all the free food and drink consumed at various schmoozy Oscar campaign events and 1:1 interviews.These last are truly the Bermuda triangle of time-suckage.Interviews themselves generally last between 15-20 minutes but somehow they can consume entire days.I wish that I were exaggerating (since I love doing them) but I'm not what with travel time,scheduling negotiations,waiting time,rescheduling snafus,and then the only way those interviews gets to you: transcription time and article construction)

Wah Wah.I'll shut up.First world Oscar pundit problems!The inimitableMissiarrives soon (and while she's entertaining you we get caught up behind the scenes and update every single Oscar chart so comment on those right here )  After the jumpallthe stuff we haven't talked about yet (EFA Awards,Regional Critics Prizes + "Critics Choice"Predictions).

CanUnbrokenstart sprinting after a very rough week?Just how hot isIda?Will the BFCA swarm around their fall favoriteGone Girl?3...2...1...GO!

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Dec 13 2014

Missi Meets Nancy - A "Gone Girl" Mirror

Editor's Note:As previously noted,The Film Experience is proud to hand over the blogging reigns to the actress亚博主页MISSI PYLEfrom Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon.But here's an early bit from the woman herself before she seizes full control!

Ijustinterviewed Nancy Grace for The Hollywood Reporter.It came out yesterday.I was so nervous.What if she thought I was a dick.You know?For lampooning her.But she was totally flattered and really charming.

This is that interview.

How I got into character forGone Girl?I googled Nancy Grace.(I don't know how any of us did any research without the internet.Its crazy.) I only really knew her as a caricature.This is the first video I watched to do research.It's Nancy interviewing Elizabeth Smart.Elizabeth gently lays into her for bringing up painful things from her past and Nancy dodges it pretty well...

And I thought.Yeah.That is her.She is a master and getting you right to that point where you might explode.Thats what I tried to do in the film.That and wear a LOT of leather.

More on Gone Girl. Missi returns tomorrow through Monday to talk Oscars,亚博主页her favorite movie of all time,and life as a working actor.Don't miss it.

Dec 12 2014

Celebrity Guest Blog: Missi Pyle Attacks !!!

The one & onlyMissi Pyledoes The Film Experience.亚博主页

The Film Exp
"The Missi Experience"kicks Off Sunday December 14th at 1 PM EST.Pass it on andbe here...Missi will.

Dec 10 2014

Interview: Introducing Carrie Coon,2014's Most Exciting New Actress

Carrie Coon at the premiere of Gone Girl in NYCActors who can register potently in all three acting mediums are less common than you'd think.Some movie stars are duds on stage (and vice versa) and,though it's becoming less of an issue as mediums shift and even merge,you can sometimes spot noticeable scale shifts in charisma in the actors who jump back and forth between TV and film as if one is the place they were born to live in and the other a nice place to visit.The lines may be blurring as more and more actors make a habit of doing all three but some actors seemrighteverywhere.It's not the medium but the acting itself that's their true home.

Carrie Coon is not a superstar (yet) -- "I'm not famous,"she insists as we settle into our conversation about her breakthrough year -- but whichever medium you first caught her in,chances are you've already fallen.In a shockingly swift and continuous series of firsts over the past year and a half she's logged her first Broadway show (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?,Tony Nomination 2013) her first series regular TV (The Leftovers,expect nominations any second now) and her first film (Gone Girl,a huge hit,and inarguably one of the most talked about features of the year even ifits awards season prospectsare still hard to read).

Perhaps it's a case of mutual Midwestern ease but our hastily scheduled phone call feels not unlike meeting a very cool stranger a party who is completely chill and ready to TALK.

Our conversation onGone Girl&The Leftoversisafter the jump...

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