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May 26 2018

I Have Altered The Auteur,Pray I Do Not Alter It Further

bySalim Garami

What's good?This is opening weekend forSolo: A Star Wars Story,a Disney/Lucasfilm production that saw a bit of behind-the-scenes drama.It's hardly the first production of the space opera franchise to be so contentious:Rogue Onehad Tony Gilroy take over post-production in lieu of director Gareth Edwards and the still in-productionStar Wars Episode IXinterrupted its development when Colin Trevorrow stepped down as director to J.J.Abrams,returning fromStar Wars: The Force Awakens.

After the jump,more onSoloandfive films that had survived such a director change to a decent reception after the jump...

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Nov 02 2017

Happy Ann Rutherford Centennial

by Nathaniel R

Ann Rutherford in Bermuda Mystery (1944)

Today marks the centennial of studio system regular Ann Rutherford.Though she's best remembered today for her minor role inGone With the Wind(Scarlett's little sister Carreen) she was actually a headliner both before and after that all time classic...

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Aug 29 2017

Frankly my dear...I DO give a damn

by Seán McGovern

With the recent news ofEd Skrein's departure fromHellboy,cinema goers as well as actors are becoming increasingly aware of the sensitivities of depicting race on screen.For 34 years the Orpheum theatre in Tennesse has shownGone With the Windin its summer programme.Screening the evening of August 11,just before the racist violence in Charlottesville,the theatre received numerous complaints of screening a work with highly romanticised visions of the Old South,and black characters who exist without any acknowledgement that they are slaves.

The Orpheum has decided to forego screening the film in 2018...

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Jan 15 2016


Time is a real bitch.Between interviews and standard blogging and technical difficulties and Globes and Film Bitch Awards and a cold,your host has had a difficult couple of weeks that he definitely didn't plan well enough for.But this rought start to 2016 shall not deter him.Please stick with us and cheerlead in the comments and we'll make 2016 the best year yet at The Film Experience even though these past 10 days or so have not gone half as planned.亚博主页(Note to self for 2016: You can't cover everything...the link list is your friend.Also please win the lottery so you can hire a full time staff of 5?10?)

Here's some reading elsewhere while we continue to update Oscar charts,try to collect ourselves (still trying to decide how to approach the #OscarsSoWhite issue which is getting such shoddy or agenda-filled or misleading coverage elsewhere).亚博主页And maybe eating lunch or sleeping would be nice at some point!

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The Toast"Signs You're About to be in a Sinister Homoerotic Subplot in a Midcentury Drama"

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VarietyDan Hagerty (best known as "Grizzly Adams"from TV died this morning at 74
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Vanity FairJacob Tremblay,Charlize Theron,Cate Blanchett,Bryan Cranston and more doing their best Scarlett & RhettGone With the Windfinale impressions
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Slatelooks at the treatment of the romantic rival inCrazy Ex-Girlfriendand wonders why it isn't as subversive/progressive as other parts of the show.Are any of you watching this?There are true fans among TFE's team (including me)
MNPPwhenever you need a Michael Fassbender fix,Jason will provide.
The Guardianwonders if the Star Wars universe will replace the Marvelverse with the public within the next few years

Year in Review Stuff
Reverse Shotgets grumpy with "offenses"to take down awards biggies likeSon of SaulandSicario.Though I'll admit reading the take onThe Overnightmakes me glad I skipped it.
Coco Hits New Yorkwho recently joined the team here at TFE has shared his list of the best of 2015.It's a good long read with interesting choices so enjoy.I love what he writes about Alicia Vikander's work inEx Machina

For playing man as she plays machine,and for not disappointing a movie that builds its mysteries around her.

Dec 22 2014

Beauty vs Beast: Beard vs Bumble

JA fromMNPPhere,ho ho hosting this week's ho ho holiday edition of "Beauty vs Beast"for y'all (okay okay I got all my ho ho's out,I promise) -- a couple of weeks ago TFE's resident animation guruTim gave good love toRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeeron the occasion of its 50th anniversary and it struck me like a peppermint pick-axe to the brain,what this week's face-off needed to be.Who else but...

Yukon Cornelius,the standard of bearded beauty for an entire generation,grabs that frightful Beast by the belly and bounces away with our hearts every time,but we've got a special place for the Bumble's passionate bumbling too.So help us choose!You have one week to vote,and please do share your thoughts upon each in the comments.

PREVIOUSLYSpinning off from the frozen tundra of the North Pole to the magnolia swelter of the Deep South,last week we celebrated the75th anniversary ofGone With the Windby play-acting Scarlett and choosing our best beau - Ashley put up a decent fight for such a wilting flower but frankly,my dears,we want to be man-handled.Rhett swept 79% of us up in his arms and carried us into that fiery sunset.SaidTB:

"Ashley is the biggest cad in the whole movie.He's got Olivia de Havilland at home,and he's stringing along Vivien Leigh the whole time.Nope.NOPE.Rhett's a slut,but at least he's got principles."

Dec 15 2014

Beauty vs Beast: Miss Scarlett Decides

Fiddle-dee-dee y'all it's Jason fromMNPPhere with today's sweeping Southern epic edition of "Beauty vs Beast."Yes indeedy today is the 75th anniversary of the biggest movie that ever was and probably ever will be - David O.Selznick'sGone With the Wind(if any movie's ownership belongs to its producer,it's this one) premiered in Atlanta on this day in 1939.Three hundred thousand people lined the streets surrounding the Loews Grand Theater,the cap of three days worth of festivities which brought over a million people to the city.Most of the stars attended,save Leslie Howard who'd returned to England because of WWII,as well as Hattie McDaniel and the other black actors in the film who would've been segegrated from the rest of the cast thanks to Jim Crow.(A situation echoed several months later when McDaniel had to make her way from the back of the room to accept her Oscar.)

The film immediately smashed every record in sight - it sold just about half as many tickets as there were people in the United States,and adjusted for inflation its box office in today's dollars sits at something like three and a half billion dollars.It was a hit!

There were several character iterations I could've gone with for today's competition,but it seemed to me to face Viven Leigh's towering performance as Scarlett O'Hara off against anybody (Melanie,imagine!) would've flounced and trounced any ol' nobody in her way,so instead let's make like we're Scarlett herself and stricken with a crisis of suitors!A beau-tastrophe!Whomever shall we choose?

You've got seven days to vote,which should just give you about enough time to re-watch the first half of the movie up to the Intermission,so get to it.

PREVIOUSLYWe took on 2014's blood-soaked war of the sexeswith David Fincher'sGone Girllast week,pitting Ben Affleck's full-frontal assault as Nick in one corner opposite Rosamund Pike's icy cool girl Amazing Amy in the other - sure enough Amy kept her nickname tight in her calclating grasp,making off with over 70% of the vote.SaidMareko:

"Cool Girl is fun.Cool Girl is game.Cool Girl is hot.Cool Girl never gets angry at her man."

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