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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Feb 11 2019

Grammy Winners List.Is Anyone Closer to an EGOT?

by Nathaniel R

Lady Gaga won 3 more Grammys tonight (her total is now 9),one of which was shared by Bradley Cooper

In answer to the title question,well yes,technically.After all,any first time Grammy winner is closer to the EGOT now.But let's look at the more visible people in the mix...did anyone take a step closer than they already were?Actor/rapper/writer Donald Glover,BlacKkKlansmancomposer Terence Blanchard,and actress/singer Lady Gaga all won Grammys tonight but none are closer to the EGOT since they have previous Grammys at home.Glover has two Emmys (forAtlanta) and multiple Grammys (for "This is America"and the previous statue for "Redbone") but he was already halfway to the EGOT before tonight.Blanchard,nominated at the Oscars this year for the first time,亚博主页now has six Grammys. Lady Gaga now has nine Grammys,but that's the only one of the four major showbiz prizes she's won.We suspect she'll get the Oscar part of the equation in just two weeks time,though.Gaga's singing and co-starring partner in crime Bradley Cooper also picked up a Grammy,sharing the Pop/Duo prize.Yes,absurdly,he got the Grammy before the Tony (where he's been nominated once)orthe Oscar (where he's been nominated 7 times across multiple categories) even though he's an A list actor and only a novice singer but showbiz can be so strange like that.One imagines he'll pick up an Emmy with ease should he ever deign to do TV again but he's steered mostly clear sinceNip/Tuck.Once movie stardom hit,he was big-screen only apart from thatWet Hot American Summersequel series.

But there are four people who did take an actual step closer to EGOT,since they added a Grammy to take another step closer...

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Nov 29 2017

Soundtracking: The Grammy Nominees

Chrishere.Soundtracks are rarely awarded prizes as musical entities themselves,so I just had to take the opportunity to dive into this year's Grammy nominees.The Grammy's have an eligibility calendar that is off-kilter to the Oscars,亚博主页so you will find overlap between last year and the current year.Like Oscar past,La La Landdominates,but I suspect won't be asweep here either.This is themusicindustry after all,and Grammy loves firmly established acts even more than Oscar - could this be the chance for Lin Manuel Miranda andMoanato finally get a prize,or even Pharrell Williams forHidden Figures?

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Dec 06 2016

Grammy Nominees...As They Relate to Movies,Theater,and TV

Nominations have been announced forthe 59th annual Grammy Awardshonoring the year in music (sort of..their timelines can be very confusing).More than any of the other big 4 awards shows (Tonys,Emmys,Oscars) Grammy nods are largely based on financial success so it's usually the superstars in the major categories and that's true again this year with Beyoncé leading with 9 nominations and other superstars not far behind.亚博主页The surprise this year was country star Sturgill Simpson (A Sailor's Guide to Earth) sharing the most coveted category "Album of the Year"category with Beyoncé (Lemonade),Adele (25),Justin Beiber (Purpose),and Drake (Views).

Adele's "25"is so great.But if she loses everything she can console herself with her 10 previous Grammys

But since the Grammys have over 80 categories (we are not exaggerating) here at TFE we just focus on those in which film,tv,or stage types are in play.i.e.the ones that can  sometimes lead to EGOTing are after the jump.

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Aug 17 2016

Judy by the Numbers: "When You're Smiling"

I know,I know.I'm cheating again.Last week I presented youa picture with no singing,and this time I present you singing with no picture!However,the difficulty of a short series devoted entirely to musical numbers from TV & film is that it ignores the vast breadth of a performer's capability.Last week was devoted to Judy Garland's acting ability,a talent overshadowed by her incredible musical gift.This week is about Judy Garland the performer,an entertainer who captivated audiences live and via vinyl.This week,I have just one question:

When is the first time you heardJudy At Carnegie Hall?

The Album:Judy at Carnegie Hall(Capitol Records,1961)
The Songwriters:Larry Shay,Mark Fisher and Joe Goodwin
The Cast:Judy Garland,Mort Lindsay and the orchestra

The Story:When it was released in November 1961,Judy At Carnegie Hallwent gold.Not only was it Judy's highest-selling record,it also won her 4 Grammy awards the next year,including Best Concert Album.In the ensuing decades,it would inspire copycats,homages,and new generations of fans.

If you have an opportunity today,I encourage you to listen to the full album.It's a mix of new songs and classics.For Judy fans,it definitely lives up to the hype of "the greatest night in showbiz history."On a stage stripped bare of sets or ornate costumes,Judy sang a full set of two dozen songs in peak form.But it's more than form or technique or Judy's sparkling voice.It's the emotional power of her performance.Judy doesn't speak a lot between numbers - though the anecdotes she does share are amazing - but she communicates her gratefulness,sadness and joy through each song.An album with such emotional range is a good companion no matter what your mood.

Dec 07 2015

Grammy's Film/TV Related Categories

The Grammy Awards were announced today with Kendrick Lamar (11 nominations),Taylor Swift and The Weeknd (7 nominations each) leading the nominee pack.But here at The Film Experience we're only really concerned with the visual categories.亚博主页

I'm not including Grammy'sSpoken Wordcategory as I am sometimes prone to do because there aren't actors involved this year beyond Amy Poehler who is nominated for the audiobook of her "Yes Please"memoir.But don't get too excited about her nomination.The brilliant Poehler seems to be a statue repellent;she's not anywhere close to an EGOT since she's never even won a damn Emmy despite years of TV brilliance.

Here are the nominees in the film/tv related categories...

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Oct 23 2015

Adele + Dolan = "Hello"

New contributorCocohere,very happy to be joining the Film Experience team.亚博主页Have you seen the latest Adele video?

Isn't it only logical that Adele's almost four-year hiatus was broken thanks to one of the most prolific auteurs of our times?It's unclear how much of a role Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan played in getting Adele to record her long-awaited third album,but he directs the video for first single "Hello".

It's clear from this video that Adele is a huge fan of Dolan'sMommy,that she saw it,and that it was so trasnformative it inspired her to get up and finally record the follow-up to her megaselling and Grammy-winning album21.That might be giving Dolan too much credit -we'll have to wait for the 25th anniversary oral history to find out the details- but the influence is there.Not only does it feature Dolan's trademark exhuberance,it also sounds a lot like the kind of song that would have been part of theMommysoundtrack,especially with those "I'm sorry"chorus toward te end.

What do you think?Was Adele totally inspired by Dolan?Do you think the song will win all the Grammys?