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Feb 13 2015

Best Make-Up & Hairstyling: Freaks,Schnozz,or Old Lady?

They use to disqualify movies from this Oscar if they used too much computer enhancement (seeThe Hours) and always wanted their makeup effects practical (likeAmerican Werewolf in London).But nowadays computer enhancements seem to be a non-issue (see several recent winners and one of this year's nominees Guardians of the Galaxy).There are four indisputable truths aboutthis relatively young categoryand this Oscar branch and they are like so:

• They love old age makeup
• They worship werewolves and love fantastically weird creatures,buthatezombies
• Hairstyling was recently added to the official category name but usually the wig heavy movies lose to films that are more prosthetically-focused
• There should be five nominees like every other category since literally every live-action film employs makeup and hair.Not every film requires visual effects or original songs or even original scores and those categories all have 5 nominees.

The Nominees:

Foxcatcher- Bill Corso & Dennis Liddiard
Grand Budapest Hotel- Frances Hannon & Mark Coulier
Guardians of the Galaxy- Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou & David White

Corso and Coulier previously won Oscars (for亚博主页Lemony SnicketandThe Iron Ladyrespectively)  but the other four nominated artists are Oscarless.All three nominated films have a lot going for them but Foxcatcher would be a longshot since the recreation of existing people's looks via wig,hair and prosthetic enhancements generally has to settle for a nomination.But will they go withGuardiansorGrand Budapest?It's tough to say.Guardiansis well-loved -- I even talked to a voter who had it at #1 on his Best Picture ballot during the nomination round -- and very showy what with its rainbow of skin colors (blue,green,red you name it) and sci-fi hairdos and scarring.It wouldn't surprise me to see it win.ButGrand Budapest Hotelhas just about everything they love in this category: old age prosthetics,elaborate hair,memorable hideousness.And who can forget Tilda Swinton's glaucoma-plagued eyes,silver wigs,and old lady liver spots?

Will Win:Grand Budapest Hotel
Could Win:Guardians of the Galaxy
Should Win:Grand Budapest Hotel

My ballot for this category(Hint: I'm thinking of renaming it "The Tilda Swinton Styling"Award)

Feb 11 2015

Wes Anderson on 'Budapest',Fellini and Revisiting Max Fisher.

Josehere.Last week I attended a screening ofThe Grand Budapest Hotelfollowed by a Q&A with director Wes Anderson.Self-aware and adorably humorous he shared anecdotes about the making of the film,and also discussed his influences.Here are some of the most interesting tidbits.

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Feb 01 2015

How Many Oscars Will ______ Win?亚博主页

This weekend was a biggie in terms of below the line awards.The Imitation Gamewon theUSC Scripter Prizewhich goes to movies adapted from literature (and the source material author also wins this prize). TheArt Directors guildchoseBirdmanfor Contemporary Film,andThe Grand Budapest Hotelfor Period (as well asGuardians of the Galaxyfor Fantasy).Meanwhilethe Editorsgave their "Eddies"toBoyhoodfor Dramas andThe Grand Budapest Hotelfor comedies (in addition to prizes forThe LEGO Moviein Animated andCitizen Fourfor Documentaries)

All of this has me wondering if itsThe Grand Budapest Hotelrather thanBoyhoodorBirdmanthat will take home the most Oscars on February 22nd if not Best Picture.亚博主页It's got a decent shot at four or five statues: Costumes,Production Design,Screenplay,Score,and Makeup & Hair.Of those Screenplay is the longest shot sinceBirdmanvsBoyhoodwill be tough to squeeze between to nab the Original Screenplay gold.

Perhaps it will be a spread the wealth kind of year with every Best Picture winning something.Like so...

How many oscars will The Grand Budapest Hotel win?亚博主页

  • Boyhood (4 or 5) Picture,Director,Supporting Actress,Editing (and maybe Screenplay?)
  • Grand Budapest (3 or 4) Costumes,Production Design,Makeup & Hair (and maybe Score?)
  • Birdman (2 or 3) Screenplay,Cinematography (and maybe Actor?)
  • American Sniper (2) Sound Editing and Sound Mixing
  • Theory of Everything (1 or 2) Actor (and maybe Score?)
  • The Imitation Game (1 or 2) Adapted Screenplay (and maybe Score?)
  • Whiplash (1 or 2) Supporting Actor (and maybe Adapted Screenplay?)
  • Selma (1) Song

(As you can see I'm stumped about who might win Best Score.I can see it going any which way.)

Not that there's ever a year whereeveryBest Picture nominee wins something now that we have so many Best Picture nominees.Someone or someones usually go home empty-handed - even if they have come into the big night with a ton of nominations.But there's a first time for everything and it could happen.

What'cha think?

Jan 22 2015

Poster Madness!The Best of 2014

Glennhere with my now annual list of the best movie posters of the year.I should apologize for being so tardy with this,but I've been working on a big non-movie-related project that took precedent.Never mind that though because we're back.Last year logged the first time that I dragged my lil ol' list of the year's best movie posters over from my own blog onto The Film Experience we're back to see what'll win this year.亚博主页Last yearthe honor went toSpring Breakersand this year was no less fierce.I have once more assembled an...eclectic list of films ranging from French orgy dramas and Christian religious flicks to British sci-fi and obscure horror titles.

I have tried to keep the posters featured within down to American 2014 theatrical/VOD releases only.That means designs that emerged online as much as 18 months ago can be on here if the film was only released this year (hiNymphomaniac!).Likewise,designs for 2015 releases that are already hanging in cinema foyers do not feature - I'm going to spend the next year tossing and turning over whetherthis hilariously unsubtle phallic posterforFifty Shades of Greyis actually good or completely terrible.Having said that,being an Australian means I have snuck few Aussie films on the list because,I guess,my list my rules.I should also point out that,just like last year,the lack of many big budget blockbusters on the list isn't my contrariness popping up (mylonely passionsare now a thing),rather it's just proves that so many working for Hollywood studios would be absolutely lost without the billions of dollars that they take for granted and the audiences that flock to their movies like sheep.

Follow me as I count down the best posters of 2014!

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Jan 21 2015

...And the 3rd Annual Team Experience Award Goes To:

Amirhere,to welcome you to the third edition of Team Experience Awards,one of the most prestigious critics' prizes around the world,bestowed on the best in cinema by members of this website sans Nathaniel.We previously honouredLeos Carax'sHoly Motors(with a lot of support forThe Master) andSteve McQueen's12 Years a Slave(with several awards forGravity).There was a similar situation this year,with two films gaining most of our attention across the categories.Our pick for best picture,however,was a clear consensus favourite and won by a very comfortable margin.

As always,individual ballots proved a lot more interesting than the final results,making the otherwise tedious process of making up spreadsheets really exciting for me.Though there is no sign of it on the list of winners here,there was passionate support for films as varied asWe Are the Best!,Norte,the End of History,The Babadook,Godzilla,A Most Wanted ManandThe Last of the Unjust.We will get to some of those titles in the trivia section at the bottom of the post,but for now,here are the Team Experience Awards' winners:

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Jan 15 2015

Why Wes,Why Now?

Michael C here.Wes Anderson's films haven't been ignored by awards season in the past,so much as they have been relegated to flitting around the edges.His films have received three total Oscar nods,two for Original Screenplay forRoyal TenenbaumsandMoonrise Kingdomand one animated film nod forMr.Fox.His most high profile wins have been a Gotham Award for Best Film forMoonriseand two Indie Spirit wins forRushmorefor Best Director and for Best Supporting Actor for Bill Murray who is in nearly all of his films.

Wes & Tilda on the set

Now that has all changed withGrand Budapest Hotel.No longer the strange side dish,Anderson's nostalgic remembrance of a Europe that never quite existed has just finished a rampage through the precursors that culminated with Anderson's first DGA nomination.Over the past few weeks buzz forBudapestgrew steadily from "It might pick up a few nods"to "It looks like a lock for a Best Picture slot"to "Hey,it just might snatch the screenplay Oscar away fromBirdman".And today,incredibly,itLEADS the Oscar nominationswith nine (tied withBirdman)

For those of us who have been on board with Anderson since the 90's and have grown used to Anderson being underappreciated it's hard not to wonder what exactly has changed.Why did Wes break through now when his films have been as good or better in the past?

Five theories after the jump...

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