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Jun 25 2018

Marcia Says "Hi"

by Nathaniel R

Putting the Gay Harden in Gay Pride!Just a brief note from a slammed day to share the wonderful news that yours truly met Tony and Oscar winning Marcia Gay Harden at New York City's pride parade yesterday.How perfect is it that the original Harper Pitt inAngels in Americawas out to see the festivities with her kids...and sporting rainbow colors,too!?!

We didn't speak for long but she seemed delighted when I mentioned her brief comic genius inGrandma(2016) -- it's probably not the title most people bring up first!She was so warm and friendly.One things for sure: This was much a happier outdoor parade moment than her despairing final scene inMystic River(2003)!

Feb 15 2016

Newish to Watch at Home: Crimson Peak,Trumbo,Grandma, Etc.

Newish on DVD/BluRay

The 33Antonio Banderas / Chilean miner rescue story
99 Homestheotheracclaimed housing crisis movie
Black Massthe gangster movie with Johnny Depp,buried under alien makeup,plays a gangster.Watch out for great performances on the periphery from Peter Sarsgaard and Julianne Nicholson
Crimson Peakfrom Guillermo Del Toro.Critics were divided or had many reservations but those who loved itreallyloved it.Here's a rabidly pro piece nicely titled "Ghosts are Movies".

Would you rather...

- Be seduced by Tom Hiddleston?
- Gain access to all of Mia Wasikowska's money?
- Marry into Jessica Chastain's family?

Girls S4-I've definitely lost track of this show.Weirdly I quit with an episode I couldn't have loved more (S3E7 "Beach House")
Grandma- Lily Tomlin gets her own well deserved star vehicle and drives it superbly
• Love the Coopers - Diane Keaton earns a paycheck
Spectre-the first Bond I haven't seen in theaters in some time.It just kind of happened,the skipping of it
Steve Jobs-the intense three act drama starring Michael Fassbender & Kate Winslet
Togetherness S1the highly undervalued HBO dramedy.Melanie Lynskey and the rest of the cast are just super
Trumboin case you'd like to discover why it did so well in the precursors

Netflix addedDope,The Face of Love(a romantic drama misfire from The Bening),Open Season,and the 2007 Best Picture nomineeAtonement(tomorrow) and by the end of the month they'll addCrouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destinywhich looks terrible *sniffle* despite being something we've looked forward to for so long. Amazon Prime addedSolomon Kanea fantasy action film starring James Purefoy,Max von Sydow and Rachel Hurd-Wood that Radius TWC buried in 2009 (never opened in the States but played elsewhere).By the end of the month they'll addDigging For Firefrom Joe Swanberg.

Which of these will you be catching up with?

Jan 19 2016

15 Best LGBT Characters of '15

We promised a grand total of15 "Best of "2015"Lists(apart from the awards -- yeah,we're overplanning crazy) so here's the second to last.Diversity is the hot topic of the week and regardless of any one particularity (like an Oscar nominee list) thing are getting better on television (obviously) and at the movies,too,though you have to look a little bit harder.Still,if you go to a lot of movies and attempt to draw up lists like this you'll find you're spoilt for choice.There are so many more films these days directed by women,for gay audiences,for people of the color and the like.You just have to look beyond Big Hollywood and keep your eyes open for intriguing surprises if you do regularly hit the all wide releases multiplex.

Since 15 is a finite number (damn you math) not every film with an LGBT character can make the list.Some I didn't see only because you can't see everything (Legend,Duke of Burgundy,Cut Snake,Eastern Boys) and some just didn't make this particular list (Tom at the Farm,Saint Laurent,Gerontophilia,Ricki and the Flash,Mr Holmes,The New Girlfriend,Boulevard,Stonewall,Match,andThe Danish Girl) though that shouldn't reflect on the film itself because that group has everything from terrible to great movies within it.The most high profile miss is Lili Elbe (Eddie Redmaybe) but that's mostly becauseThe Danish Girlneeded to be queerer and because there are several women that were far more fetching on this list.

Without further ado...

15 Best LGBT Characters of The Movies of '15
fromNasty BabythroughStar Wars(???) and on up toCarol

15Freddy (Sebastián Silva) inNasty Baby
Silva,one of Chile's best known filmmakers,doesn't usually star in his own movies,but this time out he gifts himself the lead role.Freddy,an artist working haphazardly on a new project involving adults pretending to be babies,desperately wants to be a dad and is continually trying to make it happen between his boyfriend (Tunde Adebimpe fromRachel Getting Married) and his best friend (Kristen Wiig).Silva's a fluid filmmaker when it comes to gender,ethnicity,and genre andNasty Babyis a fluid movie, freely hopping from genre to genre without much warning:  drama,comedy,character study,art world satire,and even thriller.(Bonus points for the cat-loving.)

more after the jump

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Oct 18 2015

Golden Globe Musical or Comedy: a thin field or just a mysterious one?

Last week was a good one for Gold Derby.Not only did Ryan Murphy elevate their brand status by ____ them to death with an Oscar onAmerican Horror Storybut their story thatDavid O.Russell'sJoywould go Drama at the Golden Globesgot a lot of "whoa,really?"press.I'm sure it's true-ish now but people are so exciteable about any "news"that I'm always finding myself in the position of splash of cold water realism.Truth: there are few certainties this early as it's only October and there's lots of wiggle room still for campaigns and precursor ponderings and such.Films are still entering (The Big Short) and exiting (I Saw The Light) the 2015 calendar and some switcheroos of fate/precursors/campaigning happen at all junctures on the way to Oscar: remember whenMy Big Fat Greek WeddingandGangs of New Yorkwere suddenly Original Screenplays (oy);remember when Oscar decided abruptly that all the precursors were wrong andKate Winsletwas a leading lady inThe Reader(they were right of course but it was super gross how all the precursors and media were all "Yay,category fraud!!!");or whenWhiplashwas determined to be Adapted too late for its FYCs to urge voters to vote that way.

So let's assume that Joy is out of the Golden Globe Musical or Comedy and let's assumeThe Martianis in (though obviously things could change on either front).And after shedding whatever tears must be shed that the Coen BrosHail,Caesar!is not opening in time to own this category,we move on.

Is the field thin or just mysterious to our eyes in October?Let's take a look after the jump...

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Oct 04 2015

Box Office: Hit Missions to Mars & Mexico

The Martianis attempting to beatGravity's October record this weekend.The charts only reflect studio Estimates so we'll see tomorrow for sure.At any rate the all star space adventure (yes,there is much more than Matt Damon therein) is an immediate big hit.Can something this light and fun -- we'll talk about it on the podcast tonight but it doesn't exactly run deep -- make inroads to awards glory?

In other box office newsSicariocontinues to perform well surviving its wide expansion with ease.Word of mouth should continue to bolster it because hotdamn it's intense.It's also quite a strange double feature withThe Martian(though both are good times at the movies) since  Blunt feels like she's in consistently more danger than Damon even though she's wearing body armor and fully armed and people are rarely firing at her while he's stuck alone on an inhospitable planet without breathable air,lasting supplies,or food.

FinallyGrandma,a movie we've been rooting for since Januaryis starting to lose theaters after a totally respectable run.While it never quite crossed over (which is harder and harder to do these days with shorter theatrical windows - see also the similar grossing word of mouth gemI'll See You In My Dreams) it'll end its theatrical run with over $6 million theatrical which is plenty to keep it in play forBest Actress honors(people have been nominated with a lot less) if the campaign is strong and especially if The Globes are there for Lily in Musical or Comedy actress.Do you think they will be?

800+ screens (Oct 2nd-4th)
01The Martian$55NEWMatt's foot-in-mouth tour
02Hotel Transylvania 2$33 (cum.$90.5)Tim on the director Genny Tartakovsky
03Sicario$12 (cum.$15)Podcast,Emily Blunt
04The Intern$11.6 (cum.$36.5)Review
05Maze: Runner: The Scorch Trials$7.6 (cum.$63.2)
06Black Mass$5.9 (cum.$52.5)
07Everest$5.5 (cum.$33.1)
08The Visit$3.9 (cum.$57.6)
09War Room$2.8 (cum.$60.5)
10The Perfect Guy$2.4 (cum.$52.6)Review

(Oct 2nd-4th)
01The Walk(448 screens)$1.5NEW(cum.$1.9)Review
02Grandma(315 screens)$.4 (cum.$5.8)Poster Blurb,Lily Tomlin's Filmography,Review
03Sleeping with Other People(392 screens)$.2 (cum.$.6)Review
04Meet the Patels(78 screens)$.1 (cum.$.7)
05Talvar(51 screens)$.1NEW
06Goodnight Mommy(43 screens)$.4Interview,Oscar Submission
07Learning To Drive(115 screens)$.1 (cum.$3.1)
0899 Homes(19 screens)$.1 (cum.$.1)The return of Andrew Garfield
09Southpaw(303 screens)Re-Release$.07 (cum.$52.2)
10Un Gallo con Muchose Huevos(112 screens)$.07 (cum.$8.9)


I came down with a brutal cold after waiting in line in the cold for an hour forSteve Jobs(and being turned away roughly 15 people before making it inside) so it looks like I'll be emptying my DVR instead of moviegoing*sniffle*