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Entries in Great Moments in Gayness (17)

Jun 29 2018

Great Moments in Gay - Lady Bird

Here'sIlichonLady Bird(2017)...

Pride Month and its celebrations are so outrageously fun to participate in because they feel so earned.The titular pride almost never comes immediately after queer people identify,at least to themselves,as such.It's often preceded by confusion and a paralyzing fear that interrupts as many opportunities of rational thought as it can.Queer people take their time navigating through awkward stages of a sort of grief that will hopefully lead to that realization that they are free to be themselves without fear,and definitely without shame.Hints of these stages are warmly depicted in Greta Gerwig's endlessly satisfying directorial debutLady Bird.Through Danny (Lucas Hedges) and his friendship with the film's protagonist,Christine "Lady Bird"McPherson (Saoirse Ronan),Gerwig's script fleshes out the performances that many rehearse in the process of accepting their nature...

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Jun 29 2017

Trailer for ''God's Own Country''


Do we have a new gay classic coming our way this year?Judging by the reactions from a few film festivals,we just might.The film in question is Francis Lee's debutGod's Own Country.The story is about a farmer from Northern England and his journey of sexual discovery after falling for a Romanian migrant worker...

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Jul 07 2016

John Cho's Sulu Comes Out

In a fun bit of refreshing happy news,it has been revealed that John Cho's Sulu will be gay in the upcomingStar Trek Beyond.What a heartwarming nod to the series's original Sulu George Takei,who has been one of the loudest and proudest out performers advocating for LGBT rights for some time.

This is also a welcome alternative to the after-the-fact revisionism granted to franchise icons like Dumbledore in theHarry Potterseries,though Takei himselfdisagrees.But Sulu hasn't previously had any romantic backstory in the canon,so any grousing of opportunistic pandering isn't quite fair either.Reintroducing the character as gay without a "might be"or "actually was"asterix is something else entirely while the series is running,especially without definitively being drawn as straight in his history.

The reported nonchalant introduction of Sulu's same-gender partner is a hopeful sign that gay visability in mass entertainment to moving toward characters that that don't shy from queerness but don't require it to solely define them.Chocommentedon the reveal:

I liked the approach,which was not to make a big thing out it,which is where I hope we are going as a species,to not politicise one's personal orientations...

While the unfortunate obvious truth is that we are not at that point with LGBT acceptance,having a beloved character who now happens to be gay is a necessary step towards wider visibility that has been missing in franchise entertainment.

This is a step in the right direction for franchise entertainment as a whole,but one that seems long delayed for the historically progressive series.Toss inthat original Rihanna trackandBeyondis starting to look like a gay old time at the movies - but Sulu,honey,you're supposed to come outduringPride month,not after!

Do you find Sulu's outing exciting or revisionist?

Jun 25 2016

Great Moments in Gay - 'This kind of stuff' in Weekend (2011)

In June we're celebrating favorite queer moments in cinema.Here's guest contributor Bill Curran on a pivotal low key scene inWeekend...

Jamie: "What's going on?"

Russell: "Nothing… nothing's going on."

Pride is hard.We're in a month filled with delirious rainbow floats,umpteen "Yass Queen"gifs,and appropriately lascivious street dancing down many city streets around the globe,and yet I'd like to pause and consider how pride is not merely happiness or acceptance,but respect.And respect is hard.

Respect—one's own worth in relation to others—is the motoring theme behind much of Andrew Haigh'sWeekend(2011).In this sense,ifWeekendcan be considered a landmark 21stcentury film (as indeed it should be,by any number of artistic rubrics),then the pivotal scene is this exchange between Russell (Tom Cullen) and his best (straight) mate Jamie (Jonathan Race).It is the sea change climax before the more expected bittersweet one...

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Jun 18 2016

Great Moments in Gay - Sexual Confusion in "Kissing Jessica Stein"

Team Experience is sharing favorite LGBT scenes in cinema for Pride Month.Here's Deborah...

Kissing Jessica Steinis one of my all-time favorite movies,and I could make a whole list of "great moments in gayness"just fromJessica Steinscenes,but there's one in particular that's my favorite.

Here's the quick plot summary: Jessica (Jennifer Westfeldt),cute,quirky,neurotic,single,is reading the personal ads (for you youngsters,that's the paper equivalent of Tinder or OKCupid),and is struck by one ad in particular.Realizing she's accidentally been reading in the "Women Seeking Women"section,she throws the paper away,but then decides to answer it anyway.

Helen (Heather Juergensen) and Jessica begin tentatively seeing each other;Helen,too,is exploring bisexuality for the first time.Helen wants to dive right in,but Jessica is nervous,skittish,and afraid.

Cut to Helen at Jessica's place.Jessica presents Helen with a pile of brochures,dons her comically serious reading glasses,and says one of the greatest lines ever uttered in the movies:

I was surprised to learn that lesbians accessorized.


I love everything about this.First,because the word "accessorize"is inherently funny,like "pickle".Second,because it's even funnier when referring to a dildo.Which is another inherently funny word.Finally,because there's an underlying truth: No one seems to have any idea what two women do in bed together.Both straights and gay men seem to kind of go all cross-eyed with,"But,but,but…What do you do?"Andstudying?Gettingbrochuresfor a date?That's just hilarious,but also not horribly removed from anything that might really happen.

I love movies about sexual ambivalence.I love straights having gay sex and gays having straight sex and people trying to figure out the difference between love andlove.Can I love you and not desire you?Can I desire you and not want to desire you?Why is "best"friend"so different from "romantic lover"?I love the exploration of the gray space where we try to figure all that out.(See also:The Object of My Affection.)Kissing Jessica Steinis a movie that gives us real gay people,and real straight people,and real people exploring the space in between.It's funny about family,funny about desire,funny about being confused,and funny about coming out.Also,it has Tovah Feldshuh,and she makes everything better.

previously in this series...

Jun 17 2016

Great Moments in Gay - Shortbus Threesome

For Pride Month Team Experience is looking at favorite scenes from LGBT cinema.Here's guest contributor Steven Fenton...

John Cameron Mitchell'sShortbusexplores issues of identity,pride,and patriotism at the intersection of sex and otherness in response to the pervasive anxiety in New York post 9/11.The film's unabashed,unsimulated sex scenes challenge the audience to look beyond the bodies,reframing sex as a universal language;a means of creating connection;and a path toward self-discovery.

One of the film's best moments is a brilliantly staged threesome where Ceth (Jay Brannan),Jamie (PJ DeBoy),and James (Paul Dawson) are locked in a sexual pyramid.

[NSFWafter the jump...]

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