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Entries in Guy Pearce (16)

4月 07 2011

Links: Penélope & Javier, Guy & Kate, Mavericks & Vampires

Penélope & Javi
EWPenélope Cruz to headline Woody Allen's upcoming untitled Rome picture.
US WeeklyFirst photos of the Blessed Babe of Penélope and Javi. His name is Leo. Awwww. Love the photo of Penélope with the pacifier in her mouth.
The WrapJavier Bardem in final talks for Stephen King adaptationDar的k Tower.

Awwww. Look at Baby Leo.

More News
Awards Daily
Boon Jong-Ho (ofMotherandThe Hostfame) will head the Camera D'Or at Cannes this year (they're the ones that pick the "Best First Film")
Gold Derbythe Grammys are shedding 31 awards in a streamlining effort. The weirdest switch is dumping the gender specificity. I would die if the Oscars did this. Actresses would never get nominated for everything.
Movie|Lineattempts to keep track of the competingSnow Whiteprojects, currently scheduled to open within six months of each other next year.

Anton Yelchin and Colin Farrell in the FRIGHT NIGHT remake

80s Mania
Cinema BlendTop Gunis returning to theaters for its 25th anniversary. Ride into the Danger Zone!
NY Postshares new photos from the remake ofFright Night.

Cinephilia & Sassnames his 5 favorite Guy Pearce performances. Agreed fully on #s 1 & 2. Last weekend while watching Part 3 ofMildred Piercea rather funny R-rated conversation from both straights and gays in the room erupted (It was awesome. As is his ass inMildred Pierce. Unfortunately I can't share it, the conversation; I've been told by a girlfriend that the convo is strictly off-blog limits. Damn her!). The Guy/Kate scenes are the best ones inMildred Piercebecause they have more life pulsing through them, and not just because half of them erupt into tetchy sex scenes. The series is best when Mildred is angry and Monty & Vida (soon to become Evan Rachel Wood) are the only ones who significantly raise her temperature.

Doesn't it always feel like Guy is going to have a breakthrough that never quite comes? He has these big seminal movies and then... Shouldn't he be as famous as, like, oh Russell Crowe? Well, maybe not that famous. But it does seem like Hollywood has been inattentive? Or hasn't Chris Nolan been inattentive? For someone who reuses actors why not throw Pearce another plum role?

Not that he isn't busy post-King's Speech.

After piercing Pierce (sorry) he'll co-star in the Nicolas Cage thrillerThe Hungry Rabbit Jumps, headline the Australian drama33 Postcards, appear in the sci-fi filmLockoutwith Maggie Grace and then reunite with John Hillcoat (who obviously loves him:路上,命题)The Wettest Country in the World.

Mar 16 2011

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: MEMENTO

"What are you going to do when you find him?"In honor of cinematographer Wally Pfister's recent Oscar win (Inception) and the 10th anniversary ofMemento's theatrical release (today), we're looking back on Chris Nolan's breakthrough for the season 2 debut ofHit Me With Your Best Shot.

Memory and its malleability are the skeleton themes whichMemento's inky flesh clings to. Leonard (Guy Pearce), who has lost both his wife and his short term memory to a murder/rape, is out for revenge. He tattoos "facts", quotes intended, onto his skin to remember them and he also takes polaroids; these repetitive shots of skin and photography are the movie's signature images. My "best shot" naturally combines them both.

The most ingenious thing about the screenplay's reverse construction is that as you become acclimated to it you start to wonder how each scene will begin in order to get to where you know it's already ended. The same thing happens with the polaroids. After a few of them are revealed you begin to wonder how each was taken. So in addition to Memento's overarching mystery "What exactly happened with that murder?" you get the continually evolving mini-mysteries of what the hellis going onhas just gone on?

The final crucial polaroid, which is actually the first in true chronology is this spookily cheerful one of Leonard, pointing to his chest. This is a space we already know he has left empty on purpose, for (maybe) hen his revenge is complete. But that's too literal as he's also pointing to his heart. He looks nothing like the Lenny we've come to know.

Look how happy you were.

Lenny flips it over but no clues await him on the other side. The clue we're looking for this late (i.e. early) in the game is not what happened but who Lenny is or has become. Later in the narrative (i.e. earlier in the film) he'll turn the photo over again while talking to a cop about how no one trusts him. It's an especially telling moment as it's the only time he's not looking for clues by flipping a picture over. "We all need mirrors" he says at one point in the film but he obviously doesn't want to seethisparticular reflection.

Chris Nolan has returned to these themes of self deception and adjusted memory in subsequent films, but it works best inMemento. Returning to this impressive calling card ten years later, the biggest shock to the memory is how muchfunit is. Each scene involving Dodd (Callum Keith Renne ofBattlestar Galacticafame) in particular has a bracing dark humor.

This sense of humor is not referenced to imply that the film fails to intrigue or haunt with its disturbing undertow. It's just that Nolan's subsequent films have often been clever without exactly being "a gas" (just occassionally gassy). I'd be hesitant to callMementoNolan's best film without rescreeningThe Prestigebut it sure makes a strong claim.

Do I know you?
I urge you to check out these entries. I'm usually pretty proud of my own pieces for this series but I still felt a bit of the old disconnect with Nolan (I've always had to look at the critical reception of his work at a certain remove) and honestly I think some of these accomplices have outdone me with their pieces. Bravo.

FACT 1: Pussy Goes Grrr chose a vulnerable fleshy moment.
FACT 2: My New Plaid Pants sees the symmetries and the fog of memory.
FACT 3: Cinephilia & Sass remembers Sammy Jenkis.
FACT 4: Okinawa Assault identifies the bullet casing as totem.
FACT 5: Serious Film doesn't trust Teddy's lies.
FACT 6: Movies Kick Ass doesn't trust Nolan's eyes.

and my apologies...
I forgot to link to...
: Amiresque is waiting for Natalie to come into focus. Beautiful choice, Amir!

late arrivals!

FACT 8: Against the Hype knows thatMementoknows from irony; "it peddles unabashedly in it."
FACT 9: Luisergho finds the facts touching.

Next Wednesday...
We'll be gazing at two bonafide immortals, Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando, in the well-Oscared classicA STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE(1951). It's part of our weeklong celebration for theTennessee Williams Centennial. If you've never seen it, talk about a perfect opportunity to fill that void in your life. Will you join us?

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