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RIPPeter Fonda

"He should've totally won the Oscar for his sensitive and subtle turn inUlee's Gold"-Claran

"You're right,it is hard to look beyondEasy Riderin most assessments of his career,so it's great to hear more about these other films..."-Edward

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Jun 08 2019

Monte Hale Centennial

James Dean with Monte Hale on the set of "Giant"

Who?Listen we're not huge western devotees but nevertheless we tip our imaginary cowboy hats today to the bygone tradition of singing cowboys on film.(You know the kind if only from watching Alden Ehrenreich work such charismatic wonders as one of 'em in the Coen BrosHail Caesar!).Monte Hale,born on this day 100 years ago in Oklahoma,was among the last of such stars...

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Jan 25 2017

Two silly questions about dressing up and playing house with the Oscar contenders

Okay,one final round of question forTeam Experienceabout the Oscar nominations.We've talked aboutpeople who didn't make the listandthe nominations that delighted us.Now,two burning questions inspired by the Production Design and Costume nominations.

Which production design nominated picture would you most want to live inside?

GLENN:Hail,Caesar!,but only if Tilda Swinton and I find ourselves running around movie studio backlots set to a zippy orchestral soundtrack.I might just sneakily pop intoPassengers' robot bar for a drink when we're done.

DAVID:The moment I saw the ridiculously giant Ingrid Bergman wall inLa La Landis the moment I knew that film was definitely on my wavelength...

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Jan 19 2017

Supporting Actor,Personal Ballot

I'm still debating Oscar's fifth slot free-for-all for Best Supporting Actor,presuming they give two spots to leading men Hugh Grant (Florence Foster Jenkins) and Dev Patel (Lion) and another two spots are held by former Oscar winner Jeff Bridges (Hell or High Water) and the man I'd argue is still the frontrunner to win despite his Golden Globe loss Mahershara Ali (Moonlight).Unfortunately almost all of my favorites are quite far out of the running this year.But my final predictions will have to wait until tomorrow.For now,it's my turn.Meaning: my ballot!Mine.Mine.Mine.

...and I do feel possessive each year about movie honors.If you're reading I presume that you,too,care deeply about acting as an artform.It can be frustrating each season to watch dozens of worthy performances winnowed down so swiftly into 5-10 Oscar potentials.So many trickily performed,gorgeously nuanced,and admirable feats of acting get lost along the way...though some happily stand the test of time and become "howdid HE/SHE not get nominated?"curiousities.I don't try to be off consensus in my own awards but sometimes it works out that way.For my own shortlist,only one of the presumed Oscar players makes it.Looking over the list I've realized that all of these characters would surely be insufferable to spend actual time with but they were played by five actors so rich,every second spent with them was something to treasure.So here's to Tom Bennett,Ralph Fiennes,Mahershara Ali,Trevante Rhodes,and Alden Ehrenhreich!You can read the write ups here at the Film Bitch Awards.

Jan 03 2017

Casting Society and ACE "Eddie" Nominations

Two branches of movie craftsmen have sounded off now in what will soon be a deluge of guild announcements.The casting directors and the editors have spoken and they've rallied behind some Best Picture hopefuls (the three frontrunners: La La Land,Manchester by the Sea,and Moonlight are showing up everywhere) and passionate fanbase movies (20th Century Women,Deadpool,Captain Fantastic) ...and 'oh,they remembered that!' surprises (Hail,Caesar!).

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Dec 21 2016

The Great "Make-Up and Hairstyling"Bake-Off of 2016

We just wanted the blog post title to sound fancy.Who knows if the screening/meeting/deliberation at the Academy was anything like a superlative adventure this year?But let it suffice to say that they narrowed down some unknown number of films (why no semi-finals list,AMPAS?) to seven films which will compete for the 3 Oscar nominations in Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Those films,with photos to jog your memories,are after the jump with some commentaries about their specific follicular and beautifying achievements...

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Nov 22 2016

Lynn Gives Thanks

Let's face it: this is a difficult year for many of us to be thankful – at least if we're focusing on the news (and how could we not?).  2016 has taken so much and so many from the world,it's hard not to greet Thanksgiving with the kind of benediction Wendy (Christina Ricci) delivered inThe Ice Storm...

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