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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Dec 23 2017

My link runneth over

Vanity FairCarrie Fisher's best lines inThe Last Jedicome from the actress/writer herself
Rolling StoneDavid Fear's 25 reasons to love the movies in 2017
Varietya "tsunami"of change in Hollywood.Netflix,MoviePass,sexual harrassment scandals,low box office.What's next?
Vanity FairAnnette Bening,Whisper campaigns,The Last Jediand more
AV"TV Club"a lengthy but always engaging 17 part lookback at the year in culture and the small screen

Much more after the jump including more "best of the year"lists,Strictly Ballroom,Hamilton,and female directors...

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Jun 28 2017

"Werk Werk"The Beguiled does Hamilton

You may think you didn't need to see Colin Farrell doing his best hair flip to "The Schuyler Sisters"fromHamilton,but you'd be wrong.

Our hearts are bursting.It turns out the little girls ofThe Beguiledmade a Hamilton lipsync video while goofing around on set to accompany a donation to Lin-Manuel Miranda's "immigrants get the job done"coalition (we mentioned the contest the other day)...May this challenge others to donate,too!Oona Lawrence leads us as Aaron Burr,with Emma Howard as Angelica,Angourie Rice as Eliza,and little Addison Riecke as Peggy.

You may think you're loving the video in the first minute but wait til the rest of the stars start popping up.Everyoneis in this!Heaven.

Jun 27 2017

The Link Where It Happens

Link love time.

VultureMichelle Pfeiffer's ten essential roles
PrizeoLin-Manuel Miranda offers up the chance to win VIP tickets and a meet and greet at the opening night ofHamiltonin Los Angeles with a donation to "Immigrants Get the Job Done Coalition".(And FYI two former Tony nominees Joshua Henry as Aaron Burr and Rory O'Malley as King George are in the company)
Vanity Fairon how difficult it is to get a gay film made in today's Hollywood.The headline to this is a bit misleading since it's like "in a post-Moonlightworld"but let's be reasonable.Moonlightonly made its dent a handful of months back.So most of the films cited didn't haveMoonlightto point to when seeking financing

THRMore dirt on what happened behind the scenes on the troubled Han Solo movie
NerdistWhy Megara is the MVP of Disney's Hercules
PlaybillThe glorious Audra McDonald finally makes her West End debut,no big deal after 6 Tony Awards,reprising her Tony winning / Emmy nominatedLady Day at Emerson's Bar & GrillBillie Holiday role
Buzzfeedthe hardest game of 'would you rather' with hot cartoon dudes.I don't know.Most of these were easy for me but your mileage may vary.
Varietyoffers up a franchise report card on the various series that are taking up so much of Hollywood's time and capital.But shouldn't Bond and Tarzan have been included in this roundup?
Deciderlists the '20 best foreign films on Netflix'...though the list would have been more exciting had they editorialized rather than just pulling the RT scores to determine which 20 to feature
MNPPpic of the day with Edgar Wright at aBaby Driverscreening

Exit Video
Check out this glorious montage of NYC (hat tip to Gothamist) as seen through the movies.

New York in Cinema - SupercutfromSergio RojoonVimeo.

God,I love living here.And one of my fav things in movies is city street scenes where the main character is just part of a huge walking crowd (the most classic visual example beingTootsieI think). How many movies did you instantly recognize?

Feb 01 2017

Link Link Land

The Daily BeastMichael Musto talks to an anonymous Oscar voter about who they're voting for.They're very unhappy with Meryl Streep's 20th andLa La Land's 14
/FilmBarry Jenkins chooses movies from the Criterion Collection -wonderful.(And people forget how obsessed people were withLa Hainewhen it came out)
VarietyABC picked up a pilot starring Toni Collette.Please let it be good.Miss her so much.Totally the best actress that directors aren't using which I will NEVER understand
Cinematic CornerSati falls forThe Handmaiden

Film School RejectsonStranger ThingsSAG acceptance speech and season two
MNPPJason letsMutiny on the Bounty(1935) take him on a train of thought and it is a joy as is that movie or at least Gable and Franchot Tone in it
Village VoiceBilge Ebiri's 10 favorites from Sundance includeWhere is Kyra?andMudbound
World of ReelBen Affleck will no longer be directingThe Batmanmovie
Pajibahas news of an incredibly problematic sounding new Mel Gibson movie about police brutality.
Four Two Ninegood piece on LGBT characters still being stuck in the "best friend"/ "helper"mode despite many more gay characters in film and television
Tracking BoardHBO developing a movie about the behind-the-scenes on The Godfather (1972).I mean who gets to play Marlon Brando and Diane Keaton.Those seem like tall orders (lots of people can do a decent Al Pacino)

Off Cinema
PlaybillHamiltonis doubling the amount of seats in its lottery starting...yesterday.Good luck!
Village Voicefascinating piece on the billionaire subgenre within romance novels
Los Angeles Timeson how the travel ban is worrying Hollywood the business aspects of Hollywood and the talent pool
The GuardianJohnny Depp is suing and being countersued...and he's spending money as wildly and foolishly as Nicolas Cage once did (if you're wondering why they both make so many bad movies)

As was previously rumored but is now true,Denis Villeneuve has signed on to directDune.He mentioned this as a possibilityin our interview recentlyand sounded very excited about it,having been a fan of the novel his whole life.But still,TWO reboots of two beloved sci-fi properties back-to-back withBlade Runner 2049up next?And right after your Oscar nomination after such deserved momentum from doing your own thing (Enemy-Prisoners-Sicario-Arrival)?!I guess this is cashing in while also fulfilling a dream but it worries this fan of Villeneuve doing his own thing.

Though the David Lynch film from 1984 had its issues it also had some deeply memorable imagery so at the very least it will be interesting to see how his version measures up.

Jan 31 2017

There Will Be Link

Storifyokay,this woman Nancy Wake needs a biopic.Amazing WW II story
Coming Soonproduction has started onCan You Ever Forgive Me,which sounds like an interesting vehicle for Melissa McCarthy to show her range.She'll play a celebrity biographer who made her name in the 70s and 80s but resorts to deception when her career tanks.It's directed by Marielle Heller who was behindDiary of a Teenage Girl
VultureWhich Sundance debuts will be Oscar contenders this time next year?
Comics AllianceAubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt have been cast in the TV adaptation of the superhero comic Cloak & Dagger

Cigarettes & Red Vinesphotos from the set of Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie which stars Daniel Day Lewis but has no title as of yet
VarietyRemember when Viola Davis played best friend to Julia Roberts in a thankless part inEat Pray Love?They'll co-star again inSmall Great Things,a racially charged drama about a nurse who is sued by a white supremacist couple.
/FilmJames Cameron gets the rights toTerminatorback soon and the franchise will be revived.AGAIN.
EWThe Schuyler Sisters fromHamiltonwill perform at the Superbowl!
SlateA tribute to Mary Tyler Moore's feminist influence
ViceSo as it turns out the Kevin Costner character inHidden Figureswas made into more of a 'white savior' in the narrative then he was in the real life story.
PlaybillClive Owen will return to Broadway in a revival ofM.Butterfly- no word yet on who'll play the Chinese opera singer he doesn't realize is a man despite a long affair.B.D.Wong who works frequently on television these days instead of the stage won the Tony as the opera singer in the original production with John Lithgow originating the lead role that Clive Owen will now play
Jezebelon Ryan Gosling's cooking inLa La Land
Interviewhas a gallery of the rising stars from Sundance 2017
Towleroadnew clip fromCall Me By Your Namein which Armie Hammer tries to massage the tension out of Timothee Chalamet

Dec 29 2016

City of Link

ETFirst pic of Pixar'sCocothough the text is greatly irritating as they seem to be very anti-musical "Don't call it a musical!"
Filmmixtape"if 2016's worst films were drag race competitors"
PlaybillGeorge S Irving,the voice of Heat-Miser for the Bankin Rass TV classic "The Year Without a Santa Claus"has died at 94.
The Guardianwhy 2016 was a big year for female sexuality in film and on television

Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds and infinite list-making after the jump...

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