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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Jul 01 2017

A League of Their Own,Pt 3: Winning the War but Losing the Game

25th Anniversary Four-Part Mini Series Event

In Part 1we met a slew of talented female ball players as they escaped the doldrums of their lives to join the All American Girl's Baseball League during World War II.In Part 2we got invested in their funny personalities and rivalries and watched as former star and booze hound Jimmy Dugan slowly rose to the challenge of actually managing them.When we left off,the girls were warned that the league might be closing just as its begun unless they could generate more publicity and sell more tickets.

The Peaches are in love wih the game already.They step up when they're asked to give it everything they got...

Part 3 byJazz Tangcay(on loan fromAwards Daily)

1:01:55 ...time to see some ball.Kit pitches and we cut to Dottie displaying her catching skills spilt style.It's an absolutely amazing shot of Geena Davis and much like Jimmy's reaction,you're sitting there,jaw open,thinking wow."What the hell was that?"Jimmy asks.Don't we all want to know how she did that?

Dottie even makes the cover of Life magazine

1.03:00 After a quick church prayer,and another quip from Jimmy,"God knows we have a game,"Hans Zimmer's score starts up

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May 22 2016

Thelma & Louise Part 1: Girls' Trip, Interrupted

25th Anniversary Five-Part Mini Series Event

Thelma & Louise
Directed by Ridley Scott
Written by Callie Khouri
Released by MGM on May 24th,1991
Nominated for Six Oscars亚博主页

To celebrate the anniversary of this bonafide girls gone wild classic from 1991,Team Experience is revisiting the picture,tag-team style all week long (like we did withRebecca&Silence of the Lambs,y'all!).

While the film begins in Arkansas,we're taking an alternate route.Grabbing the keys to begin this road trip is our own dazzling female duo over in Los Angeles,Anne MarieandMargaret.- Editor

Pt 1 by Anne Marie and Margaret

Anne Marie: 00:01.Fade in on an opening credit sequence that pulls every single late 80s/early 90s cliche.Heat-baked street?Check.Twanging guitar?Check.Harmonica solo?Check.

Margaret: Based on this alone,I would definitely expect to be watching a serious action-drama about a lovable renegade cop

Anne Marie: I mean,it's in that vein.As Susan Sarandon has pointed out (love this woman,and love how much she talks about this movie),Thelma & Louisebasically is an outlaw buddy movie in the vein ofButch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid.

01:10 But more on that later.Right now let's talk about HANS ZIMMER WROTE THIS SCORE?!?

Margaret: Hans Zimmer contains multitudes.

Anne Marie: As long as those multitudes contain at least one louder-than-necessary instrument solo.In all seriousness,there is a lot of talent behindThelma & Louise,which you get to see just in the opening credits roll: Besides our two incredible leading ladies,the incomparable Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon,we've got baby Brad Pitt without an ounce of baby fat on him,Harvey Keitel (happy belated birthday!),Michael Madsen,Christopher McDonald,and it's written by Callie Khouri,who would one day give usNashville.Not the Altman.

Margaret: And never let us forget character actor workhorse Stephen Tobolowsky,who also appears here in compliance with state law.I also often forget that this is a Ridley Scott film.It doesn't have a "Ridley Scott film"kind of place in our cultural discourse,though it's got at least as much pop permanence asBlade Runner.(When was the last timeBlade Runnergot referenced in a Country radio hit?)

Anne Marie: Definitely.

02:15.Moving on,we introduce Our Fair Heroes.It's actually a great bit of screenwriting,because we learn exactly who each lady isjust by this introduction

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Feb 17 2015

An Interview with Hans Zimmer

Anne Mariehere with an observation: Hans Zimmer's studio is incredible.The ten-time Academy Award nominated composer has furnished his studio in a manner that fits the man who wrote the dramatic scores toInception,Gladiator,and the Dark Knight trilogy.The walls are deep red,and lined with dark wood bookshelves bursting with books,albums,candles,and knick knacks.Light filters through stained glass-covered hanging lamps.Overstuffed couches and chairs sit on a raised platform.Clashing with this rustic scene are the walls of musical instruments,blinking sound equipment,and Zimmer's high tech work station.It's a lot to take in.

When I'm led into the room for an interview,I'm still recovering from car trouble.I'd been listening to Zimmer's Oscar-nominated score forInterstellarin the car,which had somehow led to my car stalling on the highway.Miraculously,I'm not late.When I meet Hans Zimmer,he is deservedly proud of his workspace,and immediately launches into conversation.Zimmer speaks animatedly of his decorating philosophy,decades-long partnership with Chris Nolan,the trouble with organs,and why he loves the Academy.

Anne Marie: This is an amazing room.This is quite possibly the coolest room I have ever been in.

Hans Zimmer: No,but hang on.There's a reason.There's a pragmatic reason: If you had to spend 98% of your life in one room,you might as well have some fun with it.Do you agree?

Anne Marie: Iabsolutelyagree!

Hans Zimmer: And you know what,sometimes we just move the furniture out of this way and let the musicians come in,and we just start playing,and wow!Music!

Anne Marie: Oh my goodness!Talk about a great creative space.

Hans Zimmer: And that was,that was partly why I did it.I was sitting with this wonderful editor,Richie Marks,y'know [he] worked onApocalypse Now,and all the Jim Brooks movies,Penny Marshall [films],The Godfathertoo.I'm sitting on the couch in his cutting room,I'm sort of leaning back,and I'm looking at the--what do you call those,y'know the ceiling with the sort of… they look like cottage cheese.

Anne Marie: Ceiling tiles I think?

Hans Zimmer: Right?It's horrible!And the walls,which have this y'know horrible hospital color,and I'm thinking,"This great man is trying to create art!"and y'know the bad linoleum floor.Y'know?And this is,this is,this is,every day he has to go to this horrible room!So,Richie doesn't actually know this,but it was really partially because I thought,"Poor Richie,in this horrible environment!I'm going to do my own!"

Anne Marie: Well from such an environment,I can see where something dramatic likeInterstellarcame from.I have to admit,my car stalled on the way here while I was listening to theInterstellarsoundtrack!

Hans Zimmer: [Laughs]It'll do that to cars!

[Interstellarand Oscar Love after the jump...]

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Aug 20 2013

Germany @ The Oscars亚博主页

Germany has a long and trivia-crazy history with the Oscars that didn't just begin with Sandra Bullock speaking German in her亚博主页Blind Sideacceptance speech or Christoph Waltz,an Austrian-German talent winning two Tarantino-Flavored Oscars for multi-lingual performances.亚博主页We'll get to more trivia in a minute but first the German shortlist.We await their choice for Oscar's Foreign Language Film submission with curiousity because they're always a threat for the eventual shortlist.Germany has received 18 nominations and 3 wins over the years.They're weighing the quality of nine different pictures before deciding.Which will they send our way?

The finalists are…

    This one skews international - a romance between a young Serbian widow and an Albanian soldier
  • THE GERMAN FRIENDJeanine Meerapfel
    A coproduction with Argentina
  • FREE FALLStephan Lacant
    A gay romantic drama about two cops
    I don't know what this one is about but I love the title
  • OH BOYJan Ole Gerster
    a popular comedy about a drop out university student
  • RITTER ROSTmultiple directors
    an animated film
    This one sounds interesting - a juvenile offender in an "open prison"discovers that his house-mother was one of his victims
  • NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPENvon Katrin Gebbe (Junafilm)
    Also known asTore Tanzt. Will this Cannes entry be too controversial for submission?
  • TWO LIVESvon Georg Maas & Judith Kaufman (DE/NO,Zinnober Film,  B&T Film)
    Also known asZwei Leben.This film stars Liv Ullman of all people!!!It's about a woman (Juliane Köhler who starred in the German Oscar winnerNowhere in Africa),born to a Norwegian woman and a German soldier who becomes involved in war crime trials.

It's worth noting that the acclaimed Hungarian German coproductionThe Notebookwhich was suggested to be in the runningby some outletsis being submitted by Hungary so it can't be the German submission.

Patrick,a German reader thinks that it would be a surprise if they passed onOH BOYwhich has been a major hit in Germany at the end of 2012.But since it's a black and white contemporary film and youth sensation it's no automatic draw when it comes to appealing to Oscar's foreign language voters who are,it's important to remember,a volunteer group culled from all the branches.Anecdotally speaking,they skew even older than the typical Oscar demographic because they have to have a lot of free time to attend a least a couple dozen screenings from the long long submissions list (which is broken up into 3 sections so that each member doesn't have to watch all 60+ entries).For Germany,Oh Boy,is also facing the potential problem thatThe Hunthas for Denmark.It's not "new" if the decision-makers have a fresh love...

I wouldn't be surprised if they went withTwo Lives(trailer above) given Liv Ullman and Juliane Köhler's Oscar histories but the only director in the nine finalists that's previously been submitted is Marc Rothemund (The Girl With Nine Wigs).His filmSophie Schollwas an Oscar nominee in the 2005 race.

They'll announce their submission on August 27th.What do you think it will be?

P.S.I promised some trivia so here we go...

a few German winners: Emil Jannings,Luise Rainer and Hans Zimmer

  • Germany's most frequently submitted director is (drum roll please)Wim Wenderswho has been submitted only three times (The American Friend,Wings of Desire,andPina).None of those famous films were nominated in this category.Wenders has better luck with the documentary branch where he's won two nominations (Pina,Buena Vista Social Club).Several other directors are tied with two submissions each.
  • Germany holds two important "firsts"for the acting Oscars.亚博主页The first actor ever handed an Oscar was Emil Jannings forThe Way of All Flesh.Less than a decade later Luise Rainer became the first actor of either gender to win two Oscars.亚博主页Since she did that in the late 30s Hollywood lied about Rainer's provenance and claimed she was from Austria.
  • The category that loves Germans most is Art Direction (31 nominations and 7 wins) but weirdly no German has been nominated there since 1972 whenCabarettook home the gold in that category.
  • Hollywood's favorite German currently,if you subtract Christoph Waltz,is Hans Zimmer a frequent nominee forBest Original Score.[cue: loud Inceptionbwaaaaaaa♫ here]
  • The last German film to win the Oscar wasThe Lives of Others(2006),one of the most popular winners in this category in recent years.