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Sharon Tate inThe Fearless Vampire Killers

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Aug 21 2018

Is this the end for "Harlots"?

by Nathaniel R

There wasn't enough interest to continue our lengthy "Harlots"write-ups but dayumn,y'all are missing out if you're still now watching.The show is absolutely a smorgasbord of actressing.Season 2 initially felt like the Lesley Manville show after Season 1's Samantha Morton flavor buteveryone in the castis vying for queen of this deliciously talented pool of fascinating women in season 2.Tomorrow night is the season finale.

I do wonder sometimes if the writers are writing this show into a corner,though.How can it continue for a third season  -- if renewed *bites nails* --  given what's happened to the characters?With hangings,stabbings,whippings,betrayals,and general abundance of emotional scarring it feels like there will soon be no one left intact?Or is the nihilism the end game and this is a series finale tomorrow?Season 2 isn't as much "fun"as Season 1,and given what's transpired the show has probably left "fun"behind for good,but it's still dynamite drama.Watch it.And bless Morton,Manville,Liv Tyler,Jessica Brown Findlay,and the rest of the cast for investigating the psyches of these bruised angry witty sexual women.

Jul 28 2018

Harlots (S2:E3-4) Raging and Conspiring in the Pleasure Gardens

by Nathaniel R

Episode 3
Official Synopsis: "Margaret must focus on business but a visit to the Pleasure Gardens leads to an unexpected confrontation.Charlotte tries to secure a powerful ally and gain Margaret's approval,while Lucy falls under Fallon's spell."
Minor Characters Rising: Noah Webster (Eric Kofi-Abrefa)...the tavern Mr.North frequents and Emily & Charlie's new brothel offer intriguing new possibilities for the show.
Our Take:What an episode!Every character is in play,and all of them are brought together under one roof (not literally - it's the first episode that takes place mostly outdoors!).On the surface it's all eye candy,flirtations,and the business of "pleasure".But the complicated and dangerously flimsy interior construction is built from personal intrigue and conflicted emotions and it might not be able to withstand all these dangerous games...

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Jul 25 2018

Harlots (S2:E1-2) New Law,Old Profession

Previously:HarlotsSeason 1 Review

by Nathaniel R

Jessica Brown Findlay,the jewel of "Harlots"

Season 2 kicked off with two disruptive episodes back-to-back,throwing previous power hierarchies into disarray.A relentless new Justice throws the once powerful Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville) into prison which sets off several plotlines including a new brothel run by Quigley's son Charles (Dougie McMeeken) and Emily Wells (Holli Dempsey).The show is moving with such speed that it's difficult to keep up with these working women.But we shall try since we want everyone watching this show to ensure a third season!The actressing is even more involving the second time around with new cast members,new alliances,and the masterstroke of adding the undersung Liv Tyler to the cast.

A quick review of the first two episodes before the fourth hits tonight so we'll have to have another post soon on episodes 3 and 4.It's so tough to keep up with these working girls and the 'culls' who can't get enough of them...

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Jul 15 2018

Harlots - Season One Review

by Nathaniel R

Morton and Manville face off every week in "Harlots"

The underdiscussed Hulu showHarlotshas returned for a second season.Since we didn't cover the first (having discovered it so late) but want to cover the show going forward here is a quickie through the first season with our coin pouch out to tip the ladies.Harlotsis not without a few wrenching dramatic moments but it's a helluva lot less depressing thanThe Handmaid's Tale.But back to the show in which women have more power of their own bodies,even if they're self-exploiting them for meager economic gains or survival in a sexist world.If you aren't watchingHarlots,please do.We really think it's right up the alley of TFE readers.There be much actressing!

But if you need more info before you watch here's a quick synopsis / review of Season 1 (without much in the way of spoilers)...

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May 22 2018

Why did no one tell us about "Harlots"?

There's so much TV these days and so many streaming channel options that it's easy to miss all sorts of juicy series.Case in point: Hulu's "Harlots"which pits Oscar-nominated geniuses Lesley Manville and Samantha Morton against each other as brothel madames at war in late 18th century London.

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