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Holiday box office- does anybody go to the movies on Labor Day?

"I saw "Scary Stories....".A horror anthology aimed at kids it was fun but the kids seemed a bit familiar- we already met them in "Stranger Things"and especially "It""-Jaragon

"Worked the weekend so didn't get to the movies but I did see Jude Law in a tiny white speedo in the preview forThe Young Popeand enjoyed it very much." -Ready

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Mar 13 2017

Interview: Ritesh Batra on "The Sense of an Ending"

Ritesh Batra,a 37 year old director from Mumbai,is in New York when we speak,not far from the editing room.He's just finished a shoot in Colorado for what will be his third feature in four years (Our Souls at Night).He hasn't yet decided where he'll be next but he has a lot of options.His debut filmThe Lunchbox(2013),a bittersweet romance set in Mumbai starring Irrfan Khan,put him on the map.For his follow up,a somewhat surprising move: the British literary adaptation of Julian Barnes bestseller "The Sense of an Ending,"which just opened in limited release.

The Sense of an Endingconcerns a divorced shop owner Tony (Jim Broadbent / Billy Howle) who is suddenly preoccupied with memories of his youth and his first love Veronica (Charlotte Rampling / Freya Mavor) after receiving news that her mother (Emily Mortimer) has died.His ex-wife and confidante Margaret (Harriet Walter) can't understand what's throwing him so much about this news as Tony turns the memories over and over again in his head.

We spoke with Ritesh about the difference between working with movie stars and unknowns,and how to make memory work onscreen.The interview is after the jump...

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Aug 24 2015

Miscellania: Tarantino's Quotes,Horror's ROI,and Crown's Actors

Dan Callahaninterviews Ingrid Bergman's daughters for her centennial
VultureQuentin Tarantino interviewed.He likes the films of the Duplass Brothers,lovesThe Newsroom(um,okay?) and disses on Cate Blanchett and Oscar Bait.
Salonis Daniel (Ralph Macchio) the real bully inThe Karate Kid?A contrarian reading
Planet MoneyHorror films continue to be the best return on investments for producers
AV Clubrumor has it that George Miller is being courted forMan of Steel 2.Danger!There's no way Warner Bros would let him go as expectation averse wild with that franchise as he allowed himself to go with his own franchise for Fury Road
Grantlandrising screenwriter Max Landis (yes,son of John) talksAmerican Ultra,studio franchises versus original material and admits he "despised"Jurassic World

Salontalks to Gaby Hoffman (Transparent,Girls) about her unique roles of late
Mashablenow superheroes are even entering the beauty industry with face mask treatments
Varietynames ten actors to watch but some of them have been with us a long time like mumbling Emory Cohen (he's got a huge role inBrooklynlater this year,and thankfully he's dumped the mumbling and excessive tics for that one) or are couple of years into it likeShort Term 12's Keith Stanfield.Glad to see Tessa Thompson (Dear White People) and Bel Powley (Diary of a Teenage Girl) on the list
Empirethe great Alfre Woodard joins the cast of Luke Cage for Netflix in a very big role
Film School Rejectson the best shows of the summer coming from the most unlikely places (like USA's Mr Robot or Lifetime's UnReal).But maybe they kill their own argument with MTV's "Scream"which I keep hearing is truly terrible.

About Male Privilege and Hollywood's Resistance to Female Directors
/Filmgood essay with very solid points on the lack of female directors being offered big studio jobs and Colin Trevorrow's recent responses about the problem.He clearly means well but his response is naive - suggested that women have too much integrity is a bit too flatteringly sexist -- like a 'but women are sugar and spice and too noble to lower themselves thusly!'

Off Cinema
The Hugo Awardsthis year's sci-fi literary awards had all sorts of drama with shady ballot stuffing and conscientious objecting to said ballot stuffing and so on so they've elected "no awards"in several categories.But big winners were Marvel's "Ms.Marvel"for graphic story "Guardians of the Galaxy"& "Orphan Black"for the drama prizes.The top prize for Best Novel went to "The Three Body Problem".
Boy Culture"Beat it,I'm Madonna"a great video mashup of Michael Jackson & Madonna
VimeoPenis painting the Queen and Princess Diana.No really.And obviously NSFW

Actors in The Regular News
Varietyturns out one of the all time best French actors was on that Amsterdam to Paris train that was attacked.He sounded the alarm.Well done,Jean-Hugues Anglade.
The Wrapsad about this - Rosie O'Donnell's 17 year old mixed up with drugs,a 25 year old alleged heroin dealer arrested for endangerment of minor.And Rosie just played a sad mom with a troubled teen daughter onThe Fosters.

Netflix is making a seriesThe Crownabout the early reign of Queen Elizabeth.Helen Mirren had to step down from her signature role this time since the series takes place when she was but 21 years of age and inherited the thrown.Claire Foy,who played Anne Boleyn inWolf Hall,plays the royal.People magazine has photosbut they don't share this one so I thankKevin Dalyfor providing.It's John Lithgow as Winston Churchill and the wondrous screen bitch Harriet Walter as someone...not sure who.

Loveher.And she doesn't get enough credit.She's so terrifically callous inSense & Sensibility(1995) and we've seen her several times in other costume dramas:Young Victoria,Downton Abbey,Cheri,A Royal Affair.