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"I'm with Murtada and Nathaniel thatMidSommarjust doesn't come together.鉴于在遗传的you can see the connection between the characters' strained family and the horror that befalls them,I still haven't figured out what a bad relationship has to do with Swedish cults."-埃文

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10月 22 2018

Stage Door: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


你的想法是可以原谅的,as I did way back in 2013 when it was first revealed aHarry Potterplay was in development,那个哈利波特和被诅咒的孩子那将是一场彻底的灾难。The last time a stage show based on a billion-dollar book and film franchise requiring inspired technical elements opened on Broadway,it was Julie Taymor's legendarily disastrous蜘蛛侠:关掉黑暗,请a production plagued by poor decisions and bad luck from the start.当你还在怀疑的时候Cursed Childopened in London in 2016,and reports from the West End were nearly all rapturous.After all,划船和波特是国宝,所以可以肯定的是,英国人可能有点不合时宜,正确的?

Well,dear reader,我是来告诉你相信那些炒作…


六月 11 2018

Tony Awards 2018 in Review

Thirteen random thoughts on last night's Tony Awards.

•格伦达·杰克逊在20世纪70年代赢得了艾美奖和两项奥斯卡奖,但在表演中断了30年之后,亚博主页她以托尼的胜利回来了,giving her the Triple Crown!

•记住,当梅丽莎·麦卡锡为赢得艾美奖而让大家大吃一惊时。胖子的爱情that one year?After the shock wore off everyone collectively decided that the Television Academy gave her that prize because ofBridesmaids同一季节。I kinda think this is what happened with Laurie Metcalf winning a second consecutive Tony -- this time for三个高个子女人在一个类别中,人们希望去别的地方。不是那个三个高个子女人没有出色的表演,but we're guessing her miracle performance in伯德夫人helped put her over the finish line.We're choosing to interpret it as Tony voters slapping Oscar's hand.Oscar deserved a slap for that one...


五月 05年 2017年

Links: Born Sexy Yesterday,作为自我实现,还有更多……

Pajibagird your loins - Dan Stevens is in everything
Tracking BoardDiane Keaton,简·方达,and Candice Bergen to co-star in a comedy about a book club reading50 Shades of Grey是吗?这可能是可怕的或可怕的……或两者兼而有之。不管结果如何,we're there!
Coming SoonFocus has acquired the new Jason Reitman / Charlize Theron collaborationTully但我们必须把它从奥斯卡排行榜上删除。It's not coming until Spring 2018 now

AV俱乐部NBC greenlights its first two series of the new year,其中一个曾经被称为Drama High(and sounds like it has potential) is now calledRise.Why does Hollywood love to go from specific to generic titles?Are their studies that show that generic titles do better or is it fear of specificity?
/胶卷马维尔的第一张照片The Inhumans已经被释放了,男孩是不是没什么吸引力。I've always loved Medusa but you really shouldn't be able to tell that it's such an obvious and stiff looking wig since the character is so tied up in her hair!我是说,couldn't they have gotten RuPaul's wig designers to do it if they wanted something both outlandishand真好看?

Tony Season
戏剧狂热希望明年能主宰原剧的色调,哈利波特和被诅咒的孩子has announced an opening for the tail end of eligibility in 2018
海报did you know that Audrey Hepburn won her Tony Award the same WEEK as her Oscar?那不是疯了吗?She won the Oscar for Roman Holiday on March 25th,1954 and then the Tony forOndineon March 28th!
最后期限阿弥陀佛,请a New Musical,请根据奥斯卡提名的法国古典音乐,is the first casualty of the Tony nominations,announcing its Broadway closing date for May 21st after a short run and zero nominations.
百老汇世界尽管托尼的表现令人失望(2次提名)Anastasia,based on the 90s animated movie musical,announces a world tour.拥有这样一个知名的“品牌”是有帮助的。进去。(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,请被批评家们猛烈抨击,没有得到托尼的提名,在票房和巡回演出方面都做得很好)
THR托尼提名的奇闻轶事包括劳里·梅特卡夫(Laurie Metcalf)关于罗莎娜·雷维亚尔(Roseanna Revival)的提议和莎莉·菲尔德(Sally Field)的讨论,当她发现自己作为一个年轻女孩的号召时,她感觉得到了释放:

这不是我一天决定的事情,也不是我一天回到过去的事情。当我12岁的时候,我很幸运地在一所仍有戏剧艺术系的学校里找到了一个舞台。And something inside of me changed,醒来,I could hear my own voice for the first time when I was onstage,and then when I would get offstage I had to be all the things that little girls in the '50s had to be,所有的一切都回到了盒子里。But when I got onstage I could be all the things I wasn't allowed to be anywhere else,所以我能听到自己的声音。


Exit Video
Got 18 minutes?That might seem like a lot but this video essay really is compelling.It names a sci-fi fantasy trope that I haven't personally seen named before but which is as familiar as they come.He calls it "Born Sexy Yesterday"and it's all about the way genre fiction infantilizes women so that men are their natural superior.

At the very least it will make you rethink mermaid and sexy android movies,第五要素andSplasha little bit.

Apr 14 2017年


新系列!Three Fittings celebrates costume design in the movies.The number is necessary self-restraint for we love the art of costuming too much.


亲爱的读者:I didn't think I'd ever need to see神奇的野兽以及在哪里找到它们(2016).I thought,solid reasoning given the golden trajectory of most franchises,that Oscar would want to move on after a year of regular craft nominations for the series.I thought,surely they'd never hand one of them an actual Oscar if they hadn't done so by now.But in the interest of completism,after Colleen Atwood's generous fourth statue for costuming this particular movie and its bluray release,I caught up.


While Atwood does unusually understated work (for her),服装比你想象的要少得多(大约每人一件,two per woman).猜猜为什么他们在幻想中投票支持这种自信的极简主义,而不是在Jackie,请the primary color bliss of then-frontrunnerLa La Land,the erotic glamour ofAllied,and the flouncy Most-ness of佛罗伦萨,请几乎不可能。

Nevertheless,here are three key looks to discuss:


Nov 21岁 2016年


Jason fromMNPP这是这个星期的Beauty vs Beast他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”-- tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of Disney's magnificentBeauty and the Beast,请which is my favorite animated movie of theirs and I have a feeling I'm not alone in feeling that way.我的意思是贝尔显然是最伟大的迪斯尼公主,Gaston is clearly the sexiest villain,and THAT LIBRARY.对,是的,and YASSSSSS.

在与艾玛·沃森和丹·史蒂文斯(更不用说没有头发的卢克·埃文斯)重拍真人秀之前还有几个月的时间。我觉得这很奇怪,是不是现在就在这里,at this anniversary and in time for the holidays,would've been the perfect time to drop the film?Well nobody asked me to run Disney (not yet anyway) so I suppose they will make their own decisions - if I was running Disney and someone had come to me suggesting they remake perfection I probably would've beaten them out of my office with the nearest candlestick anyway.

以前神奇的野兽won the weekend box office handily but more importantlyHarry Potter kicked Voldemort's butt在上周的比赛中,taking just under 80% of your votes.SaidLadyEdith以下内容:

"Jason you are definitely hitting a nerve here,I've been using a lot of惠普for this election.Hermione was a great stand in for A student Hillary Clinton.Considering the rise of death eaters I think more of us are choosing Harry."

Nov 14 2016年

Beauty vs Beast: Before the Beasts

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "let's retreat into fantasy for sanity's sake"edition of "Beauty vs Beast他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”-- you probably saw some people,maybe you were one of them,sharing aHarry Pottermeme this week in the wake of the US election.很及时,在Potterverse中的下一个条目是什么?第一个神奇动物在哪里系列,开放,我们可能会有麻瓜。在我们的脑海里。

But JK Rowling's fictional creation helped us sort through the Bush years and so it's no surprise that a horcrux joke or two would make their way into the conversation.The series was always explicitly political.所以,让我们今天再一次将目光转向善恶之争,在朋友之间寻求一些小小的安慰……

以前One week ago we lived in a different place (what would you give to go back there right about now),one where I felt fine making a bold Hillary Clinton prediction (it was my arrogance that ruined everything,毫无疑问)while joking aboutAlexander Payne'sElection- well the blonde political spitfire Tracy Flick at least got her landslide,超过70%的选票。SaidRow-bin以下内容:

"This is one of two movies I actually enjoy Matthew Broderick in,but Tracy Flick is one of the best realized performances I've ever seen out of Reese Witherspoon.She's so unapologetic in knowing what she wants and is such a great example of well-roundedness in a character."

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