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"Scary Storiesis fun but not exactly great.It also has a confused but very intriguing relationship with history"-Dave

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Mar 30 2019

The Once and Future Link

/FilmTom Hanks to play Elvis Presley's shady manager Colonel Tom Parker in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming Elvis biopic.Thankfully Baz is looking for a complete unknown for Elvis himself
Towleroadthis is awesome.Gay rights hero Harvey Milk is now on the tail fits of Norwegian Airlines.And to think he can't even get a national holiday in the US.We are so behind sometimes!
Shadowplaysome fun thoughts on John Boorman'sExcaliburas "The Ridiculous"
MNPP"do dump or marry"Matrixanniversary edition

More after the jump including the awesomeness of Eva Green,the fate of X-Men movies,an Alien high school production,and filmmaker interviews...

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May 22 2017

Today's 5: Mother...Father...girl in the pit...

Five mood boosting assignments culled from showbiz anniversaries today.Try these exercizes at home won't you,and report back?Nobody does but I'm dying to hear stories on how it went!

May 22nd

2011The 64th Cannes Film Festival closed with Christopher Honore's sorta musicalThe Belovedstarring Ludivine Sagnier and Catherine Deneuve.Terence Malick'sThe Tree of Lifewon the Palme d'Or,Nicolas Winding Refn was Best Director forDriveand Kristen Dunst took Best Actress forMelancholia,and Jean Dujardin won Best Actor forthe Artistonly to repeat the win at the Oscars several months later.亚博主页

InThe Tree of Life's honor today: perform a very monologue alone in nature about your mother and father.If you don't have nature near you,say it to a plant.

More after the jump including a curious Nicole Kidman and a Bonded Grace Jones...

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Oct 24 2014

Posterized: Best Documentary Winners of the Past 30 Years

THE TIME OF HARVEY MILK (1984),a true classic.Have you seen it?
If there's anything that makes me feel unsophisticated when it comes to the cinema it's my general relationship to documentaries.Like your average movie consumer (non cinephile division) I only see them if the subject matter interests me.If there were a narrative equation wouldn't that be "i'll only see this or that genre"?And ewww,that's not the way to be.Variety is always best when consuming art.Man cannot live by multi-quandrant blockbusters OR art films alone.

Over the years as The Film Experience has expanded we've given more space to documentaries largely because Glenn & Amir are obsessed with them.亚博主页So for today's Posterized,a special edition surveying the last 30 years of the Best Documentary Feature category.I went back that far becauseThe Times of Harvey Milk(1984)is basically one of my favorite things that I've ever seen in my life and I wanted to know if YOU have seen it.I enjoyed Milk (2008) a lot when it came out but it was very deja vu since so much of it was in this great film.

Anyway,I'm taking an informal survey to gauge your interest in this type of movie (and it's adjacent Oscar category) in the comments so do tell.How many of these Oscar winners have you seen?There's actually 31 of them in the past 30 years since there was one tie.I have only seen 10 which I am embarrassed to admit as an Oscar pundit but there it is.I am not a total completist each year.Most of these films are available on DVD still though sadly not many are streaming.


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Aug 29 2014

'Common Threads',and Oscar's History with LGBT Documentaries

Today isWear It Purple Day,which asks people to simply wear the color purple in support of LGBT equality.It's appropriate then that we continue our celebration of1989today with a look at that year's Oscar winner for Best Documentary.Glennis joined in a conversation by friend of The Film Experience and doco-expert亚博主页Daniel Walber,writer forNonficsandFilm School Rejects.

Glenn:Daniel,thank you for joining us.While I would obviously love to hear your thoughts on the film,I think I would be just as interested to hear about how well you thinkCommon Threads: Stories from the Quiltsits amongst Oscar's documentary history.So few films about gay issues have even been nominated,yet alone won (the only other winner of its kind isThe Times of Harvey Milk,also by Rob Epstein),but doesCommon Threadshold up as a winner?And furthermore,given just one year later they ignoredParis is Burning,does it strike you as just a case of voters simply going for a subject matter that they felt was Important and Worthy rather than any genuine interest in LGBT issues?

Daniel:That's a fascinating question.I'm not sure a movie with the precise scope and loose style ofParis Is Burningwould have appealed to the Academy no matter what it was about.They didn't go forGrey Gardenseither.Common Threadswas definitely helped by the gravity and capital-I Importance of its subject,but I also think it holds up well as a film. Epstein knows what he's doing,and this one has just as powerful an emotional arc asHarvey Milk.The device of zooming in on panels of the quilt to introduce stories feels a tad schlocky at first,particularly with theBobby McFerrin musicunderneath,but it wasn't long before I was won over by its genuine affection and understanding for its subjects.Perhaps there's some consternation that it beatFor All Mankind[for the Oscar],which I know still has a great reputation (I haven't seen it),but I do thinkCommon Threadsdeserved the attention.

How to Survive a Plague,The Celluloid Closetand Film vs TVafter the jump.

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May 22 2014

Mm Mm Oh Oh...I'm All Linked Up

TowleroadHarvey Milk stamp unveiling live at 3PM today!
John August's screenwriting podcast talks to the professionals about writing superheroes,masculinity and rebooting past franchises.Featuring: Conan the Barbarian,Captain America and Batman among others
The AV Clubsuggests that the only appropriate director for the Elvis biopic is...David Lynch?

It's an almost biblical rags-to-riches tale infused with elements of horror,farce,and even science fiction,and while many have tried to bring it to the screen,there's yet to be a definitive biopic.

Veritélooks back at naughty precode gemJewel Robbery(1932) with William Powell and Kay Francis
Gawkermore 'celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves' feat.Julia,McConaughey,and Emma Stone
MadonnaramaV magazine features Katy Perry and Madonna in conversation for their summer spectacular
In ContentionI forgot to mentionThe Searchin my Cannes collection last night,so here's Guy Lodge on that reported misfire from the team behindThe Artist
ExtraAngelina Jolie & Brad Pitt promise that their reunion will be "experimental and raw"...though that means so many different things to different people.I think she basically means low-budget and human-oriented
Empirefor a limited time you can listen to the original score of the originalGodzilla(1954) byAkira Ifukube

Two Essentials
Are you a struggling actor?Bitter Gertrude's "Why You Didn't Get Cast"is a must read about the casting and the audition process and building a career in a competitive field.I used to work in Human Resources and I would tell my friends these same things many times about non-showbiz job hunts.

Remember that absurd moment when Tom Cruise jumped up and down on that couch on Oprah?Amy Nicholson in a great long read over at LA Weekly  called "How YouTube and Internet Journalism Destroyed Tom Cruise,Our Last Real Movie Star,"posits that it didn't happen.Not in the way we remember it at all.A provocative read even if you don't believe that Cruise was our 'last real movie star' (which I do not,while conceding that movie starsthatlarge are rare beasts.)

Apr 02 2014

Link of All Media

big screen
TowleroadJames Franco to plan an ex-gay activist in a new Gus Van Sant film
GuardianRussell Crowe meets with the Archbishop of Canterbury forNoah.The things people will do for movie promotion,I tell you
EmpireCake,a Jennifer Aniston movie about a pain support group,lines up a huge cast of acclaimed actors including Anna Kendrick (highly in demand lately...so many new projects)
AV Clubtalks to former child star Haley Joel Osment who is apparently in the next Kevin Smith picture

In Contentionvery minor new details emerge on Meryl Streep'sRicki & the Flash(which we were just discussing)
EmpireBrad Pitt is doing yet another World War II movie after that upcoming tank drama.This will be his third in a handful of years.
THRreports on casting forMonster Truck,which is described as having a "TransformersmeetsGremlinsvibe".Yikes.One of those is pleasurable at least
Coming SoonToby Kebbell wins the Doctor Doom role in the upcomingFantastic Four
/bentrumors flying that producers of the upcomingBelushibiopic are panicking about Ellen Page's coming out.Dumb.Seriously people do not care about this.They don't.They only care in a think piece on the internet kind of way which is to say it's not going to affect anyone's ticket purchase.
PajibaandFilm School Rejectsboth have cute articles about body-swapping yesterday (I musta missed the memo that this was a thing connected to April Fools Day?) viaFace/OffandFreaky Fridayand more.Sadly there's no gif for Tom Hanks inBigbut I do still remember his reaction to waking up in an adult body
Forbeson why Warner Bros/DC doesn't need to do like Disney/Marvel does with its superhero universe.This article is 4 times as long as it needs to be since you get literallyallof its points in the first few hundred words (but it's good to fight against common wisdom) but maybe it's actually a satire about the repetitiveness of padded franchise culture?

no screen
SlateI don't know music theory (though,as previously noted,I can play the piano) but I thought this article about Lady Gaga's enduring "Bad Romance"was interesting.
NMECourtney Love thinks a Kurt Cobain Broadway musical is very likely to happen
/FilmYesWickedstill wants to be a movie.Spring Awakening,too.An update.

Towleroadand can I say I'm thrilled that Harvey Milk finally got a stamp."Forever"is right,US Postal Service!The gay rights pioneer and awesome subject of not one but two Oscar-winning films (The Times of Harvey MilkandMilkfrom 1984 and 2008,respectively,was super deserving thanks for asking)

small screen
i09first commercial for Extant,Halle Berry's new TV project
VarietyPeabody Award winners include Scandal,Orphan Black,and House of Cards
Sorta That GuyandThe WireandThe Wrapand seemingly EVERYONE else online on the series finale ofHow I Met Your Mother.A lot more people in the universe seemed interested in that I could have ever imagined.I've seen only 6 or 7 episodes over the years from varying seasons and thoughtnonewere anywhere better than "okay"

Today's Must Love
This one took me a split second to get but it gave me such lol'ing joy.Hat tip toRufus MayhemandHayden Wright...