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May 21 2020

1947: Agnes Moorehead in "Dark Passage" and "The Lost Moment"

by Nick Taylor

寻找伟大的表演的奥斯卡的历史书以外的一种方法是仅仅在什么伟大的品格女演员他们一天的检查都忙着做除了没有得到应有的。1947年只是举几个例子,你不能去错玛丽·阿斯特,温暖和同情为体弱多病的伊丽莎白·泰勒的母亲Cynthia, and even better at nimbly flipping through the morally compromised history of a saloon-owner afraid her daughter will run away with a dangerous man inDesert Fury. There’s also Elsa Lanchester as the housemaid inThe Bishop’s Wife,所以piquantly敏锐的角色经常邀请stooging。但是,如果我们谈论的支持女演员,肯定是第一站的人寻求好莱坞经典的重物质是阿格尼丝穆尔黑德。穆尔黑德的表演ñ黑暗的过道失落的瞬间were my first stops after completing Oscar’s lineupin preparation for the Smackdown.

The more famous of Moorehead’s two films in 1947 was黑暗的过道, best known as the third of four films Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall made together...

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