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"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Dec 05 2018

Toni Collette is a high-wire artist.Also loves "Roma"

by Nathaniel R

The Film Experience had the pleasure of a lengthy one-on-one chat with the inimitable Toni Collette yesterday after a screening and reception for her new horror classic亚博主页Hereditary.We'll publish the whole interview in a few days but we thought we'd share a tidbit she thoughtfully e-mailed afterwards.You see during our chat,we had mentioned thatthey(the proverbial they) always say that actors are an insecure lot but this couldn't possibly be true of her.Wouldn't you have to be supremely confident about your gifts to attack high-wire material likeHereditaryor the new miniseriesWanderlust?If you stop to think about it both of those provocative projects,one about multi-generational family trauma and the other about long-term intimacy and sexuality,essentially live or die based on the complexity of the central performance.

Our conversation took a detour after that so she sent us this note...

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Dec 04 2018

Prime in December: Mrs Maisel,Hereditary,and All the President's Men

Time to play Streaming Roulette.Each month,to survey new streaming titles we freeze frame the films at random places.Whatever comes up first,that's what we share -- no cheating.What does Amazon Prime offer us this month?Let's survey...

[Librarian voice on line] Mr Bernstein,I was wrong.The truth is I don't have a card that says Mr Hunt took any material.I don't remember getting -- Idoremember getting material from someone but it wasn't Mr.Hunt.The truth is I didn't have any requests at all from Mr.Hunt.The truth is I don't know any Mr.Hunt.[CLICK]

All the President's Men(1976)
Winner of four Oscars including Best Screenplay for William Goldman (亚博主页who we were just discussing).The best picture line up of 1976 is so delicious,isn't it?All the Presiden't Men,Bound for Glory,Network,Rocky,Taxi Driver.I mean most Best Picture lineups wish!

-Moldy mildew mother of mouth-muck,dangle and strangle to death!
-Oh how rude!

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Jul 06 2018

C O N S I D E R - Best of the First Half of the Film Year

by Nathaniel R

For our halfway mark party we've coveredbiggest hits of multiple kinds,favorite actresses,andfavorite actors.To be eligible for these "best ofs / favorites"whatever you'd like to call them lists,a film must have been released from January 1st through June 30th in 2018.Oscar holdovers likeLoveless(Russia's nominee) don't count because the Oscar nomination permanently marks them as a 2017 film even though they weren't released until 2018.To conclude our halfway mark year in review party,here are seven favs from each category we hope Oscar will at least think about once the onslaught of fall prestige films happen. So,ready?Here we go...

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Jul 06 2018

C O N S I D E R - Actresses of 2018,First Half of Year

With the year half over,it's time to look back on the first six months and what treasures they brought us.Here are the 18 performances by actresses we treasured most at the moviesthus farthis year.We've previously shared thebiggest hits in multiple categoriesat the box office and18 fav performances by male actors.We hope you'll sound off on these and share a few of your own in the comments...and we hope this list serves as a reminder to Oscar and Globe and SAG voters that amazing performances can happy at any time of the year.Why wait til December to startconsideringyour "Best of"ballot?

Disclaimer: before we begin I should note that there were a few key bits of actressing I have not yet seen that might have factored in like performances fromGame Night,The Seagull,orHearts Beat Loud.

Okay here we go...

(Jan 1st - June 30th releases)

Toni Colletteas "Annie"inHereditary
What can we add to the already robust conversation around her brilliance?The nuanced construction is a marvel: she's giving you a portrait of an artist's idiosyncractic point of view and convictions,an adult child's contemptuous grief and anger about her parents,and,best of all,her own not always pleasant relationship to mothering.She does all of that while peppering in alarming details that prepare you for the climax.And the crescendo of this star turn!Movies are shot out of sequence which makes this performance even more of a wow.

Rachel McAdamsas "Esti Kuperman"
andRachel Weiszas "Ronit Krushka"inDisobedience
McAdams is in fine form as a woman who's repressed her sexuality for years and surprises with sharp glimpses into the woman that could have been or once was in younger form.But Weisz is holding the whole picture together with a complex take on a more self-actualized woman who nevertheless struggles with intimacy and with reconciling the first half of her life (religious) with the second (secular).It's right up there with her work inConstant GardenerandDeep Blue Seaas the holy trinity of her career.

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Jul 06 2018

Blueprints: "Hereditary"

This week,Jorgedives into how the setting and character introductions made this one of the most unsettling movies in years.

Horror films are far scarier when they are grounded by real fears.Sure,a ghost flying towards you or the sight of a little girl head's spinning are objectively terrifying.But when a character's terror reflects the way we have felt at dire points,the horror movie seeps into our own lives,suddenly tangible.

Hereditaryis as much of a family melodrama as it is a horror film.Its scariness doesn't rely on a supernatural force (although there is one),or on gory and violent imagery (though there's definitely some of that).The horror taps into the dynamics and secrets of family life.It takes regular fraught human emotions and raises them to unbearable levels...

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Jun 17 2018

Tweetweek: Hereditary and Wonder Woman '84

After the jump woman of a 1000 faces,all the funny reactions to Hereditary,Wonder Woman 1984,and more...

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