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RIPPeter Fonda

"He should've totally won the Oscar for his sensitive and subtle turn inUlee's Gold"-Claran

"You're right,it is hard to look beyondEasy Riderin most assessments of his career,so it's great to hear more about these other films..."-Edward

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Oct 03 2017


Awards DailyJazz interviews Ali Fazal ofVictoria & Abdul
VarietyRock star Tom Petty was reported dead today but reports may have been premature.Story developing but sounds dire
Coming SoonM Night Shyamalan's sequel toUnbreakablestarring Samuel L Jackson and calledGlassis now shooting
/FilmCharlies Angels,a property which never truly dies but keeps trying to find new relevance,is trying again.They're talking up Lupita Nyong'o and Kristen Stewart for leading roles.Kristen's been doing amazing work lately but she is 100% wrong forCharlie's Angelswhich needs exuberant pop flair when she's all minimalist / sober as an actor. WTH?

Decidersurprise!Gerald's Game,a Stephen King adaptation for Netflix starring Carla Gugino,is good
Coming SoonDaniel Dae Kim's stunt training for theHellboyreboot
/FilmHocus Pocusmoves forward as a TV movie remake - none of the original actors or filmmaking team are involved
David PolandonBlade Runner 2049with no spoilers "It is Aliens to Alien"...whoa,that's high praise
Billboardcomposer Danny Elfman interviewed aboutSuperman's iconic theme (redeployed forJustice League) and his long collaboration with Gus Van Sant
PlaybillJudy Garland's final concert,restored/remastered from 1969 will be released for the first time
i09on why you should be watching theExorcistTV series,back for Season 2
/FilmAmazon still has a lot of work to do to catch up with Netflix and Hulu but they're diving into the sci-fi genre big time

Playbilla new musical version of Roald Dahl'sThe Witches(previously dramatizes wonderfully with Anjelica Huston as the High Witch in the 1990 film) coming to the National Theater of London
Gothamistmore on thePretty Womanmusical coming to Broadway
PlaybilltheMean Girlsmarquee is up on Broadway now.It's not just on Wednesdays when it's pink

funny haha
Electric Literaturewhat 7 classic literary characters' dick pics would look like from Atticus Finch to Jay Gatsby (p.s.this is actually safe for work so go ahead and click if you're at your place of employment)

Oct 29 2016

Bette Midler Just Won Halloween

She dressed up as her own character Winifred Sanderson fromHocus Pocusfora screening yesterday in NYC

I put a spell on you
and now you're mine ♫

Mar 19 2016

Tweetweek: "I'm not one of your fans!"

You know what's weird?I kind of miss Amy Adams.I was so exhausted by her in recent years with all the Hollywood Report roundtables and the easy awards track even for minor work that was forgotten instantly (Big Eyesanyone?).But the year off as well at that recent David O.Russell confessional has made the heart grow fond again.Funny how that can happen.See also Cate Blanchett's short break some years ago.

Which is why we'll start with Amy for this week's collection of a dozen favorite tweets.Tweets featuringA History of Violence,Carol,Vertigo,political hilarity,Joan Crawford and drag queens areafter the jump...

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Oct 04 2013

Accidental Rewatches: Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocushas been on the telly a lot lately.I guess that means it's October?I started to watch but Bette Midler forced me away with her insane voicework.I swear every other word in every line of her dialogue she treats like it's the climax of the sentence AND the movie.It's just impossible to listen to.Good grief that movie is noisy.

And so much mugging!I'm surprised I still had a wallet by the time the credits rolled.

Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker was a silver screen sex symbol?That girl has had so many acts in her career.The comic but non-ironic sex symbol years were inbetween the memorable TV personas from the earlySquare Pegsgeekery and theSex and the CityMega-Icon status.Let's call it the "SanDeE*" years.What a strong stretch that was for her.So many enjoyable performances in mostly good films:L.A.Story,Ed Wood,Honeymoon in Vegas,Til There Was You,Miami Rhapsody,Mars Attacks!,The First Wives Club.

Do you think her career has a fourth act in it?

But back toHocus Pocus...when was the last time you watched it?And do you think the remake/sequel idea that was floated last year is ever going to happen?

Jul 08 2012

Cast This!"Hocus Pocus" Sequel

A new rumor swirling round the internet this weekend is that Disney is considered a sequel toHocus Pocus(1993) that mildly amusing witchy family comedy starring Bette Midler,Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker which was a much bigger success on video than it was in theaters.I remember liking it -- I love funny women trios as I just mentioned -- but wishing it was as funny as we all know all those actresses to be.

Movieholereports that Disney may fast track this new film for release next year and is calling itHocus Pocus: Rise of the Elderwitch./Filmreports that Disney is denying it entirely.The title sounds,to me,like an unecessarily complicated title when modern trends suggest that they'll probably just remake it (excuse me "reboot"it) and attempt a new franchise.

If you were making a magical comedy about three naughty witches,who would you cast?You needreallyfunny girls to live up to Midler,Najimy & Parker and as is the tradition with female comedy trios from9 to 5toWitches of EastwickandHocus Pocusand on through theCharlie's Angelsmovies,you need distinctly different personalities / hair colors.

If you don't includeAri Graynorin your triple wish list,I will never hire you to cast my own debut feature.Go!