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Oct 12 2018

Posterized: Timothée Chalamet

by Nathaniel R

fan posterby sexysapiens'Surely young Timothée doesn't deserve a retrospective "Posterized"episode ?' you say.

'Ah but the young people are much quicker subjects,' say I who likes the prospect of only having to collect a handful of posters this week.

The 22 year-old star Timothée Chalamet was raised in New York with summers in France (his dad is French hence the accented name and his bilingual-ness).As a professional teen actor his first screen gigs were  recurring roles on Season 4 of "Royal Pains"and Season 2 of HBO's then enormously popular "Homeland"series,both in 2012.He hopped over to the movies very shortly thereafter.Though his feature film debut (Men Women and Children) flopped hard it wasn't long before he becamethe third youngest guy ever nominated for the Best Actor Oscarjust last awards season.His new filmBeautiful Boyabout a father and son's torturous battle with the son's drug addicition hit theaters today in very limited release with expansions to follow soon given the starpower.

Chalamet turns 23 in December.Will The Academy give him a belated birthday gift in February forBeautiful Boy?The one they should have given him earlier this year?We don't (currently) think so but you never know.

His filmography in poster form is after the jump.How many have you seen?

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Oct 19 2015

Our Small Screen MVPs of the Week

Who or what was your MVP of this past week on your small screens at home?

We polled Team Experience to share theirs.In this new world of infinite screens and schedules,whether you're bingeing,right up-to-date,or on demand surfing,we're all probably on different time tables so please do share yours as well.

If you watch these shows do you have the same MVPs?

MVPs of the Week

Homeland's Showrunner
Alex Gansa,showrunner ofHomeland,has managed to take a great-show-turned-shitshow and make it thrilling again.I said it.I said thrilling.About late seasonHomeland!?Am I crazy?Maybe.The thing I fear is that it will all fall apart,that three (out of three!) excellent episodes this season will turn,by season's end,into a fluke.But here's what we've got: Characters behaving in ways that don't immediately strike you as utterly stupid.Unpredictability.Twists.Bigger twists.SignatureHomelandfootchases involving losing people in crowds (we all love that,right?).A connection of the CIA to geopolitics that is complex.And I have no idea what Saul Berenson is up to.I mean,I could have given the MVP to Mandy Patinkin just for drumming his fingers,but there's so much going on visually,and in the writing,that Alex Gansa is my guy.(I'm recapping weeklyhereif you're so inclined.) -Deborah Lipp

The Flash- Whoever Thought This Callback Up
In a strange reversal of current billion dollar movieverses,Marvel goes dark for television (seeDaredeviland the upcomingJessica Jones) and DC (The Flash/Supergirl) lightens up.The Flash's first season was a shock to the system,in that it was genuinely good: well plotted,bravely silly (Gorilla Grodd anyone?),filled with fizzy action sequences,jokey quips,and an unashamedly sentimental soul (has a lead male in a TV series ever cried as much as Grant Gustin onThe Flash?) in other words: just like a comic book.Season 2 hasn't been as fun but the addition of drama from Earth Two (don't ask) in the form of another Flash Jay Garrick (played by TFE favorite Teddy Sears fromDollhouse/Masters of Sex) is promising.And this joyful bit ripped directly from comic book pages when a victim calls out for Flash and both heroes come running was pure throwback bliss.It was like I was a little kid hungrily flipping comic book pages again.-Nathaniel R

Bob's Burgers's Kristen Schaal
Confession: I love Kristen Schaal.In many circles that is a somewhat controversial stance since her comedy is at times almost intentionally grating (see30 Rockwhich half the time didn't know what to do with her Hazel Wassername).When it's harnessed correctly (seeThe Daily Show,Flight of the Conchords) it is magical to behold.Seeing as her comedy so depends on her distinctive voice (a loony rubber band of a squeal) it's no surprise she's found success doing voiceover work (in theToy Storyfranchise,in the greatGravity Falls,even in the amazingArcher).But it is her work as Louise Belcher inBob's Burgerswhich may be her crowning achievement.A conniving,no-nonsense,entrepreneurial nine year old whose adult schemes are hilariously at odds with her signature pink rabbit-ears hat,Louise prides herself on being the smartest person in the room.The latest episode,"Hauntening",where her parents attempt to give her a worthy scare with the world's lamest haunted house was a brilliant showcase for Schaal,as her Louise goes from blasé indifference to outright fright by the end of the episode.-Manuel Betancourt

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Chelsea Peretti
When Captain Holt was transferred out of the 99 at the end of season two,and Gina Linetti loyally followed him out the door,devotees of TV's most reliable sitcom feared the worst.But of course the show wasn't going to let its two most valuable characters (give or take Rosa Diaz) go that easily,and if nothing else,the third season's initial episodes have made their contrived inclusions of the pair's new office a chance for Gina to exercise her superiority over everyone in the vicinity."Gina Linetti,"she introduces herself at one meeting,"the human form of the 100 emoji."Stand-up comedienne Chelsea Peretti has been acing this part from the very beginning,giving Gina a confidence that never seems arrogant despite almost complete narcissism.Whenever she speaks,her self-love seems completely genuine,because it is completely valid,but Peretti also roots it in an unspoken sense of the subservience Gina knows most women in her position would likely feel,and makes that rebellion even more empowering.Brooklyn Nine-Nine's most surprising strength is its variety of strong female characters in a workplace not typically kind to females,and Gina Linetti,despite her stereotypical role,is the crown emoji.-David Upton

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Musical Numbers
The pilot of the CW'sCrazy Ex-Girlfrienddoes not get off to the strongest possible start.But then,about ten minutes or so in,protagonist Rebecca Bunch (the supremely GIF-able Rachel Bloom) bursts into song,singing the praises of "West Covina,California"- the sun-dappled home of her former summer camp boyfriend Josh,who she not-entirely-accidentally runs into on the streets of NYC.Of course,she decides (much like Felicity before her) to ditch her soul-killing Junior Partnership at a high-powered law firm to follow him.In true movie musical fashion,she moves from the grey-blue streets of NYC to the golden-hued roads of CA over the course of the number,and in so doing kicks the show into high gear.The number just gets funnier and funnier as it goes,until it ends with Rebecca ascending to the heavens on a giant pretzel.It's musical comedy heaven.And that's just the first number.After what happened toSmashandGlee,it's tempting to think that musical series will only disappoint,but right now it looks likeCrazy Ex-Girlfriendis on the glitter-strewn path to greatness.-Dancin Dan

Sep 25 2015

Beauty Break: Alexander Fehling

In a very stacked weekend for new releases -- 10 of them in total with names as big as Anne Hathaway,Andrew Garfield,Robert de Niro,and Ryan Reynolds -- plus expansions for the mountain climbing spectacleEverestand the hotly buzzing Emily Blunt & Benicio del Toro cartel thrillerSicario-- let us draw your attention to one of the smallest,but not the least of the new films and stars.Germany's Foreign Oscar contenderLabyrinth of Liesarrives by way of Sony Pictures Classics.Yes,it's a Holocaust drama* but here's something much less sober to contemplate: the beauty of its leading man Alexander Fehling who you may already recognize fromInglorious Basterds(2009) orYoung Goethe in Love(2010) and who you'll see very in just over a week on the season premiere ofHomeland's 5th season as he joins that series as legal counsel Jonas Happich,Carrie Matheson's new love interest.

But we saw him first,Carrie![More...]

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Sep 20 2015

Emmy Watch: Actress in a Drama Series

Andrew herewith a final Emmy tribute before the Emmy Awards are announced tonight.

When we tallied ourlists of favourite nomineesit was Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series which was the most mentioned category and since all Film Experience writers and readers love actresses we devoted a special post to the category.In a few hours the category will see a new winner that will be historic in some way - a win to put Claire Danes among the most feted in this category?A rare win for a sci-fi show?A win for the first Black actress in this category?The first acting win forMad Menor the first win in a non-guest category for a Netflix show?Although popular vote will eventual coalesce among a single performer,each of these women in their submission reveals something special in their performances worth remembering.And,so,as a tribute to this talented sextet,our writers take a look at each of the nominees.

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Jul 29 2015

Nina Hoss on Searching for the Soul and Identity in 'Phoenix'


In her six films with director Christian Petzold,Nina Hoss has explored the roles women have played in German history during the twentieth century,inJerichowshe played a postmodern femme fatale trying to convince an Afghanistan veteran to kill for her,inWolfsburgshe played a mother being wooed by the man who ran over her son,inBarbarashe was a doctor trying to escape East Germany in the 1980s,and in the post-WWII setPhoenix,which might be their greatest collaboration to date,she plays Nelly,a former cabaret singer who survived a Nazi concentration camp,but was left brutally deformed.As she tries to reclaim her past life through a surgery described as a recreation,rather than a reconstruction,she must come to terms with the fact that she is now living in a world that has very little to do with the one she left behind.

Hoss' layered performance as Nelly is the kind of work that should be garnering awards buzz,as it helps her establish herself as one of the best living actresses,and places her as Petzold's greatest collaborator,rather than his muse.In 2014,English speaking audiences got their first taste of Hoss' brilliance as she managed to steal the show inA Most Wanted ManandHomeland(her character is returning for Season 5) and asPhoenixmakes its Stateside debut,it's about time we all start talking about Hoss more frequently.I had a chance to talk to her to discuss her work in Phoenix and how it relates to classic Hollywood films,as well as her preferred acting method and the career path she might take years from now.

Our interview isafter the jump...

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Aug 28 2013

Short Link 12

Awards Dailyearly twitter reactions to Gravity
Gold Derbyuncovers a beautiful piece of trivia I totally didn't know (that happens less often than I'd like with awardage).IfHomeland's stars both win Emmy again it will be the first time ever for a dual lead consecutive win!
Film Doctor 12unanswered questions aboutThe World's End.I haven't spoken much about the movie but I thought it was the weakest of its trilogy,funny in parts and especially strong in its middle but I thought the opening and closing acts were weak.
Pajibaon Mandy Patinkin (Holla!) coming to grips with his past bad behavior.True little known story: I am a huge Mandy Patinkin fan so this renaissance has been wondrous for me.

Deadlinethe HFPA have made the wisest of decisions and have asked Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host the Golden Globes again.Let's all pray they say yes because the alternatives (*cough* Ricky Gervais) have been ghastly!
ForbesMadonna tops the biggest earners list in Hollywood this year with Steven Spielberg in runner up position
CHUDthePompeiiteaser,skewered in two sentences.
Pop BytesAlexander Skarsgård is an awesome drunk cheerleader.På Svensk!
GuardianPresident Obama joins the plus column forLee Daniels' The Butler
Cinema Blendwonders who Joss Whedon will kill off inThe Avengers: Age of Ultron

I don't normally post straight up advertisements as news as most movie sites do (it feels shameless and also "abuse-me!"crazy since the studios aren't paying you but you're still airing their commercial!) but I hopethis week's double feature from Paramountis really successful so I'm sharing it!

click on the pic to investigate this 2 for 1 offer

(Is this their sneaky way of gettingWWZover the $200 million mark which its been inching towards for weeks)

Double Features,which you almost always have to program yourself as Unofficial pairings,are one of the great joys of moviegoing.It's one reason we use to twin them up inthat Best Pictures series.It would be so perfect if they became a thing again in theaters.Two movies for the price of one!I missedStar Trek Into Darkness(not that I felt its absence) but I likedWorld War Zfar more than my review indicates.I must have been so crabby when I wrote that because it's one of the stickiest movies from summer 2013 with many strong sequences that more than make up for its wobbly seams and the rather blank protagonist...at least he's got the face of Brad Pitt!

And while I'm providing free adspace please know thatShort Term 12(my pet cause of the summer) expands in or to all of these 12 cities on Friday...

Click on the pic for the official site

So do the right thing,make me proud,and round up 12 friends and go see it.

for entertainment purposes only
while we're on the subject of 12,here's an,uh,13th link,fora 12 year old vine genius.The cat licking vine is the best thing evah.