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May 31 2014

Smackdown 1941: Margaret,Mary,Sara,Patricia & Teresa

Behold the Supporting Actresses of 1941,两个坚强的母亲,two helpless pawns,and one reckless diva.All but one of them,女主角和最终的赢家,were in Best Picture nominees in this highly satisfying Oscar showdown.


好极了,Astor,Collinge,Wright,and Wycherley

Oscar had entered its teenage years by 1941,(14th annual Academy Awards) but it was still a green enough institution that all of its supporting actresses were first timers.Mary Astor,谁赢得了奥斯卡,was the only star among the nominees and she was having a great year also starring in the noir classicThe Maltese Falcon.Career momentum issues should never be underestimated with Oscar outcomes.阿斯特在60多岁时加入了两位性格坚强的演员的候选名单:英国舞台女演员。Margaret Wycherley爱尔兰银幕女演员Sara Allgood(who had been featured in some early Alfred Hitchcock movies).Rounding out the nominee list were two true finds making their charmed film debuts in the Best Picture nominee小狐狸,Patricia CollingeandTeresa Wright,the latter of whom was an instant darling in Hollywood and would win the Oscar the following year forMrs Miniver.There's that momentum factor again.


Angelica Jade Bastien,Anne Marie,Nick Davis,纳撒尼尔·R,StinkyluluandYou- we tabulate reader votes and quotes from your ballots appear!

Without further ado,the main event...


SARA ALLGOOD as "Mrs.Morgan"inHow Green Was My Valley
Stats: 62 yrs old.First and only nom.36分钟屏幕时间(或运行时间的30%)。

Angelica: Warmth,teary-eyed noble sense of self,and protectiveness indicative of a mother figure in a picture that displays the ways things were.There are brief,interesting flashes that give her character more weight but even then it isn't a performance I would care to revisit or even felt particularly moved by.♥♥

Anne Marie: The Academy does love its long-suffering mothers.奥尔古德是一个相当凶猛和平易近人的人。Unfortunately,she's never given much to do.Her banter with the father is great and she does bring some humor,but at no point does Allgood play Mrs.Morgan as a believable three-dimensional character instead of Welsh window dressing.除了额外的糖精怀旧之外,奥尔古德几乎没有给电影增加什么——这就是How Green Was My Valley已经溢出。♥♥

Nathaniel: Her famous mother tiger speech with an elemental storm whipping up around her is actually the least of it.正是在姿势和身体上,她超越了:倚靠在被击败的门口,a hilariously broad moment with socks and shoes,arms outstretched or swiping at her sons and husband,and two wrenching atypically still moments (involving gossip and a mining accident,分别)当她陷入焦虑的思想中时。It's silent film acting at its best and who needs the sound inHow Green Was My Valley不管怎样?♥♥♥♥

Nick: Allgood's fairly generic and physically typecast as the stalwart mother in Ford's mining-town memory-piece,winning her nomination by being one of few women in a male-driven frontrunner.她在大屏幕上警告那些排斥她丈夫的罢工者感到尴尬和无动于衷。She's better with a late,blank-faced close-up before an empty elevator platform,but she's just delivering on directorial instructions.  I see few of the subtleties an Anne Revere might have brought to this part

Readers: "Essentially pretty thin but leaves a fond memory nonetheless.She's playing a cliche,and more or less playing into the cliche but she's adorable at it.."- Goran  (reader avg:♥♥♥¼

StinkyLulu: Allgood's Mother Morgan feels like a collection of snapshots gathered in a scrapbook.Her declamatory zeal and stalwart spirit vividly animate this archetype in the instant (and in ways that reveal the actress's roots in the Irish theater).But her captivating constancy seems to lack the independently clarifying continuity necessary to cue a coherent characterization amongst the scattered,glancing episodes the film affords her.♥♥


玛丽·阿斯特饰“桑德拉·科瓦克”inThe Great Lie
Synopsis: a famous concert pianist becomes pregnant with the child of another woman's man
Stats: 35 yrs old.First and only nomination.47 minutes of screen time (or 43% of running time).

Angelica: Astor is a maelstrom of female desire.For the most part she is able to strike the right balance between the glamour,vulnerability and the surreal nature needed for women's pictures.Even better she looks like she's having fun while doing so.She especially does interesting things with her voice as she purrs,cracks,and devours her way through the film.♥♥♥♥

Anne Marie: In a diva-off,Astor goes at Bette Davis with her well-manicured claws out and damn near walks away with the picture.Considering the film,that's not saying much.The Great Liethrives on its leading ladies' explosive rivalry.当他们分开的时候,情节剧的接缝开始显现出来。Astor throws shade like a pro,but she can't distract from a ridiculous film.A fun performance,but ultimately unworthy of an Oscar win.♥♥♥

Nathaniel:The Great Lierequires more than a few scenes for acclimation - yes,你在看一部贝蒂·戴维斯的电影,电影中一个爱抽烟的女人恨她的女主角,她用俏皮话瞪着她,而那个女人NOTBette Davis.Astor struts around with such supreme entitlement that you absolutely believe that she thinks ofDavisassupporting actress.Astor's hot exclamatory moods and chilly threats reverberate in exactly the same way those huge chords she keeps dropping on the piano,do --BOOM!Here's your drama,婊子。♥♥♥♥

Nick:阿斯特第一场演喜剧;you can see棕榈滩故事around the corner.Later,she reprises some cooped-up anguish fromRed Dust,pitched even higher.  She and Goulding let the tones in her performance veer a little broadly… but she's still typically entrancing.Her physical gestures,her implacable will,her acting of the character's own acting,她对一句话“钱”的精采解读:他们都使她成为戴维斯值得二重唱的搭档,elevating the tawdryGreat Lieinto something special.♥♥♥♥

Readers: "Glorious.Thanks to Mary's enormous skill rather than being offputting she's fascinating."- Joel  (reader avg:♥♥♥♥

StinkyLulu: True,我从不完全相信这个角色所谓的放荡(这是一个温热的三角恋,乔治·布伦特在最尖端)。Even so,Mary Astor's arch,aristocratic vulnerability in the role of hard-partying,pampered recording artist is somehow genuinely compelling.但阿斯特最持久的,most delicious accomplishment here?作为一个足够强大的女性,我们都知道她生活在贝蒂·戴维斯的内心深处。♥♥♥♥

Actress earns 23 ❤s

PATRICIA COLLINGE as "Birdie Hubbard"in小狐狸
Synopsis: an alcoholic mistreated wife warns her beloved niece,who she worries will end up just like her,about the lack of love in her family
Stats: Then 49 yrs old.Film debut!First and only nod.21 minutes of screen time (or 18% of running time).

Angelica: Bringing almost harsh buoyancy to the role.The most moving,powerful moments are when we see how utterly depressed she is at the lack of worth she carries in her family.在这些庄严的时刻,我们可以看到抑郁是如何改变她的面部结构的,the slope of her shoulders,creates subtle changes in her voice.While she can't wrestle away the attention away from its lead she is an interesting counterpoint of older,southern femininity to Bette Davis's Regina.♥♥♥♥

Anne Marie: Lillian Hellman wrote Birdie to be a symbol of the genteel South that was destroyed by Reconstruction.Patricia Collinge makes Birdie Hubbard into something more: a fragile,whole woman,layering constant fear with hopeful sweetness.Each time she's abused,Birdie crumbles a little further before shoring herself up behind a flimsy smile.Rather than fall into martyrdom,Collinge tempers Birdie's victimhood with the wisdom that Birdie's most pitiable pain comes from her desperation to be loved.♥♥♥♥♥

Nathaniel整个场景我们只看到她,if we see her at all,observing silently,dead still,from a corner;she's mere wallpaper to the vipers around her.The character's story may be over-explained in a final monologue (we got the gist from Collinge's work) but the actress wrings it for maximum anxious humanity and absolutely sells the depth of affection and alarm for her niece in two gorgeous face-dropping sequences.♥♥♥♥

Nick: Birdie Hubbard,the "Aunt Fanny"of小狐狸,is less formidable than Agnes Moorehead inAmbersonsbut Collinge endows her with comparable charisma,making her loneliness and blather into something magnetic.  Her tipsy showcase monologue discloses brutal self-awareness but not全部的self-awareness;she doesn't redeem Birdie's dissipation as a removable veil or unfair projection.  Sad,funny,earnest,她保护关键的“sym-in "sympathetic"and communicates wonderfully in deep-focus backgrounds without pulling focus.♥♥♥♥

Readers:“在一部经常冷冰冰的电影中,关于将生命减少为金融交易,Collinge makes her very humanity read as cumbersome baggage to her husband's success,profoundly earning her character's tragedy."-Sean D.(reader avg:♥♥♥♥

StinkyLulu: Collinge has such a clear handle on the character of Birdie Hubbard — perhaps the most tragic flibbertigibbet in all of American dramaturgy — that it's a shame that neither she nor Wyler seemed to quite figure out how to bring that clarity to camera.I remain convinced that Collinge is delivering a devastating performance;it just happens to be right outside of (or simply flattened by) Wyler's frame.♥♥

Actress earns 23 ❤s

TERESA WRIGHT as "Alexandra Giddens"in小狐狸
Synopsis: A young woman tries to make sense of her family's shady dealings as her goodhearted father takes ill and a reporter comes courting
Stats: 23 yrs old.Film debut!First of three noms.41 minutes of screen time (or 35% of running time).

Angelica: Even though I've seen this film several times one constant remains: how much this performance annoys me.一开始,她表现得几乎太天真和睁大了眼睛。Her innocence isn't lovely but shrill.She gets more interesting shadings as she questions her mother.但她仍然没有给一个年轻女孩在一个可怕的母亲形象的阴影下发现自我意识的角色带来细微的差别或深度。♥♥

Anne Marie: Someone has to be the soul of the film.珊德拉花了很多时间在讲课上,but Wright plays her as an active,empathetic listener.Even if she's heavy-handed with Xandra's more petty and childish side,her commitment justifies that dramatic turn in the last act.Wright would play a similar character in Shadow of a Doubt,and maturity would give her the ability to build a steadier character arc.♥♥♥♥

Nathaniel: Teresa's brand of noble and naive earnestness,too pure to be completely undone by the hard truths she suddenly learns about a monstrous loved one only works for me inShadow of a Doubt(1943) but I'm glad she had this arc to play for a dry run of that vastly improved star turn.But in this utterly amazing ensemble and this fine Oscar shortlist,she's the weak link,however capable she is at dramatizing true affection and dim awareness.♥♥

Nick: By 1943'sShadow of a Doubt,Wright nailed her distinctive balance of sweetness and mettle.  In小狐狸,she's just getting started.我还没卖完。我最喜欢的时刻是她的智力测验,她对半追求者的兴奋有点羞耻,因为她终于违抗了母亲,好像她从未察觉到自己的默许似的。但她在早期的场景中表现得太过幼稚,而在后期的场景中,她也能获得更多的权力。♥♥

Readers“今年的主题似乎是贝蒂·戴维斯提升了她的所有主演的表演……”-Suzanne (reader avg:__

StinkyLulu: Teresa Wright is absolutely adequate as the young Alexandra,可靠有效,playing childlike innocence as plausibly as she conveys early onset cynicism.Though her handling of Hellman's declamatory chatter might be less expert than the old pros surrounding her,Wright's vivid acuity delivers her best moments,especially as she "listens"and learns.♥♥

Actress earns 14⅓ ❤s

MARGARET WYCHERLEY as "Mother York"inSergeant York
Synopsis: A farm widow worries and prays for her wayward eldest as he tries to find his way in the world before leaving for war
Stats: 60 yrs old.First and only nom.18 minutes screen time (or 13% of running time).

Angelica: There is a quiet presence and wisdom brought to the role.But at the same time even if she plays the role well she plays it exactly as expected.There is no interior life to the character so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised at how little of an impression she left on me.♥♥

Anne Marie: Another fiery,folksy mother,this time the American model.Like Allgood,Wycherly doesn't get much to do except act noble,inspire nostalgia,and quote the Bible.怀切利扮演了一个可怕的母亲White Heat,so she clearly had the ability to create vibrant characters,even if her limited screentime prevents her from doing so inSergeant York.When playing poor-but-proud characters,“简单”有区别and "simplistic." Unfortunately,Wycherly's Ma York is the latter.

Nathaniel: The filmmaking does all the heavy-lifting,continually cueing up a reverent theme when Mother York enters a frame,but it rarely asks much of her once it's given Still and all,in a sea of broad ACTING caricatures and bizarre Tennessee accents,她管理着大量土崩瓦解的荒地真实性。And I love her lack of sentiment when eyeing her wayward son.♥♥

Nick: A distinguished graduate from the Of Beulah Bondage school of supporting actressing,Wycherly brings a similar,rough-hewn,cabin-folks understatement to all her scenes—even a late reunion that could easily have gone lachrymose.Such consistency,由她的主管明确执行,speaks to both the performer's admirable resolve and the limited parameters of the role,as conceived and executed.  Points for her distracted fingering of a wicker basket while defending her son from local judgment.Business!♥♥

Readers: "Ma York may not say a lot,but still waters run deep,thanks to Wycherly."- Tom G.(reader avg:♥♥

StinkyLulu: At first,Margaret Wycherly's cadaverous clarity in the role ofSergeant York's mother freaked me out.(Was she the live model for the witch inSnow Whiteor what?) Then I became fascinated by (and even fond of)  Wycherly's "Country Crone"version of archetypal mother love.当然,it's all penetrating gazes and impenetrably homespun homilies,but Wycherly's clarifying presence anchors this film's (and Cooper's) unexpected effectiveness,这也正是边缘活动的意义所在。♥♥♥

Actress earns 12 ❤s


Oscar choseMary Astor,the most famous and accomplished of the nominees prior to 1941.The Smackdown panel loved her,too.But maybe we should have Bette Davis,1941's good luck charm in this category,break the news to her.

这样看,Mary.We already shared a man and a child...You have practice!

Mary Astor has to share the Smackdown win!In a shocker,despite five panelists and all reader ballots tabulated,we have to call it a draw.

The winners are Mary Astor & Patricia Collinge in a tie!

Thank you for attending!
If you enjoyed it,share it on facebook or twitter or other social media sites.你肯定有一个朋友喜欢老好莱坞!If you're new to the Smackdown we've revisited1952年的扔馅饼斗殴,1968's sinister sapphics,1980's warm hugs,and2003's messy histrionics.Previously over 30 Smackdowns were hosted@ StinkyLulu's old site.

Further Reading?If you'd like to dig deeper,这里是这五个字符的介绍方式,向…致敬How Green Was My Valley,andthe Best Leading Actress(非奥斯卡奖)41岁起,twice over.Our panel also sounded off onother Supporting Actresses worth your time.

What's next for the Smackdown?
We've scheduled this whole summer in advance for your viewing pleasure.在6月,我们将整个月庆祝1964年(将其视为50周年庆典),因此,排队观看一部层出不穷、有趣的五重奏电影:我美丽的女士,The Chalk Garden,伊瓜那之夜,Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte,and希腊人佐尔巴and join us by sending in your reader ranked votes and commenting on the '64 festivities.In addition to the Smackdown fiilms,我们来看看詹姆斯·邦德的电影金手指and possibly a few more titles to be determined..Any requests?

May 30 2014

Two Quickies: How Green Was Maleficent's Valley?

How Green Was My ValleyBest Shot?
I did not forget and I'm grateful tothe Best Shot participantswho are so faithful and who turned theirs in on time.I fell too behind but here is my choice...

Since I can't choose "every shot of the main street"which John Ford and his cinematographer Arthur C Miller shoot in so many narratively compelling and beautiful ways with any and all the characters,I selected this one,which contains none of the main characters.Unless you stop to consider that the main character is actually the town and its people.This shot is so elegiac,就像煤矿工人们正在参加另一场葬礼一样,这是一个值得庆祝的时刻。And they're actually outside the local bar...which is right next to the church...which is just down the hill from the coal mine.For all the film's sentiment -- something that threw me off the first time --  the emotional content isn't simplistic.It's generally both beautiful and barbed.The push and pull between nostalgic sentiment and brutal truth always works best in the film's silent-movie moments where no one is narrating and the dialogue is completely secondary to the images.这里的人看起来很失败,in prayer as they gather for a choral performance which also doubles as an impromptu depressing farewell for more fired miners,who are leaving the village behind.

Please join us next Tuesday night for希腊人佐尔巴(1964) -Watch itand pick / post your best shot.

I haven't yet fully figured out my take on Maleficent.Maybe I won't?It keeps shapeshifting in my head.Bird.人。龙。Wolf.I know that many web critics can churn out 1000 words on something they saw 2 minutes ago and do it seemingly all the time.I envy them but a truth: I need more time than that to let movies percolate.但在这次与两个我崇拜的电影人的谈话中,我确实设法过滤了我的一些感受:派茨先生和凯蒂·里奇在他们的播客“战地里的战斗”中。

Have a listen andtry out their wonderfully frequent podcast if you haven't already.

May 27 2014

Visual Index ~ How Green Was My Valley

In five seasons we've never done a Best Picture winner forHit Me With Your Best Shot.But not intentionally.所以,这是第一个。I asked all willing participants to watch the chosen film - in this case John Ford's 1941 filmHow Green Was My Valley -and choose what they think of as the Best Shot.(Next weekwe're looking at another major Oscar player希腊人佐尔巴启动6月的“月份之年”which will be devoted to 1964 sopleasejoin us...especially if,像我一样,you've never seen it.Let's fill those gaps in our Oscar viewing,together!)

How Green Was My Valleyis marvelous to look at.Though its reputation has been dulled by beatingCitizen Kaneto Best Picture that year it's easy to see why it won Best Cinematography forArthur C Miller(not the playwright) among its 5 Oscars.亚博主页

"How Green Was My Valley"Best Shot(s)
click on the photo for the corresponding article at these 8 fine blogs

Doing their very best impression of 19th Century British landscape paintings.And yet,the future sneaks in...
-Antagony & Ecstasy

福特后来在《安静的人》中重温了一幅类似的省级风景画。with vivid Technicolor results,but the black-and-white cinematography here is just as lush...
-Film Actually

The beauty of the early scenes makes the ravages of time seem all the more cruel...
-We Recycle Movies

I just looked at these images and couldn't imagine them being photographed any other way…
-Coco Hits NY

Pretty scenery?检查。Religion,singing,and coal mining all have something to do with this moment?Check...
-Allison Tooey


Capitalism vs.religion,new ways vs.old ways.These are the main tensions of the history of industrialization...
-The Entertainment Junkie

An uphill battle against the smoke and ash that threaten to cover her town...
-Lam Chop Chop

If you haven't yet seen it,do these shows make you want to?

May 27 2014

Introducing...The Supporting Actresses of 1941

The next Supporting Actress Smackdown hits this coming Saturday and you can stillvoteas part of the panel.Your votes count toward the outcome since one of the panelists spots is for the readers!We'll look atHow Green Was My ValleyforBest Shotlate tonightbut for now,it's another edition of "Introducing..."How do we first meet these 1941 characters who will then grant their actresses the honor of becoming Academy Awards Nominees?Was the direction,music and lighting already helping to single these ladies out for honors?

Here's how they're introduced in their films...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Apr 17 2014

TCM: The Sublime Maureen O'Hara

Our new contributorDiana D Drummreporting on the TCM Festival which recently concluded

Maureen O'Hara introducing "How Green Was My Valley"at TCM 2014

Even at 93,莫林·奥哈拉依然崇高,穿越日常惊艳的门槛,进入瞬间停止的辉煌。Peering at you,you can't help but feel wonder.不管她是在谈论生活的美好,还是在纠正某人的西班牙式发音“格兰德河”(the actress is fluent in Spanish),she transcends her surroundings,即使是在格雷曼的红地毯上,或是在埃尔卡普坦剧院拥挤不堪的房子前。She may not be as full-bodied as her Wayne-pairing prime (that was over 60 years ago,people),but she continues to exemplify a certain Old Hollywood quality unmatched by any contemporary equivalents and envied by her compatriots at the time (including close friend and fellow famous redhead Lucille Ball).

考虑到奥哈拉的电影编排(The Hunchback of Notre Dame,How Green Was My Valley,and The Quiet Man,to name just a few),it's confounding that the Academy has yet to present her with an Honorary Oscar.As one of the last of a staggeringly bygone era,it was a true honor and privilege for TCM Classic Film Festival crowds to appreciate her live,though not nearly as much as she and her body of work deserves (yes,The Film Experience will keep nudging亚博主页until the Academy announces something of import.She's 93!What are they waiting for?).[More...]

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app