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十一月 14 2014


Manuelhere catching you up on the latest #HTGAWM episode so Nathaniel doesn’t have to.

This is it, everyone.We’re one episode away from knowing #WhoKiledSam (or, an episode away from ABC having to figure out what else to hashtag during the show, at least).Thus, much of “He Has A Wife” felt like watching a rather amateur chess game setting its pieces in place for the eventual check mate as our two timelines finally collided.


Annalise may be talking to Bonnie, but I can’t be the only one who week in and week out wants to sneak out the door but is unable to do so precisely because of Viola.Yes, her Annalise pushes incredulity (why go to such great lengths to cover up her husband?I’m hoping she pulls a Patty Hewes and we find she’s been master-minding the entire show all along) but she’s endlessly watchable and every episode has a number of moments that show why this is one of the buzziest shows of the fall.

Five moments after the jump

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十一月 07 2014


这里的Manuel接手How To Get Away With Murder回顾职责在接下来的两个星期。


因此,随着中说,看我解决这个星期的情节以试图打破该式,所以你也可以写自己的HTGAWM规范的脚本!(请注意,扰流板和一个稍微NSFW GIF领先)

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十一月 01 2014


这是真的。我没有退出How To Get Away With Murder如预期。将百姓的话,最后的书面记录是如此受欢迎,我一直在看。但是写这是很难当它不是porny,并迫使我的手,嗯,下巴(参见:previously on...

"We're Not Friends" & "Whack-a-Mole"

这两个最新eppys满口大话,叫喊和第一至少是如此(典型值)歇斯底里的,它有一个评审团从90年代采摘与疯狂strobelight编辑组蒙太奇浩室音乐(我有点希望维奥拉·戴维斯开始旋转和 jacking while shouting "excuse" and "accept" and "dismiss for cause" at each potential juror.) Amidst all the heightened emotion the two rawest expression of feeling came in scenes between Annalise and soon-to-be-dead husband Sam.他们的场面在其他小的节目确实该做的方式一起噼啪not预示着第2季,除非他们去超自然并保持汤姆弗里卡作为一个鬼。拜托?你总是跳鲨鱼时,每一个字符是一个鲨鱼无论如何,它不是像他们关心的常青藤或法律的准确性。

这两个场景与已承诺艾美奖寻求性格的时刻,虽然他们回归性别政治的potentia雷区。在“不是朋友” Annalize意味着她曾经像杀害学生,学生自己的丈夫拿起“软弱,破碎......乱七八糟,他不得不清理”和“捶痣”,她提供了一个 pathetic but wholly human refrain of "I need you"

所以...嗯...[提示席琳功率民谣]she's everything she is because he loved her???

What the what now,Viola?

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十月 28 2014


Sight on EarthGone Girl'女子...“心理婊子?Qu'est-CE阙花莲”
Awards Circuit电源小时奥斯卡影类别,有纳撒尼尔R(花莲MOI)担任嘉宾
In Contention着眼于最佳原创歌曲比赛
Vulture100分JLaw最有价值星级排名往上顶其次usuals RDJ,狮子座,布洛克...但什么是远远更有趣的是低层像杰克·吉伦哈尔在57'谦电影明星和安娜肯德里克98“鸣禽”,有些莫名的高类似展示米拉库尼斯37“的清纯的少女在中场休息”

Slate上的“底部为耻”How To Get Away With Murder。我觉得这一块是很聪明的。虽然这是真的,描述是不背书(查看所有在每部电影的哑厌女症的论点与女主角是谁虐待过),但我要说的却是描述时表示,与中视想必不同点的所有声音关闭多个人物代言 topic and all agree on said depiction.

Marvel Made A Teensy Announcement Phase 3 Today
但是我感觉关于超级英雄胡思乱想所以它没有得到一个整体职务。地球上每一个凄凉的电影网站会有限公司ntinue to cover it ad nauseum and will probably publish another 5 thinkpieces tomorrow alone on what we "might" see in each of the 8 movies.Repeat for the next five years.Good god film bloggers get a grip and start talking aboutactual movies that existfor a change!You're turning film culture into a fast food restaurant that only serves air.Zero calories but there's absolutely no nutritional value in publishing your 10,001st post onDr.Strange's casting.


has video of Marvel's annoyingly ubiquitous Phase Three commercial from earlier today in which they announced 8 new movies includingThe Black Pantherwith Chadwick Boseman and Carol Danvers/神奇队长in a very late attempt to stave off those "no diversity!" complaints.Those films arrive in 3 to 4 years respectively because we can't have people of color and women before that, you know?That's RISKY BUSINESS.Never mind that women and people of color have led box office hits since the 1920s and 1960s respectively.That's just too progressive for Marvel right now)
这些股份has a great suggestion for Captain Marvel casting but since we're 4 years away still the actress who will eventually be cast might not even be someone anyone has even heard of yet.

最后……a trailer but perhaps nottrailer is here for套件弗兰çaiseis here.EOneUK, releasing the trailer on YouTube claims this will open in January.It's hitting the American Film Market this month too supposedly but it still isn't scheduled for a US release.The buzz for this one started strong last year and nosedived as less and less news was announced.It was starting to feel like a fictional film until this trailer, actually.Myyes no maybe soentirely consists of Yes (production team, crazylust for Matthias, tearful farewell to Kristin Scott Thomas), No (WW II prestige fatigue) and Maybe So (is it any good?)

十月 17 2014

How To Get Away With Turning Your Procedural TV Into Gay Porn.

I was going to quitHow To Get Away With Murderwith this fourth episode but I may have to keep watching from the sheer ridiculousness as well as the fascinating case study of Anything Goes in contemporary television.If you replace all the female characters on this show with gay men (as you could well do with only 1% of your imagination since all the characters are so broadly drawn) this would be the gayest show that ever existed.SorryQueer as Folk, Sex & The CityandLooking

ABC had promised jaw-dropping with their promos for last night's episode once you heard 'Viola Davis's last nine words'.Those last nine words included the word "penis".Hey, they're the ones who said "jaw-dropping" not me!Naughty naughty.(For the record my jaw did not drop but it did open wide for a long chortle.It's either really terrible writing or A+ lurid paperback but either way it amounts to the same thing) Viola's quotable send-off turned out to be so gay and so trashy that it exemplifies the young series better than I could ever hope to.

The last nine-words were...

Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?

The most important word in that sentence ispenisbecauseHow To Get Away With Murderis obsessed with them.Let's recap their communal cock collectionafter the jump...

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