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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Nov 12 2017

Would you rather?

Time for another edition of our fantasy life instagram game (with a few tweets we couldn't pass up thrown in).The circles we all travel in (virtually) these days!So,would you rather:

...proofread Agnes Varda's Honorary Oscar speech while she naps? lingerie with Megan Fox?
...contemplate the newly chilly weather with Jharrel Jerome fromMoonlight?
...look at baby photos with Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan?
...hang out with Rebel Wilson & Anne Hathaway on the set ofNasty Women?
...modelperfectjackets with Taika Waititi?
...indulge in a plushy moment with Jesse Bradford?
...hike and rock-hunt with Goldie Hawn?
...get your hair did with Jennifer Ehle? some Mission Impossible stunts with Henry Cavill in glorious Norway?
...sing with Chris Evans' dog?
...or walk an impromptu runway with DJ Lina Bradford and the legendary Candis Cayne?

You own everything!

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Oct 05 2014

Box Office: Expect Gone Girl To Stick Around

Hey all,Nathaniel back at my own home blog.Sorry for my radio silence the past couple of days but on rare occasions the words just don't come.What did you see this weekend?Here's what the masses turned out for.

Gone Girl's strong opening weekend -- a best for David Fincher -- suggests that it's going to stick around for awhile given how many conversations it starts (and editorials it will continue to inspire).That must be what that blurb whore meant when he said"date movie of the decade"...that you'd want to talk about it after seeing it giving you conversation fodder at dinner.At least Ihopethat's what he meant because the story is so cynical about relationships and would probably be ahorriblething to see with someone you barely knew and didn't know if you could trust and didn't know how to read their reactions to entertainment yet (people want different things from it,after all).

03THE EQUALIZER$19(cum.$64.5)Why Denzel?
04THE BOXTROLLS$12.4(cum.$32.5)The Most Exciting Animation Studio
05THE MAZE RUNNER$12(cum.$73.9)Review
08DOLPHIN TALE 2$3.5(cum.$.1)
09GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY$3(cum.$323.3)Review&Ten Best Trees
10NO GOOD DEED$2.5(cum.$50.1)

03THE SKELETON TWINS$.7(cum.$3.5)
04MY OLD LADY$.4(cum.$2.2)
07LOVE IS STRANGE$.1(cum.$2)Review
08THE TRIP TO ITALY$.1(cum.$2.6)Review
10JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE$.09(cum.$.2)

The latest Bollywood action flick starring Hrithik Roshan,he of the very huge muscles and stunning eyes opened big.I don't see Bollywood movies unless there's a dance sequence so someone let me know if Hrithik shows his moves again in this one.

I can watch his dancing in Dhoom again forever...

The other newbieThe Good Liewas just behind.I keep hearing that the advertising is not very accurate.Maggie Smith fans have come out forMy Old Ladydespite a total lack of publicity but weirdly it isn't doing nearly as well asQuartetdid and that was a really bad movie.And now two great gay films:Love is Strangedidn't take off like I'd hoped but a $2 million theatrical gross for an indie without bankable stars these days isn't exactly bad news either.MeanwhilePride,my fav cause of the moment,is only in three cities but will add more next Friday.As I've said before I think this would be a massive arthouse hit if this were still the 1990s when people went to charming limited release movies rather than waiting for them to go to Netflix.

Emmy Threats to the standard lineup don't you think?Jeffrey Tambor for Best Actor in a comedy and Viola Davis for Best Actress in a drama

In TV's version of box office,the ratings,Viola'sHow To Get Away With Murderis the best ranked new network show of the fall -- thus far,at least,since it's premature to say such things given that premieres are still happening.If you haven't yet checked outmy liveblog of the first two episodeswhy not do it.I'm probably spendingnew week bingeing onAmazon'sTransparent.Watched the first three episodes last night andwow it's goodwith fantastic performances,intriguing and tangled character-based plots,and a firm sense of taking it all very seriously while also being able to laugh at itself.Amazon had been waiting for a series to capture accolades / attention in a way that would put them on the map as a content creator and this could well be it.I haven't heard anything about whether any of their recent pilots (we reviewedHand of God) will be making it to series.

What did you see this weekend?

Jul 13 2013

Children of the Link

EWlets you zoom in on details of Spidey's new suit fromThe Amazing Spider-Man 2
Cinema BlendOscar winning cinematography Wally Pfister's directorial debutTranscendenceis already courting the Chinese audience
Pajiba"the 12 most awesome sexually confident movie lines"Ha.I couldn't pull any of these off (TMI!) but I love the list
Coming SoonYou can now watch the opening and closing credit sequences ofPacific Rimonline.Though honestly they look fairly generic despite the hype for the film.
PlaybillTheresa Rebeck ofSmash-creation fame is trying another series.She's developing a "Bleak House"adaptation for Bravo

VarietyWhoa.Hunky Bollywood superstar Hrithink Roshan recently had brain surgery.Get well soon.
Awards DailyRising writer/director Ava DuVernay,who made the excellentMiddle of Nowherelast year,is taking onSelma,a true-life drama about MLK and the Civil Rights Act
In ContentionwillPhilomenabe TWC's secret Oscar weapon this year?I don't know how secret it can be after the reception of several minutes at Cannes but yes,it could be.
Final Girlis about to trace the evolution of the entireChildren of the Cornseries with a marathon blogging effort on Monday.But she's already surveyed the posters.
Natasha VCa perfect one sentence commentary on Mia Farrow and Philip Roth watchingSharknadotogether

Mar 18 2012

Two Box Office Lists,One "A Separation"Inspired

It was a big weekend for spoofing familiar concepts with21 Jump Streetfilling movie houses and the only other top ten newbieCasa De Mi Padre,doing a parodic riff on Mexican movies starring Will Ferrell and everyone's favorite Mexican tag team: Gael García Bernal & Diego Luna.Would love to hear from anyone who saw the latter in the comments since this one slipped me by and GGB is an old favorite.(My review of21 Jump Streetwill be up tomorrow evening.)

TOP TEN (Estimates)
0121 JUMP STREET$35new in wide release
02 THE LORAX$22.8(cum.$158.4)
03 JOHN CARTER$13.5(cum.$53.1) [ReviewandTaylor Kitsch Beefcake]
04 PROJECT X$4(cum.$48.1)
05 A THOUSAND WORDS$3.7(cum.$12.1)
06 ACT OF VALOR$3.6(cum.$62.3)
07 SAFE HOUSE$2.8(cum.$120.2)
09CASA DE MI PADRE$2.2newin limited release
10 THIS MEANS WAR$2.1(cum.$50.5)

Another Milestone forA Separation
Asgar Farhadi's Oscar winnerA Separation(our favorite of 2011) continues its incredible theatrical run passing the 5 million mark.Five million for an Iranian family drama at the US box office?Unheard of.Every once in a blue moon the nation's box office gives us good news for quality cinema.While we're here why not a look back at the biggest foreign hits from the past year?

Disclaimer: I didn't countThe Artist.Though it's foreign,it's silent so we're excluding it but you'll understand that if we did it'd be number one with an incredible $42 million.Don't believe those naysayers that call it a box office disappointment.Black and white + no stars + silent + foreign = $42 million is bigbignumbers.

Kristin Scott Thomas continues to be a draw least when subtitled.

The ones that got a lot of people talking...
01SARAH'S KEY[France]$7.6
02A SEPARATION[Iran]$5.6 and still playing
The Oscar winner this yearwhich we like writing about.
03BIUTIFUL[Mexico]$5.1Technically a 2010 picture since it had a one week qualifying run before being pulled until the nominations were announced.But we'll count it for comparison's sake.
04OF GODS AND MEN[France]$3.9It was held back to 2011 to capitalize on a presumed Oscar,but the nomination didn't even come.Did very well for itself in 2011 anyway which is not the usual case for that sort of "wait for the Oscar"trick.

other successes
05DON 2[India]$3.6
06THE SKIN I LIVE IN[Spain]$3.1
"Success"being relative.This didn't do Pedro Almodóvar's usual numbers though I'm unsure as to why.
08PINA[Germany]$3.0 and still playingThe Oscar nominated dance 3D.
09RA ONE[India]$2.5
10INCENDIES[Canada]$2.0Another Oscar nominee from last year

POTICHE was such fun.Arthouse audiences (mostly) agreed.

minor hits...but still hits
13DELHI BELLY[India]$1.5
14THE DOUBLE HOUR[Italy]$1.5
16CERTIFIED COPY[France| Italy | Belgium ]$1.3
17NO ERES TU,SO YO[Mexico]$1.3
18DESI BOYZ[India]$1.0
19IN A BETTER WORLD[Denmark]$1.0The Foreign Film Oscar winner last year

ol' faithfulsFrench cinema and Bollywood continue to have the most reliable ticket buyers in the US arthouses.Bollywood movies don't need any press attention at all to find audiences.Even if you follow the movies religiously chances are you haven't heard of their annual hits if you're not out there looking for them.France is a different story in that way,gettingand needingthe media push.

Hrithik Roshan & Shah Rukh Khan are superstars of Bollywood.So is the male physique.

And also: What is it with Bollywood and über muscley male superstars?Bollywood men are way more objectified than their Hollywood counterparts.

Jeon Do Yeon,our favorite Korean actressjust outside the listJapan's ultra violent epic13 Assassinsgot some attention and press but didn't quite cross the million mark.

sad observation
Though South Korea is where it's at right now for regional cinema heat (as opposed to heat tied to specific filmmakers) the country's cinema has yet to catch on with arthouse moviegoers here in the States.Despite huge acclaimMother,ThirstandPoetry,three of the most interesting films of the past few years,didn't totally catch on.None of them crossed the magic million dollar mark and only one of them passed ½ a million.The HousemaidandSecret Sunshinewere also not true breakthroughs despite the exciting lead actressing of Jeon Do-Yeon.

Answer me these questions three

  • Which of the top 20 foreign hits did you see?
  • What did you see this weekend?
  • Any theories as to whyThe Skin I Live Inwasn't up to Pedro's usual numbers or why Bollywood worships male flesh?
Aug 29 2011

Throw Some Rice,Share Some Link

Before we begin today's news roundup,we must throw some rice.From The Godfather we know that the Coppola's can throw a hell of a wedding.Wish the newlyweds well: Mrs and Mrs Sofia Coppola / Thomas Mars.

The Film Doctoron Luc Besson'sColombiana
The WrapPedro Almodóvar will guest direct the AFI Fest and present a 25th anniversary screening ofLaw of Desire(which is only Nathaniel's favorite Almodóvar,don'cha know)
IndieWire10 things that festival season will tell us 'bout the awards race
Twitch Filmhas the trailer to the new Hrithik Roshan epic: color,musical numbers,tons of violence.Bollywood always goes all out.

And no,I'm not sharingThe Hunger Gamesteaser which you can see on roughly 93% of all blogs on the internet today.Someone's gotta take a stand for their .0000000000001% of the film blogging world!Basically Jennifer Lawrence runs through a forest while we learn in narration that she's good at hunting.Then she fires an arrow at the logo.That's it.Search for it yourself if you're a slave to movie marketing.Seriously,that movie: Calm down!I've never felt this exhausted by a movie trying to become an event before.It will probably work which is why movies spend so much on P&A but wouldn't it be cool if audiences got to decide which films were events AFTER SEEING THEM.

just for fun
The New Yorker"I'm Sorry"by Paul Rudnick
Michael Mustoon the VMA Tribute to Britney Spears
YouTubeHurricane Irene brings back streaking.nsfw
PlaybillOMG Carol Channing is releasing a new album at 90 years young this winter.Go seeCarol Channing: Larger than Life,a new documentary,if you get a chance.It's fun.

Mar 20 2011

Film Bitch Awards Continue

Our annualawards jamboreewent into an unexpected coma due to Oscar exhaustion but the film bitch awards are back as we try and reallynot just sortawrap up the 2010 film year.So here areBEST POSTER,SEXPOT and DIVA OF THE YEARfeaturing achievements from Cher,Joan Rivers,I Am Love,Fish Tank,Burlesque,Love and Other Drugsand yes evenAlice in Wonderland(among other films).

So that's six pages down.One more to go.Woohoooooo almost finis!(Just in time for the NEWOscar predictions for 2011which always kick off in some form on April 1st ).We'll fill in the BEST SCENES next (final page) but I'm still debating various efforts,like this number below for Best Musical Number in a Non Musical Film.

Since not many of you saw Hrithik Roshan inKiteshere's the film's best scene.Someone told me it was edited out for the US version of the movie (they released three versions I believe) which is in-san-it-y since there's plenty of unnecessary filler elsewhere in the movie (seriously you could lose like 10 minutes simply by shaving of 10 seconds from every scene involving long soulful gazes between Hrithik and Barbara Mori there are so many of them) and this is Hrithik's only musical number.And don't people buy tickets for his moviesbecauseof the dance numbers?

I could watch him dance for hours.So it's kind of annoying that the editing is so hyperactive.I mean his body is all the hyperactivity one needs,always locking,shaking,popping,flipping,swaying,slinking,swerving,slurving (I made that last word up) and busting out all over.  Hrithik just missed the sexpot list.The sexiest people are,generally speaking,the ones who just exude carnality (Mila Kunis inBlack Swanand Tom Hardy inInception,hell-O) without every noticeably forcing the point.But since Hrithik is basically a superhero made flesh,one forgives most of the oversized everything so...almost!Here's hoping he gets another chance headlining an international effort likeKites,just a better one next time.

So,what'cha think of them divas?And I'll gladly take recommendations for the final categories: Action Sequence,Musical Moments,Kiss & Sex Scenes,Opening & Closing Scenes,Credits and just Best Moments in general.