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Apr 12 2019

Review: Missing Link

byChris Feil

Laika is back with another idiosyncratic stop-motion wonder and its their most chipper effort yet.Missing Linkfollows the animation house's unique imagination down a rabbit hole of globe-trotting legend,delivering a buddy comedy that's also about self-love and self-respect.As ever,Laika serves us such spectacular visuals and winning charm that it's easy to overlook what is more familiar in the film.But this one finds the studio at their most unfettered,giving us a breezy treat that rings of a new level of confidence.

Hugh Jackman leads a surprisingly delightful voice cast as a seeker of rare creatures named Sir Lionel Frost.Attempting to join an elite society of beast hunters that mocks him,he sets off to America in search of Big Foot.What he finds is the gentile apeman Mr.Link,who in turn enlists Frost to guide him to the other side of the globe in search of  a storied tribe of yetis that could be Link's closest biological kinfolk.With those uppercrust poachers pursuing them to usurp Frost's discovery,Frost and Link are joined by the widowed Adelina Fortnight,and the three set off on a self-actualization journey into the unknown.

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Mar 27 2019

Would you rather?

OMG.Did you hear that Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster are doingThe Music Manon Broadway together for the 2020 season?Aaaaahhhhh how perfect.Anyway,since Hugh is on the brain (and seems to be getting younger !?!),it's time for another round of our celebrity-fantasy quick decision poll time ago (an excuse to share our fav instagram posts on the regular essentially).So,would you rather

...go falconing with Hugh?
...get your beard did with Rune Temte (Captain Marvel) in Oslo?
...reenactLady & Trampwith Justin Theroux?
...reminisce aboutNatural Born Killerswith Juliette Lewis? skate with Jonathan Van Ness?
...have a drink with Russell Tovey & Andrew Scott?
...ride camels with Sandy Powell?
...chopper to an island for fine snail delicacies with Michelle Yeoh?
...dunk your hair in the pool with Tracee Ellis Ross?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

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Nov 26 2018

Movies gobbled up tickets on Thanksgiving Weekend

by Nathaniel R

What did you see over the long holiday weekend?Some of the movies got a two day headstart opening on Wednesday,others on Friday but awards season is most definitely upon us;almost everything has now screened for someone and there's only one month of the year left to get through.  We've expanded the two charts to include all 14 films in wide release (over 800 screens) and the corresponding top players in limited release.There's a glut of titles out there at the moment.

Here's how the box office went down for the holidays.There is a lot to ponder after the jump...

Weekend Box Office (ACTUALS)
(Nov 23rd-25th)

800+ screens
excluding prev.wide
1Ralph Breaks the Internet$56.2 on 4017 screens (cum.$84.7)*NEW*
1Boy Erased$1.5 on 672 screens (cum.$4.5)Podcast
2Creed 2$35.5 on 3441 screens (cum.$56)*NEW*Michael B Jordan,Podcast
2Can You Ever Forgive Me$598k on 426 screens (cum.$6)Review,Podcast❤️

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Nov 14 2018

Podcast: El Angel,The Front Runner,Oscar's Screenplay Race

Nathaniel RandMurtada Elfadltalk new films and the Oscar race

Index (58 minutes)
00:01 The story of Gary Hart inThe Front Runnerstarring Hugh Jackman
16:25El Angelstarring Lorenzo Ferro and Chino Darín which is Argentina's Oscar submission
27:22 Sidebar:My Fair Ladyon Broadway
34:24 Best Adapted Screenplay: Bradley Cooper,Barry Jenkins,Gillian Flynn,Nicole Holofcener,Spike Lee,Armando Iannucci,Paul Dano & Zoe Kazan could all compete here but which of them will?
45:23 Best Original Screenplay:Roma,The FavouriteandGreen Bookand...?
54:40 Beck claims he's recording a score forRoma...which has no score.

References / Further Reading
The horror of Beck's Tweet aboutRoma
Chris's review ofThe Front Runner
Foreign Language Film Submission Chart
Screenplays Oscar Chart

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

El Angel and The Front Runner

Nov 06 2018

Review: "The Front Runner"

byChris Feil

Fresh off of delivering exacting holistic wisdom with frequent collaborator Diablo Cody in this past spring'sTully,Jason Reitman is already back and pivoting hard into political commentary withThe Front Runner.Detailing the combustion of Gary Hart's 1988 presidential campaign due to the outting in the press of Hart's not-so-secret affairs,the film stars Hugh Jackman as the prideful candidate fatally underestimating the public's association between his character and marital fidelity.Reitman and cowriters Matt Bai and Jay Carson cover the unraveling in stringent attention to the timeline,while angling this as a key breakdown in the separation of political media consideration and tabloid press.

The result is something unintentionally passive,a film about a political candidate flailing against public expectations he refuses to assuage.The film itself is equally headstrong about satisfying on its own rather limited terms...

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Oct 12 2018

Hugh Jackman at 50

by Eric Blume

Hugh Jackman celebrating his 50th birthday.

Let's all take a moment to celebratethe half-century birthdayof one of our most versatile and underrated actors,Hugh Jackman.

Underrated,you question?Sure,Hugh has a Best Actor Tony forThe Boy from Oz,an Emmy Award for hosting the Academy Awards,and a Best Actor Oscar nomination forLes Miserables.But if you asked folks to list ten of the best working actors,would most people remember to put him on their list?

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