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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Feb 02 2019

Streaming Roulette,February: Ant-Man and the Edge of Velvet Buzzsaws

As is our practice we've selected two handfuls of titles of note and frozen the films at utterly random moments without cheating (whatever comes up comes up) for this quick preview.  Do any of these screencaps make you wanna watch the movie?At the bottom of the page full listings for Netflix,Hulu,Prime,and HBO this month.Okay,let's go...

Guess what?You're my favorite student.

The Edge of Seventeen(2016) on Netflix
Remember how good this Hailee Steinfeld high school comedy was?She was nominated for a Golden Globe even!But why hasHayden Szeto,her love interest,not busted out yet as a star?He was great,too.Turns out (just looked it up) that he's got three movies coming out this year and will also be a guest star on the TV series adaptation of Taika Waititi'sWhat We Do in the Shadowsso there's still hope that people (or in this case Hollywood) will realize how fab he is.Yay!

A whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be bringin'
We'll make you happy

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Nov 01 2018

Netflix in November: Doctor Strange,16 Candles,Children of Men, etc...

Time to play Streaming Roulette.Each month,to survey new streaming titles we freeze frame the films at random places with the scroll bar and whatever comes up first,that's what we share!

Here's what's new on Netflix...

When you leave,you should forget me.

The English Patient(1996) won 9 Oscars.亚博主页Nine!As much as that's a wonderful movie -- and my god it hurts to look at these two (Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas in they're prime) they're so superhumanly gorgeous -- 9 is a lot.I'm glad Oscar has recently moved away from giving all the statues to one movie.It's been 10 years since we've had that kind of overkill (Slumdog Millionaire with 8)...and lately things have been winning closer to 3-5 which is more than enough for most movies,even the great ones...

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Aug 22 2017

link to the feeling

Film Doctor UKgood interview with a action film storyboard artist
IndieWireDavid Ehrlich makes a great case that Oscar needs to change their rules about Original Song."Cut to the Feeling"fromLeapis not eligible (incidentally for the same reason "Come What May"wasn't eligible...originally written for something else and then unused for that something else)
VarietyMorgan Freeman will be this year's SAG Lifetime Achievement Recipient
NYTandLATremember the career of movie & television star Jerry Lewis (RIP)

AV Clubmore drama for that Han Solo movie.Michael K Williams,currently Emmy nominated for The Night Of,has had his entire part cut out.
Deadlineanother new role for Roland Møller (in the action filmSkyscraper).The Danish actor is hot hot hot afterLand of Mine.You'll understand if you've seen that Oscar nominated picture
The Guardianwe're promised a definitive victor in the forthcoming action filmGodzilla vs Kong.But either way audiences probably lose.

Varietythe annual survey of who makes what per episode of hit TV shows.Casts of Big Bang Theory,Game of Thrones,Modern Family,and Robert DeNiro (in a new series) are swimming in money.Cast ofThis is Uswill surely eventually be but not quite yet.
OutRuPaul's Drag Race All Starsseason 3 is a go...and already filming!
VarietyPeak TV still hasn't peaked.At least in terms of quantity.One executive predicts 534 new series next year so you're not just imagining that it's impossible to keep up
Coming Soon'everything we know aboutStar Trek Discovery'...though can someone explain to me the deal with this.I keep hearing that it'll be on Netflix and that Netflix is distributing.Yet often times and sometimes even in the same single paragraph in various articles it will say "exclusively on CBS All Access"so I'm confused.Anyone?

Comic Book Resourcesfun article on that time that the Incredible Hulk could fly in the comics

May 10 2017

Today's 5: Hulk out with Joan Crawford,ol' sport!

Good morning film fans.Make today a good one.We'll help with suggestions as to mental memes and mood boosters for the day.

Five showbiz anniversaries of note today (May 10th) and how to honor each of them

2013The Great Gatsbyopens in movie theaters.It's yet another hit for Baz Luhrmann and yet another Oscar-winning moment for his wife/collaborator Catherine Martin.It's also,to date,your only chance to see Leonardo DiCaprio in a pink suit.

In its honor today: Listen tothat great soundtrackand annoy your friends by calling them "ol' sport"all day!

1977Joan Crawford dies (as just dramatized onFeud's finale).But like all of the great film stars,she's immortal...

with Clark Gable in CHAINED (1934)

People have been trying to reduce her or count her out since she first became famous but she held on for decades with an iron grip...

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Mar 10 2017

On This Day: Globes for two goddesses.Plus a non-jolly green giant

On this day in history as it relates to showbiz...

1892One of Old Hollywood's most undersung but talented 1930s directors Gregory La Cava is born.Classics includeStage DoorandMy Man Godfrey
Famed abolitionist and American hero Harriet Tubman dies of pneumonia.So glad she's getting biopic treatment soon.And twice over!
The 10th annual Oscars are held with亚博主页The Life of Emile Zzzzzolawinning Best Picture and Louise Rainer taking her consecutive Best Actress prize but the most enduring anecdote was of coursethe theft of Alice Brady's Oscar forIn Old Chicago.
1958Sharon Stone is born in Pennysylvania

The 1959 Golden Globes (and more) are after the jump...

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Jan 17 2015

If you fused two Hulks together could they smash J.K. Simmons?

That's the question I keep asking myself aboutBest Supporting Actor.My Oscar-clogged brain works like that,taking flights of fancy when it finds true facts too boring to contemplate any further.J.K.Simmons could only lose the Oscar if he suddenly became a different person before ballots were due and was unmasked as a terrorist or a serial killer or what not.He's going to win because in addition to giving a big beloved performance,he is also very well liked.As with Patricia Arquette,it's churlish and unbecoming to root against a long time actor finally getting the role people will remember them by.

In any other year,though,this particular Oscar race would be a weird superhero collision between two very fine famous actors who both happen to get green when they're angry.Former Hulk Edward Norton vs.Present Hulk Mark Ruffalo.Both would have tremendously strong narratives for a win in that "They haven't won yet?But they're always great!"kind of way.But they'll both lose.

Silver lining: Perhaps if you tally the final votes in a month's time,their combined totals would beat Simmons?No never mind.He's too far ahead even for that.

See the Best Supporting Actor chart here!Find out how they got nominated*,how many films they've made,and vote on the poll for who "should"win - it's Reader's Choice.

*theorizing for entertainment purposes only - we can't read voter minds