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"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Sep 09 2017

"I'm Armie"

our ongoing adventures atTIFF 2017

Timothee Chalamet,Armie Hammer,and Luca Guadagnino at the after party for CALL ME BY YOUR NAME

Armie Hammer is very tall (6'5"according to IMDb) but less intimidating than that heighth and his big screen beauty would suggest in real life.Let's set the scene.

It's the after party for the TIFF premiere ofCall Me By Your Nameat a swank Toronto steakhouse called STK.I arrive slightly underdressed -- you can always spot the writers by their more casual attire than the stars/industry/scenesters -- and quickly down my "director's cut."...

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Jun 18 2017

Today's 5: Kerry Butler,Isabella Rossellini,Waterloo,and More...

Five mood boosting assignments for you this morning.Celebrate this day (June 18th) in showbiz history with us!

2010I Am LoveandToy Story 3both open in US theaters.When it rains it pours sometimes with quality at the movies (sadly we also get droughts).The former,an Italian masterpiece starring Tilda Swinton as a foreign trophy wife caught up in an affair and family drama,was the Best Film of the Year (according to yours truly) and the latter a Best Picture nominee and colossal hit for Pixar.Sadly they're sullying its legacy with a sequel even though it reached such a perfect circle-of-life conclusion.Sometimes you need to let perfect things go.

In their honor today: Reminisce about your favorite scene from each.Such great great pictures,right?

More after the jump including a Broadway great and ABBA's breakout smash...

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Feb 15 2014

Beauty Break: Marisa Berenson

Happy 67th birthday to Marisa Berenson.This New York born multilingual beauty,originally a model,has been around forever and in key films,too.Her film career couldn't sustain its major start but few careers could have.Consider that in her first decade acting she madeDeath in Venice(1971),Cabaret(1972),Stanley Kubrick'sBarry Lyndon(1975) and Blake EdwardsS.O.B.(1981).Tough acts to follow,no?She was never prolific,opting for the occasional TV guest spot and films here and there in various countries,butthat face-- memorable and impossibly beautiful.

According to IMDb she was rumored for a Vivien Leigh biopic in the 1970s (and wouldn't that be both a challenge and a coup for the right actress?) but the film sadly never materialized.

More of the impossible beauty [nsfw] of Marisa Berensonafter the jump...

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May 21 2013

Top Ten 2010s...So Far

I just spent 108 minutes catching up with Jesse and Celine.We've met them twiceBefore...and I spent the first 2/3rds of the movie grinning like a damn fool I was so happy to be marinating in their always passionate detour-filled conversations.It's too early to say howmuchI loved the movie (though I did) but it got me to thinking what an achievement this series is and got me to thinking of true movie magic and how much of it we've had lately.So while so many of my fellow critics enjoy their mad rush through Auteursville at Cannes tonight I'm remembering the time I fell in love with this movie...

...and that one

...and that one

...and that one.

Here's my ten favorite movies of the 'Teens (2010-2019) farof course

the bonafide masterpieces -it'd be tough to imagine them not being on the decade best list 6 years from now
1.I Am Love(Luca Guadagnini)
2.A Separation(Asghar Farhadi)
3.The Social Network(David Fincher)

indelible achievements

4.Beasts of the Southern Wild(Benh Zeitlin)
5.The Kids Are All Right(Lisa Cholodenko)
6.Blue Valentine(Derek Cianfrance)

movie magic

7.Amour(Michael Haneke)
8.The Artist(Michel Hazanavicius)
9.Drive(Nicolas Winding Refn)

10 ...let's leave this spot open for a current passion since this list is silliness until 2019 rolls around.How willFrances HaandBefore Midnightage?They'll certainly make my top ten list this year.And if they don't this will be a startlingly fine year.

And while I still have your attention you should"like"The Film Experience亚博主页

Honorable Mention:Beginners,Weekend,Magic Mike,andMoonrise Kingdom
Growing?:Blue ValentineandThe FighterandMelancholiaare aging well
Fading?: I admit my initial passions for bothBlack SwanandThe Artisthave cooled a bit.

Which films this young decade have already staked a claim on your 4ever heart?

Previous Top Ten Quickies

May 24 2011

20:10 The Patriarch's Wishes.

The11th annual Film Bitch Awardshave wrapped...finally.Just for fun and a bit of retro nodding,here's the image from the 20th minute and 10th second of 2010's Gold Medalist,I AM LOVE.

It's that fateful dinner time scene when the Rechhi patriarch makes a shocking announcement that will begin to tear at the fabric of the wealthy clan,eventually weakening their solidarity and collective grip on their prized exotic possession,Emma (Tilda Swinton).Ugh,I love that movie so much!

He picked me,mommy.Did you hear me?

Black Swanwas the leader with 16 nominations and 13 medals all told spread out on every awards page:major nods,acting,visuals,sound,line readings,character & extras,andscene workbut it wasThe Social Networkwhich took home the most gold (8).The South Korean marvelMothermanaged the best nomination tally without any accompanying medals (4) andRabbit Hole,which just missedyabo ,had a strangely not-so strong showing with only 2 nominations and one gold (Nicole Kidman,Best Actress) ...

But awards are never a 100% accurate reflection of one's love.