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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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Mar 18 2016

Posterized: Saoirse Ronan

Since we forgot to celebrate Saint Patricks Day and since Brooklyn is fresh on DVD,let's talk everyone's favorite current Irish lass!Saoirse Ronan is only 21 years old (she turns 22 next month) but she's already logged over a decade of work having started as a child in a Irish television series called "The Clinic".Her first movie role was as Michelle Pfeiffer's daughter in the romantic comedyI Could Never Be Your Womanshot in 2005 though it took along time to emerge due to behind the scenes studio and distribution dramas.Her breakthrough Oscar-nominated performance inAtonement(2007) quickly followed.She's now ascended to a real movie star with her warm engaging film-carrying work inBrooklyn(2015).

Let's repeat a bit of Oscar trivia since it's quite impressive and important: Saoirse Ronan (nominated at 13 and 21) is only the 4th child star in history to received an Oscar nomination before and after turning 18.The very short list includes only the icons Jodie Foster (first nominated at 14),Natalie Wood (first nominated at 17) and Sal Mineo.(first nominated at 17) so that's astonishingly good company for Saoirse!(If you count "special"non competitive Oscars you can include Judy Garland,亚博主页too,who received a "juvenile"statue forThe Wizard of Ozwhen she was 17.) Most child stars peak when they're children,you see,but Saoirse is surely just getting started.

How many of her films have you seen?(all posters after the jump)

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Dec 04 2011

Interview: Olivia Colman on "Tyrannosaur"and Mumsy Meryl Streep

British actressOlivia Colmanspeaks softly and with great modesty but perhaps that's wise.Her talent speaks loudly on its own behalf by way of ntroduction.Though British audiences have embraced her comic talent for years now,international audiences are just now getting to know her as a dramatic force.She's utterly devastating as a meek Christian shop owner in the violent dramaTyrannosaur.The film,directed by the actor Paddy Considine (In America),is gathering a small but very vocal fanbase who think Colman really ought to have aBest Actress nominationin her very near future.Later this month,she'll be onscreen again as Carol Thatcher daughter ofThe Iron Lady,but even if you exited the first movie only to immediately enter the latter,you'll scarcely recognize her from one film to the next.

We spoke briefly on the phone recently about her rising stardom,drama and comedy acting muscles,and having a living legend as a co-star.

Olivia Colman is a true believer in "Tyrannosaur"

Nathaniel: Have you been able to soak in all of this attention from Tyrannosaur?Your name being on the awards radar here in the US and such?

OLIVIA COLMAN: Not's quite surreal.Because it's not my first job.I'm 37 and i've been working for a long time.So...[long pause]  This job means so much to me that I'm thrilled that people are liking it.That's the best thing about it,that other people are taking it to their hearts as much as we all did.

Nathaniel: Your involvement withTyrannosaurgoes way back.You were also inPaddy Considine's short film "Dog Altogether"about the same characters.Did this feel like a do-over?What was it like going back?

COLMAN: lt felt different.A lot of the scenes from the short were also in the feature and the reshooting of those scenes that we'd done years before were the hardest to film.It's weird because it's like an echo.You can hear yourself.You've already said it but years ago.It felt very different apart from that because we suddenly had a sense of a much longer journey.In the short I didn't know about Hannah's backstory at all.

Nathaniel: This gave you a chance to dig deeper then?

COLMAN: Yes.It's lovely to get your teeth into it.

Nathaniel: In terms of Hannah's religiosity and her generous nature.How did you approach constructing her?A lot of religious characters in cinema aren't,well,sympathetic like this.

COLMAN: It was so clear from the page.Paddy had written it so beautifully you just had to do what was written,really.I knew who she was straightaway.Even if she hadn't been a Christian of good faith,she would still have been a good person.Her faith is sort of her protection and her armor but even without it,I would have known who she was.

Nathaniel: Paddy is such a brilliant actor but he's not in front of the camera for this one.So what it was like being directed by a fellow thespian?

COLMAN: Amazing!It made such a difference.I don't imagine all actors can directat all.I think probably a lot of them would be terrible but he was so comfortable on that side of the camera.He knew how difficult he found it in front of the camera and he made sure we never felt like that.We always felt safe.He's an extraordinary creature.He would say exactly the right thing to get you to the right place.I've said this before but I think he could get a performance out of a log.He's amazing,just taps in.Everybody wanted to make him proud.And he's a great leader of people.A little thumbs up at the right moment would made someone feel 10 feet tall.

For those of us who don't act,we always assume that sets of intense brutal dramas like this one must be sober or difficult to be on.But maybe it's not like that exactly.

The "jolly"Tyrannosaur team

[Olivia on working with Meryl Streep and Michelle Pfeiffer...AFTER THE JUMP.]

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