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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Feb 22 2019

Great Acceptance Speeches: Allison Janney,"I, Tonya"

We asked Team Experience to share their favourite Oscar acceptance speeches as we countdown to Hollywood's High Holy Night.Here'sDancin' Dan...


Look,I was rooting for Laurie Metcalf,too,but how can you deny this moment?

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Jul 09 2018

Beauty vs Beast: The Gump Generation

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"fun-time poll extravaganza - it feels,in the legendary words of Stephanie Tanner,HOW RUDE,to wish Tom Hanks a birthday today with what's come to be seen as his most divisive role,that of the lead character in Robert Zemeckis' 1994 Oscar-magnetForrest Gump."We hate that movie now,"screams the internet echo chamber.

Except...I kind of don't?I've always been plenty privy to its gross conservative streak - I went to film school in the late 90s,we talked about it a whole bunch,don't worry.I get that it takes a feather-lite tickle to nostalgic Boomer bullshit when a hand grenade might've been more helpful.I was always rooting for Jenny (Robin Wright) and have always found the film's liberal ladling of degradation onto its independently-minded female character,in the words of here and now,hella probelmatic.

And yet despite all that if I stumble upon the film on TV I'll always get sucked in.Zemeckis spins his fable of Straight White Americana with soda-pop commercial zeal,and everybody's so good,iconic really,in their roles.Perhaps we can one day find a middle-ground,watching the movie as an under-amber representation of a vacuum-sealed culture's last gasp;this is the way America saw itself once,lucky and dumb,constantly blundering forward into the next morass without thinking and then making a pretty story out of the good parts.

PREVIOUSLYSpeaking of curdled American Dreamslast week'sI Tonyacontestgave Tonya her gold medal at last - Margot Robbie kneecapped statue-hog Allison Janney with 68% of your vote.SaidSuzanne,echoing most of your comments since y'all still mad about last year's Oscars:亚博主页

"Laurie Metcalf should have won.(And if anyone were going to beat her,it should have been Lesley Manville.) It's Tonya for me."

Jul 03 2018

iTunes' 99¢ Deals This Week

No,we are not conspiring with iTunes.It's pure accident that their 99¢ deal this week isI,Tonyamoments after Jason asked us tovote on it in the Beauty vs Beast column.I don't like that movie but if you do or if you haven't seen it 99¢ can't really be beat.

I find myself turning more and more to iTunes and hoping for 99¢ rental deals for films I don't own because Netflix / Prime / Filmstruck whoever have such limited and shifting selections each month.iTunes changes their dollar deals quickly but right at the moment there are a ton of great films as well as some interesting little ones...

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Jul 02 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Gold Medal Mamas

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere trying to think cold on a 95 degree day in New York City - let's step back in time then to the cool months of this past winter,known around these parts as Awards Season,and onto the ice,for it is Margot Robbie's birthday today and we never did a "Beauty vs Beast"forI Tonyaif you can believe it.I'm a little shocked myself that we never had 'em duke it out.So here,in one corner we have Tonya Harding (Robbie),who fits this boxing talk like a glove,and in the other corner her mother LaVona (a statue-snatching parrot-wearing Allison Janney), also perfectly comfortable existing inside this metaphor of the boxing ring.

PREVIOUSLYLast week's contest also tackledan antagonistic mother-daughter duowithDolores Clairborne,and it was Dolores herself came up on top with a whopping 80% of your vote.SaidW.J.:

"That film is a flat-out masterpiece,no joke.Awe-inspiring,fully realized performances all the way around,stirring cinematography and visual effects that stand the test of time.Glad to see it get some love."

Jun 01 2018

Prime & Hulu: Wonder Wheel,I Tonya,Bull Durham, Etc.

Time to play Streaming Roulette.Each month,to survey new streaming titles on the various services,we freeze frame the films at random places and whatever comes up,that's what we share,no cheating!  Today,we're looking at Prime and Hulu (which often have the same titles for some reason).Which of these will you be streaming this month for the first time or as a rewatch?Which would you most to see covered at TFE?Please do tell us in the comments.

Ready?Let's go...

I am NOT obsessed with it!

Burnt Offerings(1976) on Prime and Hulu
Karen Black alert!We were just talking abouther.I think this movie is famous but I'm not sure why exactly.It's of the supernatural horror genre but horror is one of my weakest genres in terms of knowledge.

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Feb 26 2018

Smackdown '17: Allison,Laurie,Lesley,Mary and Octavia

Presenting Oscar's Chosen Supporting Actresses of the Films of 2017.


Two mothers with combative relationships with their daughters (Janney and Metcalf).One sister/business partner (Manville).One mother struggling with oppressive farm life (Blige).And one cleaning lady (Spencer) whose coworker/friend is mute and in love with a fish crea...listen,it's a long story!

But here's a beautiful thing that's too little remarked on this season: they're all actually supporting characters.No leads masquerading as support for once!


From top left: Andrew Carden,Chris Feil,Candice Frederick,Erica Mann,Kevin O'Keeffe,and Nathaniel R

Here to talk about these five nominated turns,are in alpha order:Andrew Carden(Awards Connection / Gold Derby)Chris Feil(The Film Experience),亚博主页Candice Frederick(Reel Talker),Erica Mann(NYC Film Chick),Kevin P O'Keeffe(Into) and your hostNathaniel R(The Film Experience).亚博主页And now it's time for the main event...


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