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"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Mar 31 2015

Lunch with...Matthew Goode

Three of last year's Oscar pictures hit Blu-Ray and DVD today (Wild,Interstellar,andThe Imitation Game) so you can catch up if you missed any and let us know how their Oscar fates are sitting with you after the fact.To celebrate the DVD releases,and the fact that it's finally Spring temperature's let's picnic with Matthew Goode.Mmmmm Matthew.

And also mmmmsandwiches.He'll snatch yours if you're not looking...

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Mar 08 2015

I Really Really Really Really Really Really Link You

Vanity Fairdocumentary filmmaker Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens) has died at 88
MNPPHave you ever noticed that a skull flashes in Gaston's eyes when he falls to his death?Jason onBeauty & The Beast(1991)
TheaterMania Helen Mirren returns to Broadway in her Oscar winning role...albeit for a different property,a play called "The Audience"
Comics AllianceAMC is offering a $65 Marvel movie marathon to celebrate the opening of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.It's  29 hours of movie in one sitting fromIron Man(2008) throughUltron(2015).This sounds exhausting.Thing of all the floating objects in skies you'll see exploding every couple of hours as climax

Interviewtalks to Oscar winner John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) on his new projectAmerican Crime
Jared Letocut his hair,shaved his eyebrows,and dyed the rest platinum blonde -- it's very return to Fight Club all told
Coming Soonlooks back at the actresses originally considered for the new Cinderella from Emma Watson to Alicia Vikander and everywhere in between.(Lily James from Downton Abbey eventually landed the role)
Variety- see!TFE isn't the only place still handing out awards for the 2014 film year.The Location Managers Guild of America just gaveWild&The Grand Budapest Hotelprizes
The Cutthe milliner who gave us Indiana Jones's fedora and other movie hats is going bankrupt
Kenneth in the (212)an update on that petition to pardon 49,000 men who were victimized by the same laws asThe Imitation Game's Alan Turing
MNPP[NSFW] the marketing department went to the expense of computer generating underwear for naked Dave Franco for theUnfinished Businesstrailer.
Boy Culturecenterfold turned director Dirk Shafer (Man of the Year,Circuit) found dead at 52

Today's Must Watch
Tom Hanks lip synchs for his life with Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You".Adorable.

Feb 18 2015

Podcast Pt 2: Oscar Predix Finale

In case you missed part one of this finale,that's here.Let's wrap up our final pre-Oscar prediction discussions: Joe pretends he'snotanInherent Vicefan,Nick sadistically hopesImitation Game"getsUp in the Aired",and Nathaniel goes full blurb whore onMr Turner.

Oscar Prediction Finale Pt 2
41 Minutes

00:01-Production Design & Costume Design.Into the Woods spurs dark memories and self parody.But canGrand Budapestactually win both and will Wes Anderson career tribute be the cause?
08:40-Cinematography.Beautiful across the board
13:12-Screenplays.Are these the two most difficult categories to predict?Consolation prizes,career tributes,or Best Picture heat?
21:45-Acting Races.Whose running second behind Julianne Moore?
27:32-Best Director & Best Picture.Who would we vote for and what about the Academy: will it be Richard Linklater andBoyhoodor Alejandro G Inarritu andBirdmanor some combo thereof.Either way long-standing theories of everything get disproven and the Academy gets dinged.
36:10-Exit Game: Who would last year's winners vote for?We read the minds of Blanchett,McConaughey,Leto,and Nyong'o.

Supplemental Material for this Podcast:
Prediction Finale Part 1
Nick's Top Ten List (in progress)
Joe Reid ranks all 60 Oscar nominated films

Please to enjoy and continue the golden conversation in the comments. You can listen at the bottom of the postor download from iTunes.

Oscar Prediction Finale Pt 2

Feb 08 2015

Box Office: Jupiter Descending

Amirbringing you the weekend's box office news.While awards season was in full swing this weekend with the DGA,BAFTAs and Grammys,Spongebob: Sponge Out of Waterswept in and wiped off its competition while entering the top five best selling February releases of all time.This is one those films that totally slid below the radar for me;then again,the Venn diagram of people who care about this film and people who care about DGAs and BAFTAs is two separate circles.The weekend'sfar buzzier title for cinephiles wasJupiter Ascending,the new visualeffectsapalooza from the Wachowski siblings.It is predictably visually stunning with incoherent plotting and confusing editing etc.etc.LikeCloud Atlas,this was mostly a failure,financially speaking,and you have to wonder how long it will be before they stop getting bankrolled for their strange visions.Finally,Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges'Seventh Sonalso bombed,but Universal,having predicted the dreadful critical response,made the very smart decision of opening it internationally a few weeks ago,so they've already made up the costs elsewhere.

02AMERICAN SNIPER$24.1(cum.$282.2)
06PROJECT ALMANAC$5.3(cum.$15.7)
07THEIMITATION GAME$4.8(cum.$74.7)
08THE WEDDING RINGER$4.8(cum.$55.1)
09BLACK OR WHITE$4.5(cum.$13.1)
10THE BOY NEXT DOOR$4.1(cum.$30.8)

American Sniperslipped to number 2 on the list but is now firmly the third best film of 2014,still with a reasonable shot at becoming first.Not that being the box office champ necessarily helps its chances with winning the Oscar though – the last time the box office champ (among the nominees) won the Oscar wasSlumdog Millionairein 2008.The Imitation Gameis the second best selling best picture nominee and will remain so,given it is still going strong at the theatres.Here is an interesting stat in case you love meaningless stats: the second best selling film is the most likely winner of the Academy award in recent years.Of the thirteen winners this century,five came second in financial terms.Those horrendous "honor the man,honor the film"ads might pay off after all.

I haven't been catching up with recent releases at the theatres,but have been rewatching all of Iranian auteur Dariush Mehrjui's films because ofmy upcoming introduction of his film,Hamoun,at TIFF,which you should attend if you're in or around Toronto!

What have you been watching?

Feb 01 2015

How Many Oscars Will ______ Win?亚博主页

This weekend was a biggie in terms of below the line awards.The Imitation Gamewon theUSC Scripter Prizewhich goes to movies adapted from literature (and the source material author also wins this prize). TheArt Directors guildchoseBirdmanfor Contemporary Film,andThe Grand Budapest Hotelfor Period (as well asGuardians of the Galaxyfor Fantasy).Meanwhilethe Editorsgave their "Eddies"toBoyhoodfor Dramas andThe Grand Budapest Hotelfor comedies (in addition to prizes forThe LEGO Moviein Animated andCitizen Fourfor Documentaries)

All of this has me wondering if itsThe Grand Budapest Hotelrather thanBoyhoodorBirdmanthat will take home the most Oscars on February 22nd if not Best Picture.亚博主页It's got a decent shot at four or five statues: Costumes,Production Design,Screenplay,Score,and Makeup & Hair.Of those Screenplay is the longest shot sinceBirdmanvsBoyhoodwill be tough to squeeze between to nab the Original Screenplay gold.

Perhaps it will be a spread the wealth kind of year with every Best Picture winning something.Like so...

How many oscars will The Grand Budapest Hotel win?亚博主页

  • Boyhood (4 or 5) Picture,Director,Supporting Actress,Editing (and maybe Screenplay?)
  • Grand Budapest (3 or 4) Costumes,Production Design,Makeup & Hair (and maybe Score?)
  • Birdman (2 or 3) Screenplay,Cinematography (and maybe Actor?)
  • American Sniper (2) Sound Editing and Sound Mixing
  • Theory of Everything (1 or 2) Actor (and maybe Score?)
  • The Imitation Game (1 or 2) Adapted Screenplay (and maybe Score?)
  • Whiplash (1 or 2) Supporting Actor (and maybe Adapted Screenplay?)
  • Selma (1) Song

(As you can see I'm stumped about who might win Best Score.I can see it going any which way.)

Not that there's ever a year whereeveryBest Picture nominee wins something now that we have so many Best Picture nominees.Someone or someones usually go home empty-handed - even if they have come into the big night with a ton of nominations.But there's a first time for everything and it could happen.

What'cha think?

Jan 25 2015

Birdman Surprises at PGA.Is it a Three Way Best Picture Race?

The Film Experience has never loved the complacency of locked up Oscar races,亚博主页so it is with great pleasure that I share the news (though you probably didn't miss it) thatBirdmanwon the Producers Guild Award tonight.Do we have an actual race forBest Picture?Have youvotedas to who should win yet?

This doesn't mean thatBoyhoodis in trouble,necessarily,but it's a fascinating curveball,especially given thatBoyhoodwas such a feat of producing;Imagine bankrolling and shepherding a small scale but dozen yaer experiment when you had no idea how it would turn out or if it would work at all?!

As you know from my top ten list I do slightly preferBirdmantoBoyhoodbut let's forget about Oscar's unfortunate "side-taking"for a minute and face facts: either of those films would make thrilling,atypical and totally deserving Best Picture winners.


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