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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Feb 13 2016

Heroes & Villains

We're trying to finish our2015 Awardsbefore the Oscars.亚博主页Today,the Best heroes and villains of the year.These categories are always easier to draw up when the year's genre films were strong.There the binaries of good and evil can flourish stylishly,whether that's through Halloween ready memorable costuming (Mad Max Fury Road),boo!hiss!voicework (The Avengers: Age of Ultron),erm..."big"performances (Star Wars: The Force Awakens),or clever adorable characterizations (Inside Out).

You can see all 10 nomineeshere.Return and answer me these questions three

• Which hero would you want to be rescued by?
• Which villain did you most love to hate?
• Which sidekick or henchmen do you fancy?

Feb 07 2016

43rd Annie Award winners

Over the weekend,ASIFA-Hollywood held the 43rd annual Annie Awards,honoring the year in animation.Their complete list of winners ishere,but some of the highlights that you should be aware of:

• Pixar'sInside Out,an Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature and widely assumed to be the frontunner in that category,had a terrific night,winning 10 awards for everything from its production design to Phyllis Smith's vocal performance as the mopey character Sadness,to Best Animated Feature.

It was a virtually clean sweep of the animated feature categories,interrupted only by...

• Pixar'sotherfilm,The Good Dinosaur,which managed to overcome the stigma of being Pixar's first-ever box office bomb to nab the award for Outstanding Animated Effects in an Animated Production.

• Fellow Oscar nomineeBoy and the World,the little masterpiece from Brazil that I've raved aboutbefore,won the inaugural award for Best Animated Feature-Independent.Hey,whatever it takes to make sure a masterpiece like that gets to walk away with a trophy.

• Continuing its award-winning weekend,The Revenantwon an award for Outstanding Character Animation in a Live Action Production for everybody's favorite,Judy the Bear.The Revenantis also nominated for Best Visual Effects at the Oscars,亚博主页and if it wins,it's going to be mostly on the basis of the same character.

Jan 25 2016

Best of 2015: Nathaniel's Top Fifteen

When you devote your life to the movies,you come to cherish the movies that give back as if they're devoted,in return,to you.Yes,you,specifically.Our consumption of movies may be communal but in some ineffable way,especially when it comes to list-making,they're deeply personal;movies in conversation with your soul.At least if you're doing it right.It's painful enough to "rank"a top 15 for 2015.So I included a second tier of favorites.The 30 best of the year,according to your host,took place all over the world as we know it (Germany keeps popping up as does seemingly every place with an arid climate in an odd but starkly beautiful coincidence) to weirdly recognizable places beyond it (Why,Jakku,you look so much like Tattoine!).The unifying thread might be that however alien their perspectives and locales (inside a young girl's brain,locked in a 10 x 10 shed,or chained to the back of rusted death machines in hallucinatory sandstorms),they resonated as if deeply familiar.

Nathaniel's top 30 films of

If you're looking for __ you won't find it:
I likedMagic Mike XXL-- you may recall thatMagic Mike(2012) won the Film Bitch Bronze medal here in 2012 as third best of its entire year -- but can't join the unexpected bandwagon of critics who decided theylovedthe sequel well after it left theaters.I did enjoy it a lot,though.Also just missing the list,not from an absence of affection exactly but "best?"attributes,is Ridley Scott's disco-lite outer-space rompThe Martian.I'm far less keen on recent Oscar nominees likeThe Big Short,Straight Outta Compton,The Hateful Eight,Anomalisa,Trumbo,Son of Saul,andThe Revenantbut they need not cry from my qualms,indifference,or distaste (depending on the picture) since they have stadiums full of cheering sections elsewhere

And this list is about positive,nay giddy,love.So on to the best of the best.

15 (Very) Honorable Mentions in Alpha Order
Please seek out: The Troubles via Yann Demange's electric debut'71;Desiree Arkhavan's hilarious bisexual Iranian-American hipster romcom (a genre we didn't even know we needed but love)Appropriate Behavior;Spielberg & Hanks's absorbingBridge of Spies;Disney's girlie lush live-actionCinderellaspin; Olivier Assayas's actressy-angst at thoseClouds of Sils Maria;Celine Sciamma's infectiously observed but profoundly sadGirlhood;Lily Tomlin & Paul Weitz'sGrandmafocused road trip;the waking nightmare game of sexual tag inIt Follows;Iceland's formally compelling beast and man oddityOf Horses and Men;Brazil's smart socioeconomic collisions inThe Second Mother;Paul Feig & Melissa McCarthy'sSpyromp;Disney's easy money $4 billion betThe Force Awakens;Tom McCarthy's soulful journalism proceduralSpotlight;Aaron Sorkin's presentationalSteve Jobstriptych;Xavier Dolan's queasy,queer,razor blade dangerousTom at the Farm;and the director,crew,and cast who pulled off that continuous shot jaw-dropper stunt that wasVictoria...and pulled it off with feeling.

Without further ado and with deep appreciation...

they're speaking my language baby

(Brett Haley)
Bleecker Street Media.May 15th
92 minutes

A movie as unassuming as Blythe Danner's still waters star turn,and as gently surprised by its twilight romanticism as the wonderful theme song.It's easy to imagine this film becoming a staple,a comfortable blanket to wrap yourself up in on lonely nights;an old dear friend that understands the value of finding new ones.

You're a good drinking buddy!"

(Spike Lee)
Roadside Attractions.December 4th
119 minutes

By no small margin the most uneven and sometimes downright sloppy movie on this 15 wide "Best"list --  stop reading the teleprompter Samuel L Jackson,learn your damn verse!But,a permanent truth: perfection isn't everything.Vitality of voice,with something actually worth saying,counts for quite a lot with so many polished but empty-headed and safe pictures clogging up each year's awards pipeline.Spike Lee won an Honorary Oscar shortly before anyone saw his reworking ofLysistrata,transported to contemporary Chicago (nicknamed Chi-Raq for its crime rate troubles).Nobody knew that his best movie in 15 years was about to hit to make that statue feel retroactively less of a tribute to past highs (Do The Right Thing,25th Hour,etcetera) and more of an "it's about damn time!"honor for a still relevant artist.Chi-Raqis...Crazy.Funny.Sexy.Anguished.Silly.Mad.Experimental.Sickening.Sober.Even Optimistic.In short,"It's 'EVERYTHING!'as the queens say.Now if only everyone would go see this bold bawdy and beautiful everything.And,did someone say "Queen,"I can hear Miss Helen (Angela Bassett,who alsoGot Her Groove Backof late) shaking her head at the meager box office receipts.

Y'all make my tired ass tired!"

(Denis Villeneuve)
Lionsgate.October 2nd
121 minutes

If Denis Villenueve's movies get any more tense they're going to explode by the second reel.

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Jan 24 2016

"The Big Short"takes PGA

Adam McKay'sThe Big Shortgot a big boost in the Oscar race last night by winning big at the PGA.This is an important win for the film considering that this Best Picture race is more slippery than we've seen in the past few years.You have to go back almost a decade toLittle Miss Sunshineto find a PGA winner that didn't align with Oscar (though Oscar winner12 Years a Slaveshared a tie withGravity).

This win also poses another setback forSpotlight,which is really going to need to win that SAG Ensemble prize this coming Saturday to stay in the game.The Revenant,while it may still be rocking the box office,also missed an opportunity here to claim its post as frontrunner after its hefty nomination tally and Globes success.Any chancesMad Maxy: Fury Roadhad are probably now cooked,but George Miller is still viable as a Best Director winner,especially if he takes the DGA prize.

Inside OutandAmygained more distance from their respective competition.Both won PGA's Animated and Documentary prizes and are unlikely to be deafeated on Oscar night.The big television winners wereTransparent,Game of Thrones,andFargo.

Jan 19 2016

Team Experience Awards ...with love to Carol,Ex Machina,Girlhood,and more

Amir here,to welcome you to the 4th annual Team Experience Awards,bestowed on the year's best in film by the Film Experience community (亚博主页you can read about us here) – sans Nathaniel,our host;you can follow his personal awardshere.In the past three installments,we honouredLeos Carax'sHoly Motors(France/Germany),Steve McQueen's12 Years a Slave(USA/UK) andJonathan Glazer'sUnder the Skin(UK/USA/Switzerland) as our Best Pictures.

Perhaps it won't surprise you that the awards below,particularly in the craft categories,are more or less dominated by a couple of films that we have all been championing throughout the year,but the usual caveats of all our team posts apply to this one as well.Though the final results might be not be shocking,there were bloodbaths in most categories with many strong contenders for each prize.The best actress category's contenders,for example,were separated by a hair,rather fittingly,given the winner and and the runner-up.

Some of these behind the scenes details are listed in the trivia section,but without further ado,here are the winners of2015's Team Experience Awards:

CarolRunner-up: Brooklyn

The LobsterRunner-up: Chevalier

foreign film,acting prizes,and craft achievementsafter the jump...

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Jan 05 2016

Curio: 2015's Most Artistically Inspirational Films

Alexahere looking back at 2015 along with the horde.As I've notedbefore, some films seem to inspire visual artists and crafters more than others.Of course science fiction and fantasy will always result in legions of geekery,but some films seem to go further,initiating a dialogue for visual artists that proves ongoing,often for decades.Certain directors' work will always be on the list (Woody & Wes),while others are more hit-or-miss (e.g.the endless fan art tributes to Polanski'sRosemary's Baby,relatively few for Polanski'sChinatown).Reasons are elusive,but it seems some films just serve up a perfect storm of elements that visual artists crave reinterpreting.

So Nathaniel (who chose the ten runners up) and I (who chose the top five,and maybe they're wishful thinking,as they're some of my favorite films of the year) looked into our crystal balls and choose

15 Films of '15 That Are Most Likely To Inspire Future Artists

Nathaniel's Honorable Mentions

15Diary of a Teenage Girl

"Favorite Movies 2015"by Hulyen

Neither of these films have really caught on yet with the online art crowd -- at least a web search of the usual places doesn't reveal much happening -- but they will.Diary of a Teenage Girlis about a cartoonist so it starts with an easy identification hook.Plus it's got memorable period trappings,gutsy performances,and an uninhibited libido for unhealthy sexual relations.

I'm even more sure thatTangerinewill catch onand here's why...

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